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Fuzz works some places. Peaches; of course. Baby chicks; the fuzzier the better. But on your body? Not so cute. Luckily there’s help.

From the original spa of the same name on Madison Avenue, Completely Bare offers a collection of gentle, effective and easy-to-use hair removal products for those of us who aren’t in NYC (or, who have a more DIY sensibility and budget.)

How ever you choose to go about it: from wax, creams and hair-growth reducers, or even bump soothers for once the deed is done, Completely Bare allows you to be your own beauty bad-ass fuzz eliminator.

I got to try their two newest products. One to help you remove hair less often, and one that’s a must-have when you do.


Completely Bare Go Fuzz Free ($9.99) is the exact kind of multi-takser I flip for. Moisturizer; check. Hair Inhibitor: check! That’s right, while you’re moisturizing you are also hindering new hair growth.

Here’s a dramatization of using it…



Ok, so maybe I skipped a few steps…

Here’s how Go Fuzz Free works:
Step One: Remove your unwanted facial hair.
Step Two: Apply Go Fuzz Free afterwards and daily thereafter.
Step Three: Say “see ya much later” to your fuzz!

Utilizing Completely Bare’s tri-complex of ingredients, Go Fuzz Free reduces hair growth density and length. And, when you use it regularly you’ll be removing air less often! Its vitamin-enriched formula also minimizes wrinkles, evens skin tone and lessens discoloration.

completely-bare-moisturizer-hair-inhibitor-4Go Fuzz Free’s light formula

It’s barely scented and really soothing as well, which is especially nice when you you’re using it directly after hair removal. It’s a small tube (1.7 oz), so I decided to use it only where I needed it; around my mouth and chinny chin-chin. It didn’t break me out at all, so no huffing and puffing either.


On the other end of the spectrum, Completely Bare Calm Down ($10.99) does just what the name tells you; it helps freshly depilated skin to chill out.

At the fear of being TMI, I have a real problem with bikini-line hair removal. It doesn’t matter if I wax, shave or pluck; my sensitive nether region is not happy when I eliminate hair. I couldn’t even THINK about doing it without a product like this. And Calm Down is one of the best products for this purpose that I’ve tried; it’s reasonably priced, it’s surprisingly gentle and it WORKS.

Sorry, no before and after dramatization images for this one!

Another muti-tasker, Calm Down is an ingrown hair, razor bump and redness eliminator, and it does all three very well. It prevents future ingrown hairs and coaxes out existing ones, and it tackles the redness and discomfort of hair removal with aloe and Marvel of Peru plant extract.

While Completely Bare does have a specific product for bikini bumps (Bikini Bump Blaster Pads), I chose to use Calm Down down there. But you can use it anywhere you have problems. I use it on a cotton swab for more targeted application.

Seriously, this will be the best 10 bucks you spend all summer.


I’m loving both Go Fuzz Free and Calm Down, and am looking forward to a summer with a lot less fuzz involved!

This post was sponsored by Completely Bare Products.


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  1. Bikini line issues are the WORST–definitely going to pick up the Calm Down!

  2. I can’t wait to try Calm Dow. I also get redness and irritation from shaving, and that makes it awkward to get into a swimsuit (or even shorts)!

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