Beauty & Pin-Ups Haircare Review

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The haircare line Beauty & Pin Ups first caught my eye a few months ago. The company received a lot of buzz over the new spokesmodel for their Fearless Rescue Treatment Mask, 32-year-old Katie Meade. Meade, an individual with Down’s Syndrome and a lover of all things beauty, is an ambassador for Best Buddies, a non-profit “dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).”


Impressed by this display of inclusivity, I quickly filed Beauty & Pin Ups away in my mental “cool products to try” file, and as luck would have it, received the entire line for testing.


First things first: we have to talk about the packaging. Beauty & Pin-Ups’ philosophy is “we celebrate you and your freedom of expression, and believe that every woman is her own version of a pin-up.” To wit, each product features a different pin-up model coiled around a giant graphic ampersand, in a manner that feels vintage and fabulously modern all at the same time.


Rad packaging aside, the Beauty & Pin Ups haircare line was created and tested by stylists and incorporates quality ingredients like Amla (an Indian herb), argan and avocado oil: ingredients prized for their ability to induce strength and shine. There’s a great range for different hair textures, too—whether you’re curly or straight, there’s a product for you. Because my hair is on the dryer side, I gravitated towards the Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment, the Flaunt Silkening Shampoo, the Luxe Leave-in Spray On Revitalizing Conditioner, and the Fever Thermal Protectant.


The Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment ($10 for 1 treatment, $40 for 16 oz) is an intense corrective mask starring hydrogenated castor oil. The claim here is that the sulfate-free treatment helps undo damage and boost shine and fullness, and it works! My hair felt soft, tangle-free, and significantly less dry after one treatment. This is a great weapon in the after-color-or-heat-damage arsenal; I’m planning on doing a bleach bath soon, and I’m going to pamper my stressed hair with the Rescue Treatment soon after for cuticle repair and strength.


Next up, Flaunt Silkening Shampoo ($23, 10 oz). This one features Amla extract, argan oil, and avocado oil to soothe the scalp and provide major moisture. The fragrance is lovely—kind of a cashmere-ish floral—and the formula is, well, like silk. As moisturizing as it is, it’s not quite enough on its own; I still needed to follow up with conditioner. For normal hair types, though, you might be able to get away with just using this, sans conditioner afterwards.

The Luxe Leave-in Spray On Revitalizing Conditioner ($29, 10 oz) has become part of my morning routine; I spray this light protector though my hair to eradicate any overnight tangles and impart a silky shine. Chufa Milk guards against UV damage, and coconut extract helps keep the scalp healthy. It’s also great as an anytime pick-me-up/refresher for the hair, as it smells delectable and summery.

Our verdict on the line? It’s a V for Victory (rolls, obvs)…

Last but not least is the Fever Thermal Protectant ($26, 8.5 oz), a spray on treatment that guards against heat styling damage. It’s a light formula that melts into the hair, and its ingredients include Keracyn to strengthen the cuticle and artichoke leaf extract for antioxidant protection. This spray has actually made me want to straighten my hair on a more regular basis—it kind of seals my hair together and leaves it without frizzies, but without the limp, flat effect that other protectant sprays can cause.


Final verdict? I love the packaging and the formula of these products—and I love that Beauty & Pin Ups is partnered with (and donates to) Best Buddies. It’s a V for Victory (rolls, obvs).

Amity writes and teaches in Central PA. Her obsessions include: Rodarte (she can’t afford any Rodarte, mind you, but a girl can dream), espresso, books, vintage/thrift fashion and fountain pens. She thinks you should dress like a weirdo once in a while, just to shake things up.


  • Amity

    Amity teaches rhetoric, composition, and creative writing in Central PA. Her non-fiction has appeared in xojane and Story, as well as on Snap Judgement and This American Life; her fiction has appeared in Hobart. She is the cohost of Bone Palace Ballet, a true crime podcast focusing on murder, mysteries, and the macabre.


  1. @amity you don’t know how HARD it was to not snatch the Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment out of your box! I’m glad to hear you loved it, though.

    1. I admire your restraint, haha!

  2. This is the first I’ve heard of Beauty & Pin Ups, and I’m impressed by everything you’ve said, @amity! The packaging is gorgeous, and I love the company’s affiliation with Best Buddies. Fearless Hair Rescue Treatment sounds amazing!

    1. It is a really cool company–I think you’d like their stuff!

  3. Tabitha N Williams says:

    I am a Cosmetologist in NC, and I love these products..I was given samples from Buy Low Beauty, out of SC, and I just love everything..but my go to for cutting and condition is the Luxe..its the bomb.

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