BECCA Cosmetics Bombora Palette review

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Celebrate summer’s last golden rays with this stunning palette!

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These last weeks of summer are always my favorite. With the shorter days signaling summer is almost over, it’s a time when people remember to stop and enjoy the outdoors. A time when when evening festivities seem tinged with golden perfection beneath the late summer sunset. The evening light this time of year makes almost any occasion feel special and adds a special glow to that (natural or man made) tan you’ve spent all season building to perfection.

If you’re ready to kick that special glow up a few notches ~ we’re talking like The Great Gatsby golden summer moments ~ I highly recommend BECCA Cosmetics limited edition Bombora Palette.

Bursting with summery, retro goodness in hues of turquoise, gold, coral and peach, this elegant six piece palette had Tyna and I squeeing with joy and wrangling over who would test it out first. Which is not a problem, as this flattering collection for lips, cheeks and eyes should work with almost any complexion.

There’s no need to be intimidated by the bright bursts of color, as the name Bombora implies this palette ($65) is all about tousled, beachy style, not a night at the club. Each and every sea influenced shade applies with a soft sheerness and a bit of a golden glow.

left to right: Mai Tai lip gloss, Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme, Mazu highlighting creme, Raffia eye shadow, Sunburst eye shadow

Tucked inside the slim, dark compact you’ll find a dual ended brush and these five sun kissed colors:

Mai Tai lip gloss (sheer peach) – A super smooth gloss that doesn’t add a lot of color to the lips, just a slight peachy pink sheen. It also has great staying power and tons of glossy shine ~ sometimes that’s all you need! It also works well as a top coat over darker lip colors.

Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme (bright coral) – This creamy multi-tasker works fab on cheeks and lips adding a sun kissed glow to any face. This true coral color is an opaque formula that blends like a dream. LOVE!

Mazu highlighting creme (sheer gold) – Here comes the sun with this shimmering pure gold creme. It’s great on cheeks and the browbone for a touch of light. Just dab and blend to look as if you spent your days lazing by the beach.

left to right: Mai Tai lip gloss, Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme, a teeny bit of the Mazu highlighting creme)

For the eyes, the smarties at BECCA give us two eye shadow shades that work to give three distinct colors (they call them liners, but to me, they’re shadows):

Raffia (turquoise) – A bright sea blue with a hint of green shimmer.

Sunburst (glistening yellow gold) – Sometimes gold can look garish, but this is a GOOD gold. This shadow has lots of pigment and some shimmer, but not glitter.

Bonus: Blended together these two liners merge into a beautiful sea green (think back to the color chart: blue + yellow = green). Very nice!

My two tiny quibbles: I wish there was one darker shade included to use as both a liner and in the crease of the eye. Also, the brush feels a bit thin and flimsy. Not the norm for BECCA brushes (which are fabulous).

Overall, for the sleek design, great quality of the products, flattering colors and multiple uses, BECCA Cosmetics limited edition Bombora Palette is a winner of a compact.

If, like me, you’re hanging on to those last days of summer, check out this limited edition palette to highlight those final rays of sun now and into fall.

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  1. What a pretty palette! It truly does look perfect for the summer. The colors seem soft and glowy. BTW-You look lovely in your pics @stef. You “sell” everything you wear so well!

  2. Kellie, You took the words right out of my mouth! Yeah, @stef, you look wonderful in these colors! BECCA Cosmetics has some great palettes allright! I love that in california we can wear whatever we want whenever we want! It’s like an endless summer here! Great going Becca, with the edition Bombora Palette. I like!

  3. What a perfect summer palette! And a great writeup Stef-you’re making me want to get outside right now and soak up all the summer while we still can! That’s a beautiful eye look, too.

  4. I’ve really been mourning summer’s end, so this palette is *screaming* my name! The colors are so perfectly beachy, but they’d get me into Fall, too. Gotta have it!

  5. This looks like a gorgeous palette. Reminds me of indian summers with the warm tones but also the choice of sea blue and gold too.

  6. Thanks for the nice words Ladies! You sure know how to make a girl feel good, as does this palette. In case you couldn’t tell from the post, I really love it. It creates that easy, summer glow that is just kind of effortless. The kind of look you’d see on a surfer girl. As I mentioned, instead of the sheerish Mai Tai gloss, I wish it had a darker shade that you could use as a liner. And the brush feels a bit flimsy, I think if you’re paying this much for a palette the brush should wow you. But all in all, the palette is worth the splurge.

    2 last notes: I am absolutely in love with Bougainvillea lip and cheek creme. I’m going to cry when it’s gone. And it’s odd to me that BECCA calls Rafia and Sunburst liners – they are so shadows (so much so, I renamed them in the post!)

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