BECCA Mineral Blush and Shimmering Skin Perfector – review, photos & swatches

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It’s easy to put your best face forward with the latest from BECCA

BECCA Mineral Blush and Shimmering Skin Perfector photos: we heart this

If it’s shimmery, shiny, or sparkly, I’m pretty much guaranteed to like it. I love me some hot pink heels with rhinestones, diamonds are a girl’s best friends, I go gaga over glittery lip gloss and shimmery eye shadow makes me smile.

But when it comes to shine on my cheeks, I get kind of anxious. Over a decade of battling oily skin, huge pores, and acne has made me wary of putting anything with a sheen on my cheeks. It seemed like most blushes and highlighters accented my facial flaws, so I avoided them as much as possible.

It was only after becoming a beauty blogger that I realized I couldn’t hide from these products forever. It was only recently that I found a blush and an illuminating product that would actually make my skin look BETTER. And not surprisingly, these products were formulated by BECCA Cosmeticsicon.

Two BECCA Mineral Blush with different shades

BECCA is a brand that makes the we heart this gals giddy with excitement – they win the prize for packaging inspiration hands down. But it isn’t a tease – the products inside are just as exciting. BECCA’s product line is all about bringing out the beauty in women of all skin types and tones through the use of products that feel good and are universally flattering. Their gorgeous additions for Fall 2012, including the Mineral Blush, continues that tradition.

Mineral Blush in Gypsy Mineral Blush in Gypsy

Available in six gorgeous hues, BECCA’s Mineral Blushicon ($32) is housed in a sturdy plastic compact with a gorgeous metal accent, and a mirror inside. These are highly pigmented and finely milled powders that are “infused with micro-fine antioxidants and vitamins A, E, and C…to nourish and condition skin” while imparting a pretty glow.

Mineral Blush in Songbird Mineral Blush in Songbird

I tested out Songbird, described as a peachy pink, and it delivers a delightfully warm flush to the cheeks. It leans more towards peachy than pink, and has a slight tinge of terra cotta that gives it depth, and a subtle golden glow. It wears well too; this looks just as fresh at the end of the day as when you applied it.

Mineral Blush in Gypsy and Songbird swatchesMineral Blush in Gypsy and Songbird

BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+ swatch omg, sorry for my sahara-like hand ~Stef

I also tried out BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+icon in Moonstone, which is unlike any product I’ve ever tried before. The super fine warm golden shimmer gives me the perfect healthy looking glow without making me overly shiny, sparkly, or greasy looking!

This combination highlighter and moisturizer also packs in sun protection and anti-oxidants, and is dermatologically tested. The water-based formula feels soothing when first applied and dries down to a nice, light finish.

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone

Best of all, the Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41) is super versatile and can be worn alone, under makeup, or mixed with liquid foundation. And there’s no reason to wear it only on your face, it can be used on your body (arms, chest, legs, etc.) as well.

And remember when I mentioned the fab packaging from BECCA? The Shimmering Skin Perfector has a simple pump dispenser and a frosted plastic packaging that allows you to easily see how much product remains, and the cap features the metal BECCA seal as well.

BECCA logo

Thanks to BECCA, I’m thrilled to add some flattering shimmer and shine to my face; it’s a big step after avoiding highlighters for years – and I’m excited to try a few more gorgeous shades!

we heartsters – are you a fan of BECCA? What products and colors do I need to try next?

Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. Marilyn blogs about makeup and fitness over at her blog, Lipgloss and Spandex.

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  • Marilyn

    Marilyn is a makeup maniac and slow but stubborn runner. She loves color coding her day planner, reading celebrity gossip and drinking good wine. skin tone: NC25 Skin type: oily, acne-prone Favorite beauty product: eyeshadow


  1. I’ve never been disappointed by a BECCA product, and these sound like two must-haves for my BECCA collection. I love both blush colors, and the skin perfector is really intriguing. Leave it to BECCA to come up with all those cool packaging details! I can’t wait to check these out, @lipglossandspandex !

  2. I really loved how both of these products looked on my skin, and of course, the packaging! The blush is a fabulous everyday blush for me. It’s so pigmented, and the texture is so smooth. It is a little bit more expensive than your mid range beauty brand, but it’s a really good product. 4 1/2 stars.

    The shimmering skin perfector… it looks AMAZING on my skin. It’s one of the best “healthy glow” products I’ve ever used because it’s easy and it’s natural looking and it’s pretty (you can overdo it though, so start with a little at first). It looks good all day long–it doesn’t get too shiny or greasy, and seems to keep my oily skin from getting oily throughout the day. You get a TON of product for the price too. BUT… after a considerable amount of testing, I found that it is definitely causing me to break out :( And I don’t know many products that will make me break out in spite of my skincare routine! I still love it, and have heard that other bloggers used it without issue, but it’s just something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of buying it without testing a sample of it first. It’s really hard for me to rate this product–if you can use it without breaking out, I’m sure it’ll be your Holy Grail illuminator. If it makes you break out, you’ll be super bummed like me. Three stars?

  3. BECCA truly is a great company. They make such high quality cosmetics. And of course I learned about them first from WHT. Such great taste! I have had the best luck with their eyeshadow. Based on @lipglossandspandex ‘s review I will be trying the blush for sure!

  4. I was the lucky recipient of the Mineral Blush in Gypsy. The formula of this is perfection; so finely milled it feels like silk. It seriously has become my measure for all blush. Gypsy is probably a tiny bit too cool for my skin tone, it’s a cool medium pink with gold shimmer. But the shimmer makes it passable. And it’s just so pretty that I don’t even care it’s the wrong shade for me! Packaging is divine, as always. Becca has a solid spot on my “favorite high end brand” list! 5 stars

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