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BECCA cosmetics review.

BECCA cosmetics collectionphotos: we heart this

Packaging Porn is not a term we take lightly around here. The use of rubber, metal, anything lucite-esque; these are the things that excite us. But when we give this award, rest assured that what’s inside is as fabulous as what’s outside. And there may not be a line that fits the description more than BECCA Cosmetics.

BECCA cosmetics packaging (Will you look at that packaging?)

Just as there is no amount of fancy packaging that can save a sub-par product, BECCA knows that beautiful eye shadows, blushes and lip products won’t matter if your skin doesn’t look the best that it can be. In the words of the line’s founder, Rebecca Morrice Williams “It’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary.” The line was born out of necessity as she tried to find the “perfect” foundation. Has anyone not been on that mission at one point or another? One that conceals flaws, looks and feels natural, and stays on all day. After six years in development, BECCA was released to the cheers of many!

Although I highly recommend you try their line of complexion products, because it is such a personal experience (not just different shades, but different desires of coverage) today we’re going to be looking at the accompaniment to a flawless face, their range of natural toned shades for lips, cheeks and eyes. The wht review team received a variety of items, each packaged in some of the sleekest and most beautiful containers we’ve ever seen.

BECCA cosmetics collection

I had the pleasure of trying the gorgeously packaged Jewel Dust ($24) in Sebille. What lies within is the true gem though. Jewel Dusts are sheer, loose powder that are made of pure pigments (no talc, fillers, or inferior quality pigments) blended to a micro fine texture. Because they are so fine, you don’t get a chunky, glittery look. You get what truly does look like a crushed jewel. Sebille is a light gold that is absolutely dazzling. See for yourself in the swatch below! Mesmerizing, no? I liked this so much, I bought it in Luella too (a blue green with gold shimmer that looks like the Caribbean Sea).

ebille Jewel Dust, Bellini Glossy Lip Tint swatch (from left: Sebille Jewel Dust, Bellini Glossy Lip Tint)

I also got to try their Glossy Lip Tint ($23) in Bellini, as I am powerless to a beautiful gloss (especially one named after a beverage, which these are). This was my first BECCA gloss and it won’t be my last. It’s a super glossy metallic peach color that is somehow non-tacky but with an extended wear time (how did they do that?) And perhaps my favorite part? A subtle strawberries and cream scent that is the perfect amount. It’s pretty sheer on it own, which is beautiful. But applied on top of a coral lipstick was my application of choice.

Our resident blush addict will be by in the comments to share her thoughts on the beautiful Crème Blush in Freesia ($30). And we’ll have one of our bronze-happy testers weigh in with the verdict on the Bronzing Powder ($38). Along with a few more treasures we got to try…

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I know there has to be some BECCA fans out there! Tell us, what should we try next from this beautiful luxury line?

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  1. I am really intrigued by the complexion products you described @Stef. I’m picky about coverage … I like foundation to feel natural but still have some coverage. I rarely wear any because I haven’t found that just right one yet. Maybe Becca will be it!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Becca line before, but I’m totally intrigued. That packaging is really cool and I’m totally digging the Bellini gloss!

  3. I was the lucky tester of Becca’s Mineral Bronzing Powder in a lovely color called Duende, a Spanish word that apparently can’t be directly translated into English. It refers to something with a magical, indefinable quality, something with depth and impact. It’s the perfect name for this bronzer.

    Let’s start with the packaging. As @Stef mentioned, this rubber/metal creation is Packaging Porn personified. It’s pretty yet industrial and I love it! The mirror inside is high quality, and big enough to see what I need to.

    The bronzer itself looks dark in the compact, but goes on sheer, radiant, and not a bit orange. It contains tiny flecks of mica, which makes my skin glow without fake-looking sparkle. At first, I used this bronzer on my cheeks and forehead. It looked so natural, I started using it on my shoulders, décolletage, pretty much anywhere I needed extra glow.

    This is one of the nicest bronzers I’ve ever used, all wrapped up in amazing packaging. Tiene duende: it has a certain magic. How could I give it any less than 5 stars?

  4. This line looks really great. And yes, the packaging is without a doubt drool worthy! I am lusting after Jewel Dust! How pretty!

  5. Oh wow, I LOVE that packaging! I also have a great fondness for Bellini’s, so the gloss just may be perfect for me!

  6. Oh Becca, if I had a dime for every rave I’ve heard about your Creme Blush and other pretty products! Someday soon I must try your goodies for myself!

    @stef, your review has really sent me the over the edge here. From the packaging to the color of that Jewel Dust, I need some Becca in my life. STAT! :)

  7. You know what else is really great about Jewel Dust? The fallout is really minimal, I suppose because it’s so finely milled. This is the kind of product I want in every color! A def. 5 star product.

    Glossy lip tint is wonderful as well, but as a hardcore gloss junkie, my 5 stars are super critical in the l/g category. I’m going 4 stars on this, only because I usually like a bit more color to my glosses.

    But BECCA, what a beautiful line you have!

  8. Wow gorgeous packaging!! What rock have I been under that I’ve never heard of BECCA? Jewel Dust looks like the exact thing I’ve been looking for – looks like it’s time to take advantage of the 25% off code!

  9. Ooo, that Bellini lip tint is LOVELY. I like to layer my glosses over lip stains and Bellini would add such a pretty shine… I need it.
    I also need a second job to pay for all these fun products I want!!! So many pretties…*sigh*

  10. This packaging is amazing, gorgeous, elegant and fancy.
    This is the kind of packaging you leave on your vanity because it makes it look classy :) And the product inside matches completely. I tried Gypsy Loose Shimmer Powder and it is one of the loveliest finishing powders I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Don’t let the pinkness fool you, it just adds a hint…a tiny blush of color. What I love is the natural glow it leaves. It blends perfectly and has a really pretty soft scent as well.
    Five happy stars from me, and I will for sure take advantage of the Daily Candy discount! This line is gorgeous all around!

  11. I am a blush fanatic and Becca has some of the best out there. I was the very lucky girl to receive the creme blush in Freesia–a bright pop of peachy orange that practically screams “SUMMER!”. It looked underwhelming in the sleek compact, but once on, WOW, it completely woke up my entire face. As with most cream blushes, this has a tendency to disappear after a few hours, but I either top it with a sheer peach powder or lightly brush on some loose powder to lock in the color. The only bummer about these is that if I use them every day, I tend to break out b/c they are not oil-free. If that is a concern of yours, you should definitely check out their lip and cheek Beach tints–they last for hours and are oil-free–the Strawberry and Peach shades are must-haves. I love Becca! 5 stars!

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