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An interview with the founders of and Scent Bar…

Perfume aficionados will never agree on what the ultimate fragrance is. But there is one thing they can all consent to; is the best online source for perfume. Whether you know exactly what your looking for, or only have a vague idea that you want something that smells like _____ (name anything), only here will you find 500+ scents, searchable by brand, keyword or note, brought to you in clever, totally unpretentious fashion. You can (and I do) spend hours browsing, getting totally lost in descriptions that are so narrative, you can practically close your eyes and smell the fragrance.

As if that’s not enough, two things really set them apart. You can order samples of almost any perfume that they sell. So very helpful when you’re about to drop the money for something truly fabulous. And, after you smell something you love, you can also create a wishlist, either for you to catalog future purchases or as subtle or totally obvious hint for anyone who may be shopping for you.

If you live in Los Angeles, you have the added bonus of being able to visit the retail outpost of the site, Scent Bar. Which is exactly what Tyna and I did recently and spent some time sniffing the wares and talking to the lovely and helpful Angela. Her knowledge was vast and it was incredible to discuss my favorite notes and have her pull bottles from the beautiful rows on the shelves for me to sample. But perhaps most amazing, the absolutely non-pushy atmosphere. She was about as far from a department store fragrance peddler as possible (who hasn’t been accosted by one of those?)

So, it’s safe to say that we were delighted when Franco Wright agreed to let we heart this interview him. He, along with partner Adam Eastwood, are personally responsible for most of our perfume purchases. We thought it only fitting to feature the companies who have us smelling so good…

wht: Which came first, Luckyscent or Scent Bar? When and why did you decide to start both?
Franco: Our website started first, really as a ‘concept’ to see if it would take off! 4 years after, we launched a retail brick and morter!

What are your backgrounds? Have you always worked in perfume?
Both our backgrounds are in graphic design—and no, we had very little experience in perfume, just a passion for products, merchandising and keen sense of direct marketing.

How do the two of you know each other?
We met at a design firm in Venice, CA. We’ve been friends and business partners for 10+ years now!

How many scents do you have on the site vs. in-store?
Online, easily over 500 (and counting!)…and in the store, about 200.

Who writes your description for the site? They are amazing!
Thank you! I wish we could take credit but we have some amazing writers that work with us.

The fact that you can buy samples at LuckyScent is genius. Why did you decide to offer them?
Really it was a service in the beginning, we had to fulfill the burning question, ‘what does that smell like’… and then it became an integral component of our service and selection.

Do you have any exclusives?
One of our specialities is having a handful exclusive brands—customers have come to rely on us for being either the only source in the US for a brand, or at least, for our exclusive launches, exclusive previews, etc. One of our latest US exclusives from the UK is Boadicea the Victorious (The very same line Michelle Obama bought three scents from on a recent trip to Harrod’s ~wht)

What are your best sellers?
Big brands: L’artisan Parfumeur, Comme des Garcons, by Kilian, Serge Lutens. Indie brands: Monyette Paris, Kai, Costes, Le Labo.

What do you think are your most unique scents?
Boudicca Wode, it sprays disappearing blue paint! Fraaagola Saalaaata, a salt and strawberry exclusive Italian scent for us here in the US. L’artisan Parfumeur-Dzing! is inspired by the ‘smells’ of a circus. By Kilian-Love, inspired by the scent of marshmallow, decadent!

Any chance of a Luckyscent perfume in the future? What would it smell like if so?
We have had a few scents created for us in the past, one of which is a gourmand Leather fragrance, by Indult, called Reve en Cuir. But yes, we hope to have more Luckyscent creations in the future.

What are your favorite lines and why? (either for a man or a woman)
We both love Escentric Molecules right now, it’s so simple, linear; yet it is really captivating. Truly a less-is-more concept that really wears well. Also, Comme des Garcons…they continue to evolve and their creations are still so avant garde.

What is the best way to apply scents? (i.e. to rub or not to rub?) Are there different rules for oils vs. sprays?
Oils, generally…pulse points. And sprays, its really up to the individual. I hear more and more how people like to spray their hairbrush, and comb the scent through the hair. On lighter scents, I tend to spray my clothes as it will help with the longevity.

What can you do when you go crazy and over apply?
Wash, wash, wash!

Can you give our readers a crash course on notes?
Don’t be afraid of musk or patchouli, both notes are VERY common in a lot of fragrances and might give you a whole new experience on a particular perfume.

And synthetic ingredients are a good thing– They are stable, good for those customers with specific allergies in perfumes, and synthetics are good for the environment.

How about some tips on finding the perfect scent for you?
Keep an open mind, sample and don’t try too many at one time. Never feel pressured or in a hurry when searching for your new scent; the experience should be enjoyable—at the end of the day, we want you to be sure you wear what you love.

Any recommendations on how to jump in and become a full-fledged perfumista?
There are online training course, lots of resources in fact… and I recently read about a new school in NY that offers certified training. Of course, it would be great if you can go to Grasse and study there!

And no we heart this interview is complete without a trip to the potluck vault…

Me in a nutshell: curious.

I heart: music, wine, laughter, friends and family.

What book do you think everyone should read? The Perfect Scent.

You can have front row concert tickets to see anyone, who do you choose? It would have to be someone legendary that is no longer with us…I’ll go with Bob Marley.

Favorite TV show(s): 30 Rock, Three’s Company.

My favorite room in my house and why: My deck…I love the view as the sun sets over the mountains at dusk.

Five people alive or dead I’d invite to a party: Will Arnett, Morrissey, Picasso, Janis Joplin, my Dad. Quite a party, eh?

If I were an 80’s movie/tv/music star, I’d be: probably D-list by now.

What’s your sign and do you fit the traits of it? Gemini. Any surprise there? And yes, I certainly follow the traits of a Gemini, all two of me.

What are 3 things you can’t live without? Mountains, sea, fresh air.

If you had a spare $500, what would you do with it? Let’s see, probably a smattering of things: lottery tickets, flowers for my wife, a night out at Dan Tana’s, and maybe if there is a little left over — start a college fund for my newborn son!

Tell us some your guilty pleasures: Blink 182, vanilla cappuccino, peanut butter, photography, the Food Network, vintage cars, architecture.

Love Luckyscent and Scent Bar? Let ’em know in the comments! And thanks again to the whole crew for taking the time to speak with us.
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  1. I absolutely LOVE Luckyscent! If you sign up for their newsletter, they email specials every month or so, where they will group samples of their newest lines and you can get to try 6-8 $200 perfumes for 20 bucks! Somehow I live in LA but never made it to Scent Bar though. I’ll have to change that.

    And that Fraaagola Saalaaata has got to be mine! Salt and Strawberries? Yum.

  2. Just one of the many reasons that Angelenos are very, very lucky. Scent Bar is must-stop-shop. But samples on Luckyscent? Fun for all!

  3. AH I wish I could got to the Scent Bar..I am scent obsessed! Sounds amazing. I am definitely going to rock some samples from Luckyscent for sure. I have been dying to try By Killian and they have samples!! OMG I am in heaven YAY!! Thank you WHT!

    If I make it to LA I am so going to the Scent Bar for an all day sniff-fest! ;)

  4. Going to sign up for their newsletter right now – thanks, Veronica! What an awesome site – wish I had known about it before spending hundreds on all the unused scents now adorning the shelves of my closet.

  5. ooooo, I just placed a sample order. YAY! can’t wait to get them.
    & I can’t wait to visit the Scent Bar when I go to LA next!
    I had never heard of L’artisan Parfumeur, their scents sound divine! & Wednesday, I have been hearing amazing reports about By Killian too.

    Veronica, the mailing list tip is a great one.

    I totally agree that doing samples is genius! Thank you for existing Scent Bar and Lucky Scent!!

  6. Just had to add that I placed my order and within a couple hours I got the e-mail saying it already shipped! YAY!! I’ll report back on all the sweet scents :)

    I heart Luckyscent!

  7. I fell in love with luckyscent a few months ago. I stumbled across it online and spent about an hour trolling for sample scents to try. I have gone back at least twice to order more. It’s great to be able to sample and experiment with scents you normally wouldn’t try. I also love mixing stuff now (stef got me addicted) I wish I lived in LA so I could pop in and be in scent heaven.

  8. Just look at that lovely store – who wouldn’t want to sidle up to that bar and spend some time sniffing some of the best perfumes in the world? And as Stef mentioned in her post, Angela, was the nicest and most knowledgeable sales person you could ask for – she was super nice and showed us scent after scent – never pushing any one thing on us or getting annoyed with our numerous questions. If you’re in LA, check this gem out.

    Oh and the Samples! Such a genius idea. It seems normally you can only get sample scents in the latest lines that companies are trying to push. I love that LuckyScent offers you the opportunity to try any of their fragrances before making a purchase. So smart!

  9. I placed my order and got my goodies within a couple days! WOW
    I am so excited to report that L’artisan Parfumeur makes some GORGEOUS Scents. Their L’Eau d’Ambre is the perfect Amber, elegant and soft, and it lasts and lasts! By Killian’s Love is my favorite of theirs… and the Lucky Scent description says it best “It’s a memory scent, somewhere between a young girl’s unicorn, rainbows and purple phase and her door slamming, love struck tirades…right in-between innocence and not.”

    Whats not to love!!! I highly recommend Lucky Scent to anyone who has a perfume addiction and wants to save themselves from impulse buys :)
    It’s the perfect way to try a scent on, and give it a few days.

    Then when you really know the scent you can happily spend the money knowing full well what your buying!

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