Benefit Chacha tint – review, photos & swatches

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Get ready, come June 2011 – Benefit is going to have us all dancing with Chacha!

Benefit Chacha tint photos: we heart this

Closer look of Benefit Chacha tint

Chacha is the latest tint from Benefit, a luscious mango coral falling in step behind Benetint (cherry red) and Posietint (honeysuckle pink).

Benefit Chacha tint applicator

Like it’s predecessors, it’s packaged in a nail polish-like bottle with a brush applicator, is a sheer liquid gel that blends easily, and can be used on lips or cheeks.

Benefit Chacha tint swatch

The color? As you can see it’s a coral lover’s dream! You can wear it as just a wash of sheer color, or layer it upon itself or under powder for more pigment.

An orange heels with orange nail polish

Bonus: we’re giving you an insider’s glimpse at Benefit adorable marketing materials. Included with the sample we received from their PR department was a instructional dance mat – showing us how to do the Cha cha! 1, 2; cha, cha, cha. 3, 4; tint, tint, tint….

An orange heels with orange nail polish Pros:
– Long wearing color. This did not budge on my cheeks till I washed it.
– Perfectly on trend; this orange coral is the color of season!
– A little goes a long way.
– The simple brush makes for easy application, swipe on and pat with fingertips.

– Tints are drying on the lips. Gloss or balm helps, but cuts the wear time from 5-6 hours to 3-4.
– This will be selling for $29 when it’s released. That feels about $5 too much too me.

Chacha applied lightly with a clear gloss on topChacha applied lightly with a clear gloss on top

How about it readers, will you be doing a Chacha when this is released in June?

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  1. !! Love the color! I dont buy coral shades very often but then I see something great like this Benefit product and it reminds me what a pretty color it is. Plus Benefit is a fantastic line. And I love the dance step promo idea! Despite the price (which I admit is a smidge higher than I would probably normally pay for a product like this) I still want to try it.

    P.S. I WANT YOUR SHOES @stef!

  2. I think the cha-cha mat is so cute! Too bad the rest of us don’t get one or I would get Cha-Cha Tint just for the mat! Coral doesn’t usually look good on me (cool-toned skin + warm coral = jaundice), but the mat is cute.

  3. I love coral, and Benefit never lets me down, so I’m guessing I won’t be able to resist Cha-Cha when I see it in person.

    I want your shoes, too, @stef !

  4. You love to introduce us to all of the beautiful corals, don’t you @stef? Very pretty! I have long been curious to try Benefit’s tints. Maybe this could be the one that makes me take the plunge.

  5. I have been having such fun with Chacha. I love it as a quick, sheer flush. But I especially love it as a base under coral shimmer powders and glosses for some ramped up color. Benefit nailed this one!

    The shoes are from Victoria’s Secret, my (not-so) secret place for super cute and inexpensive shoes!

  6. @stef – I’m going to have to stage a coral intervention for you and take Chacha off your hands…help me help you…HA! It seems like forever that I’ve been thinking Benefit needs a coral color wash and now they have one…I am so ridiculously excited about this! I kinda wish they’d include the mat in a gift set or something because that is too much fun. I’m going to have to plan a Sephora trip to see this beauty in person…

  7. I’m not sure if a coral would work for me, but I do love that Benefit offers a nice range of tints for everyone. I think Posietint would be more my shade.

    I must join in the shoe love though!

  8. Oh my gosh @stef – this is one of my favorite photo sets ever! And it’s full of things I’m not so good at – dancing, wearing high heels in any capacity and wearing bold makeup colors! But I totally want this coral tint AND a Cha Cha instructional matt AND a pair of sky high red heels.

    I’ll have to settle by picking up a bottle of the Chacha tint for the summer and Cha Cha dance parties at Stef’s place!

  9. One, two, cha cha cha! What an adorable tint and name! I’m totally playing with this the next time I hit up a Benefit counter. If it’s anything like Benefits other tints it’s not long before it joins my collection.

  10. I tried to resist, but the more swatches that I see, the more that I want Benefit ChaCha! I like Posietint, but ChaCha would probably be even better on my coloring… However, it’s not very portable (well, it won’t leak, but it’s not the best for on the go application), and it does seem about $5 too expensive. I’m pretty sure I’ll still cave and buy it at some point.

  11. Wow, what a cool color, and yes it looks awesome with those shoes! I love corals for the summertime so this looks like a great addition to my coral collection!

    1. Oh, I almost don’t want to tell you! It’ll just create a lemming. It’s 2 LE colors: MAC Scorcher (To The Beach) with Urban Decay ID on top (I horded 5 bottles of this when UD stopped making nail polishes about 5 years ago. Now they’ve brought them back, so fingers crossed ID will show up again. It’s a sheer coral with orange shimmer.)

  12. THOSE SHOES!!!

    Ahem. Sorry….but SO CUTE.

    This tint’s packaging is so fancy, I can’t stand it. and the coral is SO pretty; I’m just now trying to branch out and that coral looks like a safe bet. So bright and pretty, but could still be subtle enough for work. This needs to go on my ever-expanding Sephora wish list…

  13. I wish we did not have to wait so long to buy it! I am hooked!

  14. I hope they give us a portable size soon too, I use the Pocketpal, but have often wished it were coral instead of rose colored. So that would be perfect. Really glad though that Benefit will have a coral stain now- I’ve actually been sorta waiting for this, awesome.

  15. I’m thinking this could be nice applied lightly on the lips, with a clear but shimmery gloss over it to lighten it more. I do that with the Bene-tint, & it’s a really nice (& long lasting) color for every day. Anyways, with the cha cha tint, it would look like a soft peach color.

  16. I loooove the color and the promo goodies! I think if I had to throw down some money on a new-ish Benefit product, it would be the Bella Bamba blush. Benefit usually doesn’t update their tints as often, so it’s a nice addition.

  17. So pretty! Love this for summer. I’m a lover of all things coral so I think this might be a must have for me.

  18. Do you know what skin tone you are in mac? Have read this looks a little different on everyone:)

    1. Sara – I am NC 25. Hope that helps!

  19. Lynda Lester says:

    It’ll just create a lemming. I think Posietint would be more my shade.

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