Benefit Fake Up Concealer - swatches and review

Benefit Fake Up Concealer – swatches and review

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Fake it til you make it (to bed) with Benefit’s latest


One look at me, and you know I haven’t had much sleep lately. A baby will do that to you! So when I received the new Benefit Fake Up Concealericon I knew I was putting it to the ultimate test.

Featuring a moisturizing outer layer with a pigmented core, Fake Up ($24) promises full coverage and hydration without creases or caking. With vitamin E and apple seed extract, Fake Up claims up to 6 hours of continuous hydration. Perfect for that sensitive skin around the eyes.

Fake Up comes in three shades, light, medium, and dark. Despite having pretty pale skin I tested out medium and found it to be the perfect shade for me. Designed to be worked into the skin with a fingertip, fake up does take a certain amount of work to blend the hydrating outer layer and pigmented core together. I found fake up to have slightly less than full coverage, but it was more than adequate for normal dark circles.

Fake Up in Medium – straight from the tube

Fake Up in Medium – blended

Fake Upicon has fantastic slip and feels great on my skin. After a full day of wear I had zero settling or caking, an amazing feat for my oily eyelids. The coverage didn’t last a full 8 hours, but another quick swipe midday takes care of that and adds even more hydration.

Hydration galore
Feels great on the skin
No creasing, settling, or caking

Less than full coverage
Takes work to blend

Benefit is a long time favorite here at wht, and Fake Up is a fantastic addition to the line up. While I didn’t get full coverage of my baby induced dark circles, it make take a nuclear weapon to fully obliterate them. (Or sleep…sleep would be good.) The brightening and coverage provided by Fake Up has quickly become a staple in my makeup routine. I look almost human again!

we heartsters – do you regularly fight the battle against under eye circles?

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16 thoughts on “Benefit Fake Up Concealer – swatches and review”

  1. Fake up…what a great name! Benefit products tend to be my fave. This is an interesting concept. I have ridiculously dark circles under my eyes, thanks to my battle with insomnia. Benefit’s Erase Paste is what I use daily, under my eyes, but I may need to give this one a try. Thanks or the honest post.

    1. I found FakeUp easier to blend than Erase Paste, so it might be a good addition to your arsenal! Let me know how you like it!

  2. Great review @mandaleem! I go between light and medium sometimes, but I think I would be a medium as well. I have passed the display for this product at Sephora. It looks so cool! reminds me of those lip balms from way back in the day from the Body Shop that had a clear center (anyone remember?).

    I’m glad that this concealer is packed with hydration! That’s something I hate in concealers, especially by the end of day.

  3. THIS LOOKS SO COOL. I don’t know why, but that outer layer fascinates me. I’ll have to check it out in person, but it seems like there’s a big leap in color from Medium to Deep. Benefit, don’t forget about us Medium Deep girls!! I don’t really wear concealer, but mostly because I haven’t found a good shade. Also, I’m lazy and that’s an extra step in my makeup routine. :-)
    But I’ll definitely have to check this out, if only because because I really REALLY want to touch it and see how it feels. (Is that weird? That’s a little weird, but it looks like it’d be so soft and slippery!)

    1. It is pretty slippery and fun to use! It’s softer than your average chapstick or stick concealer so it slides right on without tugging on the sensitive skin under the eyes. So yes, a little weird, but totally fun to touch/feel, heh.

  4. I’ve wanted to try this! I have the Benefit Erase Paste, which is creamy and really brightening for under the eyes, but it does tend to cake up after an hour or two and settle into fine lines.

    1. I’ve had that problem with Erase Paste, too. I think it tends to happen because my application is too heavy. FakeUp is easier to blend and the application (a quick swipe under each eye) is hard to mess up. I really like it for those mornings when I don’t have the time to make sure that my application is just right!

  5. Thanks for reviewing this, @amanda! I’ve been eyeing it. A concealer with moisturizer is essential because I want one to look seamless; this is evidently worth experimentation. Currently I use YSL’s “Touche Eclat,” Dior’s “Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer” (why such a long name?) and Cover Girl’s “Invisible Concealer” because they are creamy yet have coverage. Eclectic collection, to be sure . . .

    1. I’ve always found YSL’s Touche Eclat to be more brightening than concealing, so I think you’ll find that FakeUp has fuller coverage. Good for those early mornings! I think it’s worth the addition to your eclectic collection.

  6. Interesting.. I like the idea of a moisturizing outer layer with a pigmented core. That’ s a first! Fake Up may have a new customer.. if it really has full coverage and hydration without creases or caking!

  7. The packaging is so incredibly cute!!! I love the silver tube, with the black and pink swirly things. I tried this out at Sephora on my hand it seemed alright, but I just don’t want to put out that much effort to blend the two parts.

    1. It does require a certain amount of work to really blend the two layers together, but it’s not that much difference from blending a normal concealer. But I hear you! Some morning that one extra step is just one step too many.

  8. While I haven’t gotten much more sleep (did you know that babies “reverse cycle?” Just when you think he’s going to sleep through the night from now on he’s back to waking up twice a night!) fewer people are commenting on how tired I look thanks to FakeUp. It’s become a staple of my ever shortening routine! Armed with coffee and Benefit’s FakeUp, I may make it out of his infancy alive and looking like a human being. Woohoo!

  9. I need to pick this up, I think it just looks so nifty in the tube. Hydration is one of my big necessities when it comes to concealers since most tend to look dry and cakey on me.

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