Benefit Fine One One – review and swatches

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Three gorgeous shades that add up to one happy reviewer!

I’ve been having a love affair with Benefit Cosmeticsicon for years now. I’m a sucker for their adorably retro packaging, innovative products and how utterly wearable everything is. Benefit is responsible for many staples in my cosmetic wardrobe and they are constantly releasing new items that I find myself unable to live without. I mean, I probably could live without them, but the general public that has to see me probably would have something to say about it…

That being said, the one area where Benefit has let me down a little bit is in the area of cream blush. Don’t get me wrong, I have a collection of most of their boxed powder blushes, and they are exquisite, but cream blushes are my biggest weakness because they are good for pulling double duty on lips in a pinch. I love them. The last time Benefit offered a cream blush (Oh how I love and miss thee, Rush Hour), they discontinued it and broke my heart.

I was and still am devastated. Could I ever learn to love again? New on the scene and helping me to heal is Benefit’s latest cream blush product Fine One Oneicon.

Benefit’s new “sheer brightening color”, Fine One Oneicon ($30), is composed of three shades of awesome: a soft coral, sheer watermelon, and pink champagne. Blended together, they form the most cheerful pop of pigment for lips and cheeks. This coral flush is one I know I’ll be rocking 24/7 once warmer weather arrives. It’s like happiness in stick form, folks.

I apply this by swiping up my cheeks, the pink highlighter shade at the top of the stick. I then gently blend. This sheer formula leaves a silky, powdery finish that brightens up my whole face. As this has a powdery finish, this didn’t really do much for my winter roughened lips when I applied it to my pout, so you may find this isn’t quite the multi-tasker you’re hoping for, but believe me, what this does to cheeks more than makes up for it.

Fun tip: when I’m on the go and don’t have my beloved highlighter, High Beamicon, on me, I tap my fingers on the pink champagne shade from Fine One One and dab it on my cheekbones – instant gorgeous!

A swipe of Fine One One’s three shades

Fine One One blended

The wearing power on this was remarkably good for a cream blush. I have oily/sometimes combo skin and lesser cream blushes have been known to dissolve on me. This hearty formula lasted a solid 5 hours, which, as any cream flush aficionado can attest, is pretty darn good.

If you want to increase wear time until the end of days, top this with Dandelionicon or Georgia (if you’re lucky enough to have this now discontinued shade), they really set the formula and bring out the color. Dandelion pulls the pink out and Georgia pulls the peach out – it was like this cream blush was designed to be paired with these boxed blushes.

This trick also created enough of a difference in my appearance that my usually oblivious hubby asked me what I was wearing and said it looked good. Ladies, men usually don’t notice or care about what makeup we’re wearing, so that alone should convince you of the impact of this little tube.

Creates the most gorgeous coral flush, possibly of all time
Universally flattering – this will work on all skin tones
Contains highlighter, so it gives the illusion of a radiant glow

Didn’t quite look right once applied to lips – it was a little too powdery and the shade was a little too milky for my preference
I can’t help but think they need a plummy rose version of this…one that is similar to Rush Hour, perhaps?

we heartsters – Am I the only gal who is gaga for cream blush? Is anybody else going to reach for Fine One One when they have a beauty emergency?

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  1. Benefit’s packaging IS great, so fun and cute. I’m digging this because it looks like a universally flattering color, and if you want a punch of just one of the bars, you can swipe and add that as you want it! It seems like it would last forever too, that bar looks huge! :-)
    I do like cream blushes, but I have a really heavy hand. Being able to swipe, rather than depend on my fingers or a foundation brush or sponge, is a definite plus.

  2. Yes, they sure know how to come up with clever ideas over there at Benefit! Always tendy which grabs my interest often! I like blending my blush and often wished that I had something other than powders to do that with.. Creams apply so easily! Great post @krista!

  3. I gravitate toward creamy blushes as they often give a more natural look. I was waiting to read reviews on this before purchasing it, and you surely did sell me, @krista! The colors are gorgeous and fresh!

  4. I was playing with this at my last visit to Sephora. The trio in one stick is so interesting but sadly I have naturally pink-hued cheeks so most blushes tend to be overkill for me.

    1. I really think you could work this blush, Lucy–it read as more peachy/coral on me. If a blush is too pinky, it can make me appear ruddy, but I had no such issues with this baby.

  5. LOVE this! Benefit always intrigues me with their creativity! These colors are so pretty and delicate!

  6. I love the concept of having three great things in one great tube. This is TRIPLE DUTY! No wonder this is one of the most popular things at the Benefit counter.

  7. Cover your ears @krista! I have to say I’m not a huge fan of cream blushes. I have better application skills using powder blushes – and creams always seem to disappear on my skin. BUT, you have me convinced to give this a test drive on my next Sephora trip.

    It’s such a pretty color and five hours is pretty good wear time for us oily ladies. And since I have both Georgia (RIP) and Dandelion on my vanity I can use your tip to get even longer wear. Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. GASP! *clutches my pearls* Bite your tongue, @tyna ! How can you not love cream blush *hyperventilates into a brown paper bag*.

      Seriously, though, I understand how an oily skinned gal could have problems with a cream blush–they are not all created equal and when your skin essentially pumps out its own makeup remover, you need a better-than-average blush. Some are stupidly ridiculous and are gone within minutes, but there are a few gems out there, you just need to figure out what works for your skin.
      Some creams last a long time on their own and some need a little help. If you have a lighter cream blush, topping it with a similarly toned power blush keeps cheeks rosy all day (Dandelion and my sadly discontinued Georgia are PERFECT for this purpose). If you have a darker blush, setting it with a little translucent powder makes it last just as long as a powder, but it looks like you’re blushing from within.

      I probably need therapy to address my unhealthy obsession with cream blush…*ponders*

  8. I love the cute packaging… but I’m not a fan of cream/gel/stick blush. I have really oily skin and I feel that type of product really works best on normal clear skin (the lucky girls who don’t have to wear foundation!). I know it’s do-able for the rest of us, but like @tyna, the ease of powder blush makes it my go-to cheek product. And powder blush has a longer shelf-life :)

  9. The stick reminds me of striped sherbet! (Well, striped sherbet minus the lime flavor, hah!) I have combination skin, so at times cream blush is perfect for me while at other times my skin sort of rebels and I end up with an oil slick. I think Fine One One would be a great option for me during the winter months when I tend to have less oil production. Great review @Krista !

  10. I have never been a big fan of cream blush. But this one looks lovely. It’s hard to resist a pretty coral especially with Spring here (sort of). I would love to try it but I do wonder how well it will work with my super oily skin.

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