Benefit Lollitint – Swatches and Review

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Lollitint, Lollitint, Oh Lolli Lollitint, Lollitint, (pop!)

Color me excited when I heard that Benefit was releasing a new shade of stain for lips and cheeks! As a blush connoisseur, I have often wished that in addition to the red Benetint, coral Cha Cha, and pink Posietint, that Benefit would add a purple hue to their stable of tints. Wishes come true, y’all! I present to you – Lollitint!


Pantone has declared Radiant Orchid as the color of 2014 and this sugary and delicate orchid-hued lip and cheek stain is both on trend and just what I was hoping for to start the year right. I love trends as much as the next girl, but I live in the country and I require a toned-down version of any trend if I’m not going to get stares. Lollitint ($30) is the most wearable purple you will find out there and the only stares I’ll be getting will be because this stuff is crazy flattering.


Now for the nitty gritty: with a creamy texture like Cha Cha and Posietint, the blending issues that exist with the original Benetint are pretty much nonexistent. You will need to blend quickly, but I had zero issues with streakiness. Lollitint leaves your cheeks looking sweetly flushed and extremely natural.


I have also noticed that with this stain, the blue undertone to this shade really tones down any redness in my skin and doesn’t enhance any blemishes (a potential problem with most stains). It’s almost corrective in nature. If you have found stains to be unwearable due to troubled skin, Lollitint might be the answer you were looking for!

Benefit-Lollitint-swatchBenefit Lollitint – unblended and blended

On lips, this isn’t as dark as my paleness requires, but it does provide a lovely base color for a slightly tinted gloss. The purplish hue is just a hint darker than the other creamy stains from Benefit, so wearing this on lips is probably an option for most. As with all Benefit stains, the staying power on this is insanely good and my oily skin got a solid 8 hours of wear on cheeks. On lips, this lasted until I ate or drank something.


Orchid hue is on trend for 2014.
Blue undertone almost neutralizes blemishes/redness on cheeks and just leaves a natural hint of color behind.
Creamy texture is easy to blend and good for those inexperienced with stains.

Really need to layer on lips to be obvious.

Overall, this is the best thing to happen to lips and cheeks in a while.

we heartsters – How are you ringing in the Year of Radiant Orchid? Is Lollitint on your list?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. I am a big fan of Benefit tints. I have to say their classic Benetint is probably my favorite because it is so versatile and natural. I am excited to check out their latest color. I also want to say to anyone who has not purchased this product before the bottle lasts FOREVER! Thanks for the rundown @krista.

    1. @hao9703 – I love the original Benetint, too– it was my first Benefit product. Sadly, my skin doesn’t always cooperate and the redness just draws attention to every blemish I’m rocking. You will love Lollitint, though–it’s kinda magical.

  2. This is the only Radiant Orchid product I’ve seen that I actually might use! As a tarte girl, I never got into Benefit’s tints because I was brand loyal and I could never apply the tints correctly. Now, though, I will wear any kind of blush as long as it works, so I probably need to revisit the Benefit counter.

    @krista, do you think the original tint has an improved formula, or is Lollitint just that awesome?

    1. @lyssachelle – I think Lollitint is pretty fricking awesome. The original Benetint is a watery stain, Lollitint is creamy-the blendability is just better with Lollitint. Plus, with the original Benetint, the watery stain basically draws attention to any blemish or spot I have by enhancing the redness because it’s, well, RED. The delicate purple of Lollitint doesn’t do that at all–you just have a soft pop of color. You should really check it out–this shade really fills a void in a blush collection (and I should know because I have a “collection” and this is wholly unique).

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth @lyssachelle! I’ve been pretty meh on the whole Radiant Orchid hue – but finally here is a product in the shade that I am dying to get my hands on!

    I love the color as shown in the swatches, and @Krista has really piqued my interest with the info that Lollitint seems to reduce the appearance of redness in the skin. Will be testing this baby out this weekend when I hit the makeup counters!

  4. Orchid-hued?! How very on trend. Unfortunately I don’t like to do gel/cream blush because I feel like powder is easier. I wanted to wear this as a lip stain, but I’m sad to hear that this barely shows up. :(

  5. @Lyssachelle and Tyna, I’ve been wary of the “radiant orchid” craze, but I thought back to years ago when I had a lipstick and nail polish from Max Factor in this shade with a definite blue undertone. I garnered compliments from everyone when I wore them. You, of all people, @Krista, know about blushes, and so I am going to treat myself. Well done!

    1. You will love this stuff, @gigi ! Just a quick tip–if you haven’t used one of Benefit’s stains before, I find that these look amazing with a couple dabs of Benefit’s High Beam on my cheek bones after I apply the cheek stain. I always look a little better with a little High Beam and if I don’t blend the stain fast enough, the High Beam hides any streakiness :) Enjoy!

    2. I don’t look so hot in this shade. But I did a radiant orchid manicure the other day and really loved it. It’s funny how you can get away with so many more shades on your fingers than your face!

  6. Love this orchid hue…as a tint it’s pretty fantastic looking! I also love the Benetint line and while the original is the supreme classic, this is a very nice addition for 2014 – being the year of Radiant Orchid and all. Also adorable packaging! Great review @krista :)

  7. I typically stay away from purple but this has a really pretty mauve look to it so maybe this would be a mild way for me to wear “the color of the season”!

  8. I’ve always been interested in the Benetints but my cheeks tend to be red all the time. This one I might be able to layer over my concealer and make it work.

    1. I have the same problem, @lucylemonade ! This past year, my cheeks just are blotchier and redder than usual (hotter summer, colder winter)-and I’ve been getting one or two blemishes on my cheeks seemingly all the time and Benetint only looks good when my skin is clear and pale like a canvas. Lollitint is so wearable–it brought me a lot of joy. The purple hue really neutralized a lot of the red. Plus, as a pale gal with dark hair, this shade is THE BALLS.

  9. I have never really used a Benetint but this one is such a pretty shade. I think that it could rally work for me. It might be just right for coloring. I am super excited to give it a try!

  10. I have cha-cha tint and I fell in love with the formula as a blush. I was considering this next, and now think I may just pick it up cause when you said it helps if you have natural redness on your cheeks which I have a lot of. And yes, seems like a purple that is wearable which is hard to come by. Thanks for this!

    1. I have Cha Cha and I find that even that shade pulls a lot of redness in my face–my skin doesn’t have to be as flawless as when I wear Benetint, but it has to be pretty close. Lollitint pulls zero redness on me and actually seems to blend away some of the unattractive ruddiness I’ve been sporting.

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