Three Cheers for Benefit’s Majorette Blush!

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Benefit Majorette Blush Review and Swatches

I wasn’t a majorette in high school. Or a cheerleader. Or any semblance of peppy. Fortunately, high school is long since past and that alone is something to be cheery about. Hooray!

You know what else you can be cheery about? Benefit Majorette Blush – the brand’s latest cream blush. Benefit’s tagline for this blush is “Pep, Poise & Popularity” and while I’m not sure a blush can deliver all of those things, this one certainly tries.


When I first heard about Benefit’s latest blush, I swooned. I craved. I longed for it. Imagine my delight when I received it for review. My first impression is that this is a blush worthy of your desire.

Y’all have probably heard the term “packaging inspiration”, but the compact this blush is housed in is packaging inspiration. Like, cover your eyes, NSFW, clutch the pearls, prepare to be scandalized, packaging inspiration.


The Benefit Majorette Blush ($28) magnetic compact looks like it belongs on a vanity table circa 1958. It’s retro at its best in shades of peach, cream, and gold. Where the compact seals, girly scalloping is featured. Very cute.

The edges have gold detailing and the top of the compact features a vintage-looking Majorette logo with a baton going through it and a tiny gold majorette. This compact makes me want to go out and buy a vanity table just so it has a worthy place to sit.


Inside this to-die-for compact is a generous mirror and a gorgeous, pinky peach cream-to-powder finish blush embossed with a sun/flower design that really continues the packaging inspiration the exterior started. If I could have owned this blush in high school, I would have been a majorette or anything else you wanted me to be.

The product itself smells like “pom pom peach & pomegrate”, which translates to a cheerful, vaguely fruity smell that doesn’t really smell like peaches or pomegranates, but is nonetheless delightful.


Majorette is a matte, opaque peach (this doesn’t read very pink on me) that blends like a dream and really wakes up my complexion. For those of you that prefer a cream blush that dries to a powder finish, this needs to make your wishlist. As an oily skinned gal, I prefer a powder finish if I can find it because it adds to the longevity of the blush.

Benefit-Majorette-Review-swatches-6from left: Bella Bamba, Majorette, Majorette under Bella Bamba

This product did not disappoint – I got 5 hours of wear time alone and 8 hours when I set this with a little powder. Again, HOORAY! This blush made me feel so darn cheerful and peppy, all that was missing was the baton or pom poms.

Benefit-Majorette-Review-swatches-7from left: Bella Bamba, Majorette, Majorette under Bella Bamba

Fun tip: Top this cream blush with Benefit’s Bella Bamba or Dandelion to pull more pink out of the shade or try Coralista to pull more peach and to extend the wear time.

we heartsters: Were any of you ever a majorette? And have you tried Benefit’s latest blush offering?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC25/30 skin tone

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  1. I think it’s supposed to be a drum, but the packaging kind of looks like a macaron! Regardless, it’s adorable! Retro but not kitschy…

    I’m an oily gal too, but this color is gorgeous. And I find it so interesting that Benefit usually sticks to one color with its own special formula—instead of one formula with an array of colors. It can be frustrating if the color doesn’t suit you, but they’re all very wearable, and branding makes each one unique! Thanks for the review @krista; I’m glad this is on my radar and I’ll have to check it out at Sephora!

    1. I was thinking this: totally looks like a macaron!

    2. I totally didn’t even think of a drum! I, too, thought “macaron” when I saw this little confection :)

      I’m with you about wishing there were more colors—this would be heavenly in a medium rose and a plum. Even a cherry red. Now I’m going to lament that there aren’t more shades :( *pouts*

  2. SO CUTE! Benefit are the queens of the adorable packaging, and Majorette shows us why. It absolutely deserves a top on the top of the vanity, not stuffed in a drawer.

    But the product is fab too. As you can see, it’s quite the chameleon when you pair it with a powder blush. It works beautifully under ALL of their boxed boxes, but that Bella Bamba reveal was the most noticeable.

    If you’re a blush lover, but ESPECIALLY if you’re a Benefit blush lover, this is a must have for your collection.

  3. This is truly adorable! More proof that Benefit’s line never disappoints. Even being 50+ this still pulls me in.. it’s so youthful and it really is made well.. Hip hip, HOORAY! Majorette I’m on to you!

  4. Ok, you’ve sold me! I’ve been eyeing this up every time I run into Ulta and am so happy to see the inside of the packaging and the super helpful swatches. Majorette shall be mine!

  5. omg, this is adorable. so cute. so fun. I LOVE IT! Blush really shouldn’t smell like fruit but Benefit can do whatever the heck they want and I’ll probably buy it. It reminds me of macarons :)

  6. Ooooh! I love their products, and I think I hear Majorette calling out my name! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. I love cream blush! This one looks amazing! The compact is so cute too! I’d definitely keep it & find another use for it after the blush is gone! Thanks for sending me on yet another makeup quest. :)

  8. I want this compact! It’s beautiful and the Majorette color is so pretty…

  9. This is soooo cute!!! I love the color!! And the packaging is insane. Benefit always kills it in every way!! And I always wanted to be a majorette secretly. I thought that they were way cooler than cheerleaders!!

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