Benefit POREfessional and POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder – Photos and Review

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Mattify and smooth your skin to complexion perfection!

Ever put on a full face of makeup and still see those pesky pores coming through? It can become a frustrating situation. All this work to get your best face and oh – hello there pores. I usually find them hanging out on and around my nose. I soon realized I needed something extra, as most primers are not programmed to minimize the appearance of pores. Thankfully I got my hands on the dynamic duo that is Benefit Cosmetics’ The POREfessional and POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder!


You may have already heard about the POREfessional ($30) because it has been one of Benefit’s most popular products as of late. In the light of its super successful counterpart, Benefit recently launched the POREfessional Agent Zero Shine Powder ($30) to go along with it. Like everything Benefit does, this pairing makes total sense and it’s a match made in heaven.


The POREfessional is what I’d call a multi-use product. Coined as a “PRO balm”, its main focus is minimizing visible pores and fine lines, so it’s essentially a spot treatment product. You can also use it to mattify parts of your face that tends to get shinier than the rest. In addition to all that, it’s great for stashing in your makeup bag for mid day touch ups!


While the POREfessional performs wonderfully alone and under makeup, I wouldn’t confuse the POREfessional as an all over base since it doesn’t claim to help lock down makeup, or provide longevity for your makeup. No worries – you can use it alongside your favorite bases and primers, to aid in the perfect finished look!


I love the smooth as silk texture and this product definitely lives up to its claims. It evens out my skin’s appearance and the results are noticeable. My only gripe about the POREfessional is that it is silicone based, an ingredient that isn’t everyone-friendly. Based on my experience, it CAN disagree with super oily complexions. To avoid makeup from sliding around, a setting or touch up powder is also ideal. Which leads me to…


The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine Powder, which is the first and newest addition to the POREfessional line. This shine-vanishing, oil-free PRO Powder battles both shine and visible pores.


The packaging is very “Benefit” so to speak. You get 7 grams of product housed in a cute little container that has a twist off lid AND a open/close sifter – no messy leaks here! Here’s the best part – on the bottom there’s a small twist-off brush, making this the ultimate on-the-go product!


I absolutely loved this product in conjunction with the POREfessional, used after applying foundation. I find myself not needing a lot of product – one tap does the trick to cover my T-zone. The brush may be tiny, but it actually works in targeting the crevices of my nose and gets right into the lines that I want to smooth out.


The Benefit POREfessional line is a wonderful addition to my makeup routine. These two products were meant to be! If you are fighting visible pores and/or shiny skin, I suggest you take a look the next time you are visting your local Beneift counter.

Travel and purse friendly.
Zero animal testing!
Signature cute Benefit packaging.

Can be a bit pricey at first but a little goes a long way.
The POREfessional is silicone based, which may not be agreeable with everyone’s skin.

we heartsters – have you given the POREfessional line a try on those pesky pores?

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  1. I know POREfessional is a trusted staple for many to look their best. However, my sensitive skin won’t tolerate it. I wish I could make it work because I love the concept.

    1. I’ll admit, I was a bit worried myself (I’m that way with ALL new face products) because I’m extremely breakout prone. This one hasn’t affected my skin so far but I totally feel you.

  2. The packaging is very “Benefit” you are so right @mandabear – I don’t think there’s ever been a Benefit product package that hasn’t made me smile!

    1. I love how original the designs are with the casings of the products. A vanity full of Benefit (including their amaze skincare bottles) = drool.

  3. I LOVE Benefit, and I’ll have to look into the powder; I’m a Ben Nye Banana worshiper, but this would be great to keep in my car console for those days I need touch-ups.

    I’ve used POREfessional before as a sample, but it looked a bit chalky on my darker NC42 skin. However, that was a while back and the above swatch looks a bit more yellow and medium toned, I might need to revisit it and see if they updated the formula. Plus, I think I was using it ALL over, I should probably just use it on spots as a concealer, rather than a primer, huh?

    1. I think if it’s under makeup, it shouldn’t appear too chalky. For me, it sort of blends out to a clear-ish matte. I love it more for spot treatment!

  4. I LOVE POREfessional, and I like the idea of the Agent Zero Shine Powder… and the packaging is cute, but I think it would bug me. I like to use a BIG FLUFFY brush when I’m powdering my face. I’m curious enough to want to buy it anyway though.

    1. I think the packaging kind of forces you to use the tiny brush unfortunately. I’ve gotten used to the brush though! It glides quickly down my nose, the sides of my nose and my smile lines. I even dust a little under my eyes and it doesn’t interact with any part of my face that I don’t want it to. :)

  5. Such cute packaging! I can’t believe I still haven’t tried anything from Benefit yet. These are adorable!!

    – Gina
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Modern Beauty & Skincare

    1. Give it a try, I think you’ll really like this set or at least one of the POREfessional products!

  6. I have such pore and shine issues. This sounds like it was made for me! And yes Benefit know what they are doing with marketing and packaging. They have a way of making everything look great even if you don’t really need it! :)

    1. The two work great together for “blurring” pores!

  7. I’ve tried POREProfessional and was thrilled with the immediate outcome. Unfortunately, a facialist told me that my already-oily skin was not being helped by the stuff and only served to clog the pores. I still keep some on hand for special occasions. Also, my hubs uses it when he gets his headshots done.

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