Benefit They’re Real: New Mascara and Push Up Liner shades

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Benefit Proves Going Retro Can Be Quite Uplifting


Is that a shark in a Joshua Tree? It sure is. And it can only mean one thing: the color extension of Benefit They're Real Mascaras and Push Liners have landed at we heart this headquarters. (They’re #KillerColors after all…)


In the words of the illustrious Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?” I want to take a few minutes to get real with all you skin-deep savants. In beauty, it seems as we’re always going for bigger and better, which oftentimes simply means faker (Joan might have a thing or two to say about that). Botox and boob jobs notwithstanding, sometimes all we’ve got to do accentuate the positive. Benefit’s lengthening mascaras and push-up eyeliners will have you asking, “They’re Real?” too.

Retro has always been a signature at Benefit, and the They’re Real collection underscores that signature with flare. Let’s travel back to the Brigitte Bardot days of yore, when “pumped up” was achieved with a bouffant do and some expertly-lined bedroom eyes.

Benefit-Killer-Colors-Theyre-Real-masacra-2They’re Real mascara in Beyond Brown, Beyond Blue and Beyond Black

First, let’s talk eyelashes. They’re Real Mascara ($24) promises to lengthen, curl, volumize, lift and separate. (Speaking of real and retro, does anyone remember the Jane Russell commercial for Playtex bras? She showed how these bras “lifted” and “separated” with a tape measure and a mannequin). The promises of this mascara has made have assuredly been kept. Don’t take my word for it, a consumer panel survey shows that over 90% of the 32 women surveyed have had dramatic and visible results. They’re so proud of They’re Real Mascara that they’ve stamped the packaging with the results!

I love the fine-tooth hard plastic nubs in lieu of a bristle-brush applicator of They’re Real Mascara. I find this applicator much more effective than the classic brush at depositing more color and separating the individual lashes. The formula dries quickly and flexibly with a natural, slightly glossy finish. There is no crumbling; there is no caking. Most importantly, there is no smearing. This may just be the longest and best-wearing mascara I’ve ever used! With lashes this good, you’ll never need fake.

I sampled all three colors, Beyond Brown, Beyond Black and Beyond Blue. I’m partial to black, but blue is fun to play with for a night out. The brown, I feel, is a little more suited to blondes or those with lighter lashes.


Now let’s devote a little Real time to the phenomenal They’re Real Push-Up Liner ($24). If the They’re Real Mascaras are to mascaras what Playtex was to bras, the push-up liner is the Wonderbra of eyeliners. This stuff is an eyelift in a pen. Self contained, the gel is deposited in the tip with a couple twists of the end of the pen. I then brush the pen across the back of my hand to evenly distribute the gel on the applicator. One swipe across the upper lash line opens the eye in a way that you’ll never feel droopy again. The slanted AccuFlex™ tip is sturdy yet flexible, and makes it easy to get really close to the lashes right from the first stroke, instantly providing that wide-opened, doe-eyed look.


The smoothness of the gel allows it to glide across the lid, making the swipe to a cat eye an easy one. A simple cat eye is the easiest and most affordable eyelift ever. Move over Botox!

Like the They’re Real Mascaras, the push-up liners have staying power. In fact, it’s not easy taking it off at the end of the day! Soap and water alone won’t do—these are waterproof. I used a little face oil and elbow grease (more of the former and less of the latter) and it rolled off. Available in five colors, Beyond Brown, Beyond Blue, Beyond Purple, Beyond Green and Beyond Black, we got to sample them all!

Benefit-Killer-Colors-Theyre-Real-push-up-liner-swatches-3 Beyond Blue, Beyond Black, Beyond Green, Beyond Brown and Beyond Purple

And, a little goes a long way. The four long lines in the image below were achieved with just one twist of liner!


The results on the eyes? Rather pretty, if we must say so ourselves.


Ladies, before you tighten, lift or plump up your face, try making an impression the Real way. Would you like to look like you just had a “lift”? Come on, let’s talk!


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  1. The liners in Beyond Green and Beyond Purple are majestic…I will be swatching these in person the next time I hit up Ulta :D Great post, @sherrishera!

    @stef—Your eye looks SOOOOO blue in that photo! Gorgeous!

  2. I really want to try that mascara, it sounds great! Good review, gotta love Benefit! Not sure I could do the blue, classic black is it, for my mascara…

  3. I defintely want to check at this most affordable eye lift ever! I am swooning over beyond purple!

  4. Oh WOW, that liner looks fabulous. Beyond Purple has that blackened purple look that I love, and that is the most unique applicator that I have ever seen. I’m terrible at a cat eye, but I could still see me using this for regular everyday use since I’m a notorious eye rubber and the waterproof formula would help it stay put.

    I’m waffling on the mascara though. I’m so in love with my beloved Laura Mercier, and it’s time for me to get a new tube, but I don’t know if I’m ready for someone new…
    Maybe I’ll just get the travel size and try it out. Trial separation…

  5. I love your bra references, @sherrishera— almost as much as I loved both of these products in their first, black-only release. It sounds like Benefit has made things even better with all these color options. At the very least, Beyond Green will be mine!

  6. Hi! I’m a huge fan of Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. There are some days where I can get away with one coat. I totally recommend this mascara.

  7. Rainbow shark in a joshua tree?! AWESOME.

    I tried the eyeliners in Sephora and wasn’t impressed with the application–the color was blotchy and didn’t go on smoothly. I wasn’t sure if it was because they were dried out since they were testers? The mascara has always been a good one though.

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