Benefit Introduces the Beauty Blockbuster of the Summer

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Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, Mascara and Remover Review

This is my kind of reality show! Produced and directed by Benefit Cosmetics, this carefully crafted blockbuster isn’t appearing on television; it’s a real life feature starring a trio of eye enhancers.


All three products are part of the They’re Real! franchise, and all should be making headlines (or lashlines) from coast to coast. The top-billed product is Benefit’s brand new They’re Real! Push-Up Liner, cast in a star-making role.


I love gel liner, but who wants to carry around a little pot and a brush? Benefit Cosmetics, always one step ahead of the game, figured out a way to deliver the smoothness and quick-drying qualities of gel in a twist-up pen.


Five years in development, with a reported 70 modifications along the way, has led to this: the They’re Real! Push-Up Liner ($24) – an innovative creation that is vastly different and remarkably precise.


The unique, rubbery Accuflex tip plays a triple role with three carefully designed features:

    Soft, angled tip makes it easy to draw wings
    Flat guard gets close to lashline, pushing lashes aside
    Wide base gives a stable application


So how does gel liner get to the tip? A few turns on the bottom of the pen (similar to twist-up lipgloss) brings up a “micro control dose” of the black gel liner. When using it for the first time it will take a number of clicks before you’ll get to the gel.

Benefit-Theyre-Real-Liner-swatchall these lines came from one dose!

Benefit recommends one click per application, but that was iffy for me. Sometimes one click was enough, other times it took two or even three. The gel is extremely fast-drying, and does not flake or smear at all. The line is dramatic matte black.


All things considered, Benefit has combined a budge-proof gel liner with a new take on the applicator that really does balance flexibility and stability for the perfect line. Talk about star quality!


Supporting cast might not get the glory, but they hold a production together. Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara ($23) is already a proven player, garnering raves since its introduction. The cocktail shaker shaped packaging tells my lashes it’s party time every time I pick it up.



The formula is an easily buildable, glossy black, with a generously-sized brush. I love the little extra bristles at the tip, useful for getting to every tiny lash. My lashes look long and lush, with a curling effect that lasts all day. Absolutely no flaking or smearing, but easy removal when it’s time.


Speaking of removal, They’re Real! Remover ($18) is the hardworking cleanup crew of this show, and I’m happy to report it works like a champ. While the mascara is washable, the liner is anything but. After I washed my face with ordinary cleanser, I was still wearing perfectly applied liner.


Benefit’s latest makeup remover was formulated to “erases waterproof eye makeup without tugging the delicate eye area”. The gel formula is nice to work with and dispenses from a squeezable tube.


Trying to move the They’re Real! Push-Up Liner with a water-based cleanser was pointless. But a few swipes of creamy They’re Real! Remover whisked away all traces of the waterproof liner. And when used on a cotton swab, it’s also great if you flub your lines – I mean liner.


    Brush is wide, angled and flat; can create a thick or thin line, whatever you desire
    Combination of flexibility and stability gives optimum control of the line
    Formula is smooth, dark, and extremely fast drying
    Although They’re Real! Remover is oil-based, it’s suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers


    Twist up delivery method is a little tricky; not enough makes for a spotty line, but it’s also easy to dispense too much.

we heartsters – for real, have you tried any products in this Benefit They’re Real trio?

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  1. I was trying to convince myself that I don’t need this eyeliner, but after this great review, who am I kidding? Sephora, here I come! I really like the They’re Real mascara already…

    1. The They’re Real mascara is great! And yes, you do need this eyeliner. Sorry…

  2. I’m almost out of mascara and I haven’t tried this one yet, so on my list it will go! I also like the creaminess of the gel remover. Thanks for the great review!

  3. @turboterp – Excellent review. There was a time that I was a die hard Benefit fan. Nothing happened to make me stray. I just have a wondering eye. Somehow, I drifted away from Benefit. You can bet I will check out that eyeliner. I would love to get away from packing the 2 items for eyeliner.

  4. I bought the eyeliner, I didn’t know the remover was ready but I have no trouble removing it with my regular eye makeup remover. I find that I can’t get a thin enough line with this but I know practice makes perfect. My review is done and scheduled for Friday.

    1. I’m curious, is your regular makeup remover oil-based? Mine is water-based, and I had to scrub and scrub… but with the Benefit remover, it just came right off. Can’t wait to read your review, Marcia!

    2. Yeah! I totally agree, don’t waste your money on the remover. I use the Neutrogena Oil-free Makeup Remover and it comes off with one swipe!

      Love your review!


  5. I like the mascara and I’m thinking I’ll probably enjoy the eye liner. I think once I run out of my current black gel liner. My oily eye lids read “budge-proof” and they were like, “Challenge ACCEPTED!”

  6. I haven’t worn this liner on my lids, but I did attend a launch for it and got to see it in action and experiment with the testers there. It took a few times on my hand to get the perfect line, but I do think once you adjust to the tip, you can do some pretty great work with it. And @turboterp is right when she says this is really – truly – smudge-proof. I washed my hands (and showered) as normal over the next few days (but didn’t use a mu remover on my hand) and those tester lines lasted a good 48 hours. Impressive.

    I also have a thing for trying out eye makeup removers and the They’re Real gel formula is so tempting! I have a felling it will be going in my basket on my next Sephora trip!

  7. I reviewed the liner over on my blog. It took me like 30+ clicks to get the product in the chute the first time!

  8. FYI for all of you ladies—Sephora has a mini They’re Real push-up liner free w/ $25 purchase with code PUSHUP right now. I took advantage of the code so I could try this liner before I buy :)

  9. The mascara is insanely good. I have only had the pleasure of using a mini but we be purchasing the full size when I am done. I despise flakes and clumps and this mascara has none of the above. I am super intrigued to try the liner now. Very interesting!!

  10. I’ve tried the mascara, and while the formula was pretty good, it wasn’t jaw dropping, and the brush was too pokey! I’m insanely curious about that eyeliner though! How unique.

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