Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Review

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Double the Fun ~ Benefit introduces lip glosses to match their renowned boxed powders!

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Reviewphotos: we heart this

Benefiticon is known for their fun, flirty and feminine cosmetics with super cute packaging. I got the chance to try their newest confection, Ultra Plush Lip Glossicon and was instantly won over.

The name of these glosses might sound familiar to Benefit fans as these gems are the sisters of their already fabulous boxed powdersicon. This means your favorite blush or bronzer now has a matching lip gloss. Whee!

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss Review

Just like their powder counterparts, these shades tend to be flattering to a variety of complexions. And so far, I really enjoy the consistency of these glosses. None of that horrible stickiness I find with other glosses. It’s terrible to be out walking on a summer’s night and a breeze catches your hair, sending it right into your lip gloss where it sticks like glue.

There are six Ultra Plush Lip hues ($16 each) including Dandelion (pearly pink), Bella Bama (watermelon) and Hoola (golden nude) and the wht team got a look at the following three shades:

Dallas powder and gloss

Dallas powder and gloss swatchDallas powder and gloss

The perfect summer accessory, Dallas offers a ‘kissed by the sun’ dusty pink glow to the face, while the gloss adds a glowing pink-ish nude tint to lips.

Coralista powder and gloss

Coralista powder and gloss swatchCoralista powder and gloss

Our tester Stef says: “I love Coralista blush, it’s absolutely one of my favorites. Just like the blush, the gloss is what I’d describe as “coral light”. Don’t expect a flash of bright, shocking coral. But don’t expect a perfect match for this duo either, these are more compliments than matches; the blush is shimmery and light, the gloss is more muted and sheer.”

Sugarbomb powder and gloss

Sugarbomb powder and gloss swatchSugarbomb powder and gloss

I got the chance to test out Sugarbomb and it is my perfect shade, a shimmery pink nude with just the right amount of sparkle. The powder made with shades of peach, plum, pink and rose is a blush/highlighter that gives a nice, healthy glow. And Stef says “Well done on this combo! The gloss really captures the twinkle of pink that the blush also delivers.” And who am I to disagree?

The Sugarbomb Ultra Plush gloss has a soft, smooth texture more like a balm or lipstick. There is definitely micro glitter for sparkle, but it is superfine with not even a hint of grit. I have been using this gloss as my go-to color for work and tend to get 3 to 4 hours of wear before needing to reapply. While the Ultra Plush glosses have no taste, they do have a soft, fruity-sweet scent.

And remember how I talked about Benefit’s Benefit’s box o’powdersicon being universally flattering? Well, I’m fair-skinned with a bit of natural pink to my cheeks, leaving me with a constant “blush”. However Sugarbomb the powder doesn’t make me look too overdone, just a nice healthy glow. The same goes for Sugarbomb the gloss. This shade gives me that “my lips but better” color that is subtle and perfect to pair with a neutral eye. For a bolder look I would switch from Sugarbomb to Bella Bama with it’s bright, watermelon color.

The Ultra Plush Lip Glossesicon have a slant tip plastic applicator. This my personal preference for glosses instead of the wand style. For me it is a matter of getting the most product out of the container as possible. With these squeeze style glosses I feel confident I can get my money’s worth!

The fun of having a gloss to match your fave Benefit powder
Non-sticky, long lasting formula
Universally flattering hues

A little pricey at $16 each

we heartsters – what is your favorite boxed powder from Benefit? Will you be snapping up it’s Ultra Plush Lip Gloss counterpart?

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  1. @lucylemonade , hair stuck to lip gloss… yuck. Story of my life!
    I’m a huge fan of Benefit’s boxed powders (I’ve been wearing Coralista a lot this summer) and I’ve been so curious about the coordinating glosses. I was hoping your post would help me narrow down which gloss I should choose; instead, you’ve made me want all three of the ones you described! Guess I need to head to the store and check out the whole range of colors. They sound fabulous!

  2. I remember, years ago, the beauty buzz around the Dandelion powder. Of course, I got it. I loved the texture and the subtle pinky glow it gave my skin. I haven’t made it a staple–it’s not a necessity–but it is nice. What a wonderful idea to create an equally subtle gloss to go with these! I may have to go pick some new Dandelions.

  3. Great Review @lucylemonade ! I am a huge Benefit fan and think it makes so much sense to have my lipgloss the same color as these classic blush shades. I have resisted — so far — at purchasing any more lipglosses to my collection. However, I do plan on checking them out tomorrow and it is highly possible I will bring at least one home. Stay Tuned.

  4. You know, I went into this with my eye on the Coralista gloss, but now I’m leaning towards Dallas…I am just sad that I have to choose :( wah waaaaahhhh*sad trombone*

  5. I snatched up the Dallas powder and Ultra Plush gloss like I was stealing candy from a baby! Dallas was one of the few Benefit powders I didn’t have. It always looked kind of muddy to me. But I was happily wrong. It’s super pretty! Matte, a bit on the dark side so I have to go easy, but it’s a really realistic bronzer.

    But this review is about the Ultra Plush, and that’s what REALLY made me snatch the duo. Dallas gloss is so, so pretty! It’s the perfect nude pink. It’s ideal to pair with smokey eyes when you don’t want to do the super light nude, but you still want that mod look. No shimmer, just a flush of warm nude. Dallas was also the most pigmented out of the 3 of these.

    I’m not crazy about the fruity scent of these. And I much prefer a doe foot applicator for more precise application. So I’m going 4 stars. But I love the concept!

  6. Dallas is one I haven’t tried yet either but want to now because it looks great with the gloss! I have Coralista already but it’s a little light for me, but the gloss looks darker….may have to try that one too!

  7. The Dallas gloss looks the most promising to me, of the three, but they seem quite sheer. If @Stef is turned off by the fruity scent, I’m going to have to pass. I’m SUPER INCREDIBLY PICKY about fragrance in my beauty products. :(

  8. Coralista, the Benefit creation of my dreams! My lips lack much pigmentation so Coralista really has a chance to shine on me. It gives me just the right amount of color and shine for the office, shopping, and even the most casual of days. The feel is rather aptly described by the name, Ultra Plush, and I find it slightly moisturizing.
    I don’t mind the scent, in fact I find it rather pleasant. For more casual glosses such as this I also prefer the slant tip because it’s easier to slip into my pocket with the soft packaging and a piece of cake to slide on.
    If you haven’t tried Benefit’s Coralista yet, what are you waiting for?! 5 stars, easily.

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