Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss review

Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss review

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Revamped and Brand new!

Hi all, I’m Kelly from the nail polish blog Vampy Varnish. Normally you’ll find me reviewing the latest, greatest in nail products but here’s a little known fact; I like other makeup as much, if not more than nail polish! One of my favorite things is lip gloss. You could say I have a deep and serious love for it.

Benefit recently released some new lip glosses into their beauty arsenal called Ultra Shines ($18), and let me just say, woo hoo!

(top: Dancing Queen, Back to the Fuchsia, bottom: Spiked Punch, Foxy Lady, Wild Child)

The back-story: Not too long ago Benefit did a lip gloss overhaul and came out with eight new colors and a new formula. I was a bit bummed because they got rid of one of my favorite colors (Talk To My Agent), but I decided to give the new ones a try. Unfortunately, I was none too impressed. While the colors were decent, the texture wasn’t my favorite. It was thick and at all not-glossy, more of a lipstick consistency. They also noticeably dried my lips out.

I had all but given up on Benefit lip glosses until these new Ultra Shines came out. But I’m happy to say, I am super pleased with both the colors and texture this time around!

They come in five new colors that are bright, cheery and very spring-like. And they do actually live up to the “Ultra Shine” name. They are very glossy and have much more of a wet gloss look and feel about them. No more dryness either!

Another pleasant “side-effect” of these glosses is they have a nice, light fruity scent to them, which I like. They are not sticky in any way, shape or form, hooray!

But wait, there’s more! The old lip glosses come with a sponge style applicator, which isn’t my favorite. It’s a little long and floppy for my liking, which makes controlling the product a pain in the arse. But the new Ultra Shines have a small brush applicator instead, which makes applying them a lot easier.

The two colors I have tried are Wild Child (shown above), which is an opalescent amethyst and Spiked Punch, a light coral color.

As far as wear, I give them 4 stars. They do tend to fade on me within 2 hours or so, and also I noticed some “color slippage” with Wild Child on my lower lip, but it was minor. Overall I can say I am really happy with these and now I want all the other colors. I think Benefit redeemed themselves with this new collection, and I hope to see more colors added soon!

Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with all 5 Ultra Shines.

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13 thoughts on “Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Gloss review”

  1. So shiny. I want.

    I really love how ‘glossy’ the loook – I think a big juicy, shiny lip is PERFECT in the summer, you don’t need a whole lot of pigment to look fresh! Definitely on the list for my next trip to Sephora…

  2. So pretty!

    I was disappointed with the drying nature of Benefit glosses in the past, glad to hear that the formula has changed for the better! I think Spiked Punch and Foxy Lady have just been added to my Sephora wish list :)

  3. As a Coral-aholic, Spiked Punch called to me, and rather loudly! It’s a light, pink kissed coral with subtle micro shimmer. Best of all, it’s pretty opaque, I get a really good amount of color deposit with Ultra Shine. And then there’s the shine. Oh, are these shiny! The word slick comes to mind, the light reflects on it beautifully (just like it does in the @vampyvarnish swatch pic above).

    Wear time? I’d agree with the 2 hour estimate. Not super long, but it doesn’t disappear immediately either. Plus, I usually wear my gloss over a lip liner and that helps it stick around a bit more.

    Big thumbs up to the fragrance revamp. I couldn’t wear the first round of these, the fruit scent was too much for me. They seemed to have made it way more subdued and it fades quickly. And I’m a fan of the new brush too. I’m normally more of a doe foot applicator kind of girl, but there’s a new, dense and short brush showing up on the market that works really well. Ultra Shines have it and I approve!

    I can’t wait to see more shades…

    Oh, and I also can’t wait to hear about Foxy Lady, which had the coolest iridescent shimmer that changed from purple to blue to teal depending on how you looked at it; really unique for a pink gloss!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Run, don’t walk…MAC Marine life =-.

  4. I got “Back To The Fuschia” and it knocked my socks off!! This is the first Benefit product I’ve used and literally, everything about this lip gloss is killer!
    It’s total eye candy in the bottle and on the lips!

    It’s got a sleek design and I too am loving the brush applicator! The fuschia looks really bold but is actually sheer enough that it gave the perfect amount of color to my lips, kind of like I just ate a popsicle. And it’s soooo sparkly and shiny! It’s not just the wet look of the gloss, but the flecks of pink and gold glitter that really give it a kick.

    Like the others, I got about 2 hours of wear as well, which isn’t bad, and I totally dig the yummy fruit scent.

    I’m giving this a five because I’m kind of head over heels for this lip gloss. :)

  5. First all a big ol’ Welcome to Kelly from VampyVarnish! If you love polishes, she’s got one of the best blogs out there – tons of brands/colors/reviews and swatches for your viewing pleasure!

    Onto the updated Benefit Lip Glosses – love them! As @kari said the glass like tube, black twist cap and entire design is all eyecandy. And best of all, the gloss inside lives up to the packaging!

    I tested “Foxy Lady” – the one @Stef also had her eye one at distribution time. I am a low key makeup gal, so this was slightly out of my comfort zone at first glance – but the gloss is super wearable. Described as “diamond rose” it is a soft, warm pinky rose hue with a subtle and striking shimmer. The shimmer is the “diamond” part because it reflects the light and can cast some amazing sparkle that (like a diamond) works with the color it’s near to reflect prisms of light. It’s perfect for me – subtle color, medium shine with an occasional burst of “wow”. Five stars for the new and improved glosses!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..How To: DIY Guide – Chalkboard Paint Pots =-.

  6. @vampyvarnish, I share your deep and serious love for gloss, and I’m officially head over heels in love with Dancing Queen!

    This sheer, bright fuchsia has an iridescent blue undertone in the tube that just makes it look super shiny on my lips. It has just enough color for day without looking garish. And for night, it’s a whole new dramatic look when layered over liner and/or lipstick.

    I’m not a big fan of fruity scents, but I really only notice the scent when I’m applying it, then it disappears.

    Gorgeous packaging, too. I even love its little brush, which gives me the perfect dollop of gloss. Five stars for Benefit’s beautiful Dancing Queen!

  7. I tried out one of the previous revamps of this gloss and the smell gave me a headache–I’m going to have to check out this newest revamp because Back to the Fuschia is calling my name…

  8. This gloss is sooo much better than the thick, gloppy last edition. I tried Wild Child and it’s thin, not sticky, with just the perfect amount of pigment. I’m still not that crazy over the fruit-loopy scent, but it doesn’t hang around nor is it distracting.
    The color of Wild Child is destined to be a favorite of’s kind of grapey, in a subtle kind of way. I’m not sure when or how I thought purplish hues would look good on my lips, but I”m glad I’m the experimental type because I love it. Let it be said, though that this is a gloss first, color second: shimmery tint, I’d say. I’m giving this 4 stars (minus one for that still not-so-perfect scent).

  9. @vampyvarnish I am so happy to find you here. I have been a behind the scenes fan of your site for some time. It is awesome to hear your take on gloss. I have always been curious to try Benefit’s lip products. Your review tells me that they are worth a try. Hopefully I can find a sale one of these days.

  10. Lip gloss is my all-time favorite beauty item to collect. I’ve never tried benefit before, I guess I didn’t even realize they had gloss. The fact that they have a brush applicator is really amazing though, I HATE glosses that have that stupid doe-foot applicator. It just feels cheap to me, and it seems harder to get as much product on my lips.

  11. I think what I like about these is that they seem to be really wearable colors. I’ve noticed that a lot of time a company will come out with a line of glosses that have a lot of colors but most of them are VERY trendy and colors that most wouldn’t dare to wear. (And those are the colors that are usually left over, with all of the really great ones getting sold out! :-/)
    But Benefit seems to continually put out lip gloss and lipstick shades that I look at actually have a hard time choosing which to pick. I like having options and I’m definitly going to have to try these new glosses out!

  12. Thanks all for the comments! This is such a fabulous gloss I have already tried to hunt down another one – Dancing Queen – but the counter I was at didn’t have it yet! The hunt continues…

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