Benefit’s latest Sephora exclusive palettes have you looking your best!

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A look at the Go tropiCORAL, Sugarlicious and How To Look The Best At Everything kits

Go tropiCORAL, Sugarlicious and How To Look The Best At Everything kits photos: we heart this

Get ready to run to your nearest Sephora. Benefit Cosmeticsicon, the masters of creating some of the most sought after makeup kits and palettes, just released some new ones that you won’t want to miss! Up first, the limited edition How To Look The Best At Everythingicon kit ($30) crafted to teach you the basics in getting a flawless face.

How To Look The Best At Everything kit on a white background

Designed to look like an adorable, albeit hipper, replica of the classic book “How to be the Best at Everything,” this cute kit with its handy mirror and step-by-step picture instructions has everything I could want in a makeup kit.

Inside packaging of How To Look The Best At Everything kit

Available in three complexion ranges (Light, Medium and Deep), tucked inside this Medium hued kit were perfect travel sized versions of the POREfessional Pro balm, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow brightening makeup, the Boi-ing industrial strength concealer in two shades, and Hello Flawless custom powder cover up.

While I normally have fewer steps in my makeup routine, this kit does a great job of breaking down each step and making it incredibly easy to blend and highlight your way to glowing skin. Like any great kit, this one is versatile, allowing you to mix the various components to the proper match for your skin, and instructing you on how to use individual items if you don’t feel like going through the entire routine.

How To Look The Best At Everything kit SwatchesHello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Boi-ing 02 & 03

Each component of this kit is outstanding on its own. The POREfessional Pro Balm was very light and helped smooth out my skin and create a nice matte base. The Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup in “I’m so Money” Honey is very lightweight and blends easily. Just the tiniest bit went a long way without feeling cakey.

The Boi-ing concealer in 02 (light/medium) and 03 (medium) were a fantastic addition to this kit. Having the ability to personally mix the shade to cover dark circles and blemishes really helped achieve that flawless look. To finish it off the silky Hello Flawless powder in “I’m Cute as a Bunny” Honey sets the whole look. Whether you use all of the components, or just one or two, this kit gives you everything you need for a great complexion with a healthy glow. Better grab this one quickly – it’s only available through the month of August!

As if that wasn’t enough, Benefit released three stellar palettes that include some of their most popular products matched with their new Ultra Plush Lip Glosses.

Inside packaging of Sugarlicious kit on a white background

Take a gander at the Sugarlicious kiticon ($28), a gorgeous mix of pink shades that comes with the Benetint lip and cheek stain, High Beam luminizer and Sugarbomb face powder and lip gloss for a sexy natural look.

Inside packaging of Sugarlicious kit

Two high beam benefit tint with different shades

Sugarlicious kit swatchesHigh Beam, Benetint, Sugarlicious Blush & Ultra Plush gloss

I was the lucky tester of go tropiCORALicon, ($28) a sassy splash of warm corals. This palette, encased in a fun leopard print box, features a handy mirror and easy instructions to help you to maximize the potential of the deliciously mango tinted Chachatint lip and cheek stain, High Beam luminizer and the CORALista face powder and ultra plush lip gloss.

Inside packaging of Go tropiCORAL kit

Inside packaging of Go tropiCORAL kit

I was wary of how orange Chachatint looked but no wonder it is one of their top sellers – it’s long lasting and, used sparingly, gives a warm, day-at-the-beach, sun kissed flush. It looks great on the lips alone and in combination with the CORALista gloss really pushes the color and shine to the max! And the CORALista face powder is perfect for a touch of color to perk up your look.

Go tropiCORAL Kit swatchesHigh Beam, Chachatint, Coralista blush & Ultra Plush Gloss

The kit highlights for me were the CORALista Ultra plush lip gloss, for it’s slick and shiny formula with just a hint of color, and the High Beam Luminescent Complexion Enhancer, which really pushed the look from wow to WOW! Applied along the cheek bones, brow bone, and anywhere you want to draw the eye, it instantly illuminates the face with a dewy shimmer.

If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved these new makeup kits and found they were a great (re)introduction to the best of Benefit and a fabulous deal as well.

we heartsters – are you ready to let Benefit teach you a thing or two to have you looking your best? Meet me in the comments to talk Benefit!

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  1. Oooh boy, I sense a spending spree coming on… I can never resist Benefit’s palettes, and these look and sound fab, @kari ! And I love the book design of the How To Look The Best At Everything kit. So clever!

    1. Do it! You won’t regret buying these!

  2. I love how CUTE everything is, especially that “How to Look the Best at Everything” palette! And the Bo-oing concealer and Pore-fessional primer are fabulous… it almost makes me want to stray from my MAC foundation and just give the whole set a try! ;) I’ve tried a lot of Benefit products, and they’re quite good. If you’ve been itching to try out this brand, their palettes are a fantastic deal.

  3. I was super excited to test out the Sugarlicious set because, not only were the colors so pretty and feminine but, believe it or not, I’ve never tried the Benetint! This is a great set, the Sugarbomb blush and gloss give the perfect subtle pink glow that looks so natural, it’s perfect for the summer months. The lipgloss is just the right amount of pigment and gloss and I think anyone could wear this color, it’s really soft and subtle. I really liked the tint too, which gives you that slight flushed look and looked even better with the blush on top of it. The High Beam adds a very pretty glow to the cheekbones and it looks a lot more natural than some other highlighters I’ve tried…I will be using it again and again. All in all, this is a fun, flirty and gorgeous set of colors for a natural, easy glow. I was very impressed with the products, the packaging (so adorable), and the price! Five stars Benefit!

  4. These sets are simply adorable! I love how they are incorporating new products like Hello Flawless Foundation and the new lipglosses but also still going old school with High Beam and Benetint! I love both Coralista and Sugarbomb (yup, own them both) so these seem to both be great choices from them :)

  5. I love coral for summertime and so no doubt I’m in love with that go tropiCORAL kit. Coralista is one of my favorite summer shades, but I don’t have the face powder or lipgloss. Guess I know who will be going shopping soon. Great review @kari!

    1. Thanks @tiffany! The tropiCORAL kit is fantastic- you’ll love it! This whole kit gives such a fun burst of warm summer color!

  6. These really are great ways to try so many of Benefit’s great products! And I really appreciate the way they help you understand how to incorporate all of them together. Using these kits has helped me narrow down some key items that will become regular purchases for me because they were that good!

    Also, I love that you can keep the boxes as a place to store trinkets after the makeup is used up!

    Totally goes without saying that these get 5 stars!

  7. Wow, at $28 these palettes are quite the steal! I love coordinated palettes like these because it makes packing for summer travel so easy. Go TropiCoral is super cute, I love the leopard print packaging, but I think I need to splurge on Sugarlicious if for no other reason than I have yet to pounce on Sugarbomb! (Gasp, I know!)
    Great review @Kari ! I know what’s going on my list!

  8. I’m so thrilled with Sugarbomb both in the powder and gloss, these kits are perfect for trying out a coordinated range of Benefit’s latest inventions.

  9. There is something about the Benefit sets that always draws me in. These are a great value and a terrific way to try out product.

    These also make great gifts for makeup lovers!

  10. the go tropiCoral looks fabulous! I love that it could probably carry you into fall and would be great for next spring too! How did the foundation hold up? Did you do a wear test on them? I have read less than stellar reviews from other bloggers. I need to find a new brand when I finish up this bottle I’m using and I REALLY want to like Benefit’s because it has 2 of my favorite beauty words in it “flawless” & “oxygen” but I’m crazy picky and I hate spending money on makeup that’s less than stellar

    1. I was fairly impressed with the foundation. It’s REALLY light compared to other brands, but I liked that it was so thin. And I tend to veer towards very sheer when I use foundation anyway. In combination with the powder I think it held up very well. Especially considering I’ve worn it on 90+ degree days when everything melts off your face. I mean, eventually the sweat wins, but I thought this did a great job of holding up to extreme weather and really felt like I only needed to touch up once in a while with the powder.

  11. Great post, @kari !
    I have been coveting these for a couple weeks–especially the coral one. There’s also one with Dandelion in it that wants to be mine.
    This would be a great way for someone to try some new products or to just better organize the ones they already have into one nifty little box.
    I’m just sad that Sephora isn’t offering this as a trio anymore–they had it available as a trio for like, 5 minutes as a special a couple weeks ago on a Friday–the Sugarbomb, Coralista, and Dandelion boxes for $50 total. It pains me I didn’t get them then :( ‘Cause I want ’em all…

  12. These kits look amazing! Benefit always knows how to put great products together at decent prices. The only trouble is that I don’t know which I would get. I want them all!!

  13. I am going to need to pick one of these packs up! The packaging alone is gorgeous. I have the High Beam luminizer and love what it does–adds a perfectly subtle, light-catching glow!

  14. These kits are so fabulous! I love the shades of Sugarlicious. Shades of brown is what I am using too.

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