10 Top Ring Lights for Makeup That Are Worth the Investment

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Want to know one of the secrets behind gorgeous makeup and stunning photos of your makeup look? Good natural lighting.

Pesky shadows caused by bad or wrong lighting can sabotage makeup application

To the untrained eye, light eyeshadow colors might turn warmer or darker under bad lighting. 

Believe it or not, even the top makeup artists agree that one of the vital elements in applying makeup is ensuring you have a good amount of light to see the products!

But what if there isn’t enough natural light? 

A ring light is surely your next best bet.

a make up artist applying eye make up to her client with the best ring light for make up for the best lighting

Several innovations have been made in the last decade to improvise. Thanks to science, we now have an effective artificial light source via ring lights.

Thinking about upgrading your makeup game by investing in the top ring light for makeup? You’ve certainly come to the right place!

Scroll down to see the top ring lights for makeup and learn why they are worth your money.

UBeesize Mini LED Camera Ring Light
Best Overall
  • Dimmable light
  • Durable
  • With bluetooth remote that helps capture photos and videos from 30 feet away
Budget Pick
  • Dimmable light
  • Comes with 2 mini tripods
  • USB-powered
Inkeltech 18
Premium Pick
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Has LCD screen showing brightness temperatures and battery percentage
  • Can be battery-powered

What to Consider in Buying the Top Makeup Ring Light?

The ring light, or often described as a glamour or beauty light, is a circular or hoola hoop light made from either a single fluorescent or connected light emitting diodes (LED) that evenly cast light onto the subject.

Best of all, it is optimized to mimic the sun’s natural lighting. 

Since it diffuses light evenly, it reduces the shadows around your face.

This tool is not only great for taking videos and glamor shots; it also effectively helps you create a dashing, flawless makeup look. 

Before you head to your favorite appliance shop, allow us to give you some tips to guide you in choosing the top ring light for makeup application.

LED vs Fluorescent

Unsure whether you should be purchasing a ring light with fluorescent tubing or LED lights? Here’s a quick table to compare the two:

LightingMostly focused, directional lightingMostly wider lighting distribution
Power consumptionUses between 6 to 40 watts of energyUses between 11 to 42 watts of energy
LifespanCan last 60,000 hours Can last 10,000 hours
SafetyDoesn’t have harmful chemicalsMay have mercury content

Adjustable Light Power and Color Tones

We recommend getting ring light products with adjustable brightness and color temperature. 

Too much illumination may be too jarring and may remove shadows necessary to highlight small details on the face. So it’s best to find a ring light that has a controller of brightness level between 0 to 100%.

Mid-range or higher-priced ring light products can incorporate at least three color temperatures such as natural, cool, and warm light tones. 

If you bought a ring light with three or more light tones, we suggest you avoid yellow, rose, and fluorescent lights to achieve perfect makeup results. 

Charging Options

There are makeup ring lights that are battery-operated, rechargeable, or dependent on a power source. More expensive ones can be fast-chargeable too!

Charging options are especially important for makeup artists who are always on the go. Knowing a ring light’s charging flexibility helps you choose the top makeup ring light for your needs. 

Correct Size and Type

Makeup ring lights are available in different sizes ranging from 2 to 18 inches.

Some can be attached to your phone, or placed on your desk table, while others’ tripod stands can be readjusted depending on your height.

a young woman applying contour on her cheeks with the best ring light for make up is turned on

Portability and Convenience

Whether it’s for a permanent or a mobile setup, there are fantastic makeup ring lights to choose from in today’s market!

Most affordable LED ring lights are well-made even though they’re lightweight. In fact, some brands offer ring light products that are travel-friendly and easy to carry around.

There are shops that also offer freebies with the product; like bags that can be used to store the ring light. 

10 Top Ring Lights for Makeup

We are not surprised about the growing popularity of ring lights, especially for makeup enthusiasts like you.

But despite that, we understand why some of you take time on pondering whether or not owning a certain ring light is worth your money. 

We’re here to help you decide by sharing with you the 10 top ring lights for makeup. Read on and find the best one for you!

UBeesize Mini LED Camera Ring Light

This 8-inch beauty ring light is ideal for all starters who want to own a ring light without breaking the bank.

Key Benefits: Dimmable ring light; durable, easy to install and carry


  • Has three light variations and eleven brightness levels
  • Made with premium quality aluminum
  • With Bluetooth remote that helps capture photos and videos from 30 feet away

With its high-quality LED lights, achieving that coveted flawless look is now within your reach!

No need to search far and wide for the top ring light with stand for makeup because we’ve discovered it for you!

For an affordable price, this ring light can do multiple functions that make it super worth the purchase. 

The bonus part? It comes with a quick fix-and-flip lock tripod that can be easily converted into a selfie stick! Plus, a Bluetooth remote!

Although it’s smaller and cannot support heavy cameras, the light it illuminates is enough to create an incredible makeup look. 

Erligpowht 10

Looking for a multifunctional makeup lighting ring? We’ve found one that’s easy on your wallet!

Key Benefits: Perfectly illuminates makeup in dim areas; easy to assemble; can take great selfies, group photos, and videos


  • Offers three light variations and ten brightness levels
  • Foldable as a table tripod and selfie stick
  • Powered by any device with a USB port

This product offers various selection of colors for different occasions, which helps you find the right light to complement your color palette.

You’ll surely be able to create an incredible makeup look with the help of Erligpowht 10 inches Ring Light!

It takes roughly two minutes to set up and disassemble, making it great for beginners.

This ring light is equipped with a lock catch tripod stand that’s extendable from 17.5 inches to 63 inches and a mobile phone holder that’s suitable for most smartphones.

You can also easily control the smartphone camera when taking selfies and group photos because this ring light comes with a Bluetooth remote too.

Inkeltech 18

If you want to invest big in your first ring light purchase, we definitely support you! 

Key Benefits: Smooth change of color and brightness levels; lightweight and portable; can charge smartphones via the back of the ring light


  • Has LCD screen showing brightness and color temperatures and battery percentage
  • Can be battery-powered
  • Adjustable color temperature and brightness via remote and knobs

With its outstanding features, we get why it’s a little bit costly than the rest.

If you are in the business of transforming women’s looks through the magic of makeup, we recommend buying one of the top ring lights for makeup artists.

This product has 480 LED beads, which can offer you more light suitable for makeup application. 

It also comes with a rotating phone holder and a wireless controller for smartphone selfies and videos.

Once you purchase this product, you will receive a durable travel bag that you can use to store the ring light.

Definitely perfect for traveling and an outdoor setup!

Yesker 18

We’ve found another premium pick that’s worth the money!

Key Benefits: Dimmable light; eliminates stark shadows; long-lasting


  • Has a dimming range from 10% to 100%
  • Cooling function
  • Has a retractable tripod

Demanding a slightly bigger investment, this ring light can help you apply makeup products without fear of committing mistakes.

This product has 2,835 LED beads that can widely produce light ideal for live streaming, photography, and even advertisement shoots.

It has a rotating phone holder that allows you to rotate your phone horizontally or vertically.

Expect no wobbling when used because its tripod is made from aluminum alloy. Depending on your height, the tripod be adjusted from 31.5 inches to 73 inches.

Sensyne 10'' Ring Light

This is one of the many popular products available now in the market.

Key Benefits: Dimmable light; brighter than most USB-powered ring lights; easy to set up


  • Has three color variations and ten brightness levels
  • With a pocket-sized Bluetooth remote
  • No app download necessary for capturing photos and videos

Because of its affordable price tag, it’s no wonder why this product is a best seller!

This USB-powered ring light promises brighter illumination than the rest of the same type. 

This could be the reason why it has gained so much attention!

Apart from that, it comes with an easily retractable tripod extending from 15.7 inches to 50 inches. Its height can be customized to stand on a tabletop or on the floor to fit your height.

Aptoyu 8

If you have just heard about ring lights and want to own one without spending much money, we highly recommend this for you!

Key Benefits: Dimmable LED lights; energy efficient; easy to set up


  • Has three light modes and ten brightness levels
  • With a cellphone holder that’s compatible with most smartphones
  • USB-powered

This is one of the best products we recommend under the affordable ring lighting for makeup category.

We totally understand if you don’t want to spend much on your first ring light purchase. After all, you still need to see how it can best address your needs.

However, despite its budget-friendly price, this one can do what most ring lights can! 

The best part about this purchase is that it uses very little electricity and still casts a bright light.

Also, you don’t need to worry about getting burned or having your skin damaged by its light because it gives a soft yet brilliant illumination. 


For those looking for ring lights intended for non-professional use, this product is a great buy.

Key Benefits: Dimmable light; easy to use; easy to assemble


  • Comes with 2 mini tripods
  • Has three light modes and eleven brightness levels
  • USB-powered

Get that extra source of light without spending a fortune!

If you’re looking for a ring light that you want to use while applying your everyday makeup look, we totally recommend the MACTREM LED Ring Light!

This ring light comes with a mini tripod that you can easily place on your vanity for that added illumination. 

Also, a great addition to this purchase is that it provides an extra mini tripod that can be used to hold your phone or as a selfie stick.


Not all affordable ring lights have a sturdy tripod that can hold DSLR cameras. Good thing this product can!

Key Benefits: Dimmable light; easy to use; lightweight


  • Has a removable selfie stick
  • Has three light tones and ten brightness levels
  • With a hot shoe mount compatible with DSLR cameras

Another great ring light for makeup with an affordable price tag.

Another feature that makes this product great is that it is easily customizable. Its tripod stand can extend from 14.5 inches to 66.9 inches.

This ring light is also made of 120 bulbs, which can definitely provide enough illumination when applying makeup or taking photos.

Last but not the least, it comes with a phone clip that is compatible with most smartphones with or without case protection. 

Meifigno Selfie Ring Light

This product is great for people who are always on the go!

Key Benefits:  Portable; dimmable light; energy efficient


  • USB-powered
  • Has three light modes
  • Pocket-sized

If you’re looking for a ring light that is easy to carry around without taking too much space in your bag, this one is an incredible find!

Are you the traveling type? Get the Meifigno Selfie Ring Light for added illumination! 

May it be for makeup application or online meetups, this product is a great buy because it can fit in your bag’s pockets, allowing you to bring it with you whenever, wherever. 

Just clip this effortlessly on your phone, laptop, or any device to get enough light, and record quality pictures and videos of your life’s greatest milestones with the top lighting.

XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light

Whether you’re off to school or work, this selfie ring light can give you enough light anytime you need it.

Key Benefits: Portable, easy to use; multi-functional


  • USB-powered
  • Has 3 light brightness modes
  • Pocket-sized

This one is pretty simple and economical too! 

Despite its tiny size, this selfie ring light can illuminate evenly, which is very helpful if you need added illumination when applying makeup or taking photos and videos.

The ring light’s clip is made from silicon gel designed to prevent scratches when mounted on the phone and other devices. 

If you think this is the product you’re looking for, snatch one now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ring Lights Good for Putting On Makeup?

Ring lights are very helpful for putting on makeup as they provide evenly diffused light that can reduce pesky shadows and create a more flattering appearance. 

Additionally, ring lights can be adjusted to different intensities, so you can customize the amount of light that you need for your particular makeup routine.

What Size of Ring Light is Best for Makeup?

There are many different sizes of ring lights available on the market, but which size is really the best for makeup?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as the amount of space you have available, the size of your mirror, and your personal preference.

If you have a large mirror and plenty of space, a larger ring light may be a good option for you. However, a smaller ring light may be a better choice if you have limited space or a smaller mirror.

Ultimately, the best size of ring lights for makeup is the one that you feel most comfortable working with. So try a few different sizes and see which works best for you.

Can You Leave a Ring Light On Overnight?

Although LED lights are designed to be energy-efficient, we honestly think it’s still not a good idea to leave them on overnight.

This is because LED lights can generate a lot of heat, which can damage the sensitive electronics inside the equipment. Thus, leaving a ring light on overnight can be a fire hazard.

If you want to use a ring light for long periods of time, it’s best to invest in one that has an adjustable dimmer. 

This way, you can reduce the amount of heat generated by the light and also prolong its lifespan.

a small ring light in a stand with 3 buckets full of brushes and black hanging circled mirror in a frame

Are Ring Lights Really Worth the Investment?

Ring lights are becoming increasingly popular as a means of providing even, consistent lighting for makeup application. 

They provide excellent, evenly diffused light that can be very helpful when trying to apply makeup. 

Additionally, most ring lights come with adjustable settings, so you can control the light output to match your specific needs. 

That said, ring lights are not necessary for everyone. 

If you already have good lighting in your bathroom or vanity area and are confident in your makeup application skills, you may not need a ring light. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of a ring light outweigh the cost.

But if you think they are worth the investment, all that’s left to do is read our buying guide and choose from our list of the top ring lights for makeup!

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