8 Top Tan Accelerator Lotions For Bronze Skin

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If you want to get bronzed skin faster, then you’ll love these tan accelerator lotions. They’re a popular choice for people who are looking to dress up for a summer tan look.

Whether you’re going to the beach or preparing for a special event, these tan accelerator lotions can help get that golden bronzed skin.

Getting a good tan doesn’t have to take too long. You can speed things up by putting on accelerating tanning lotion.

Are you looking for an accelerator tan lotion that suits you?

In this post, I’m going to share some of the top products available today. This article can help you pick the right accelerator lotion for tanning that fits your needs.

8 Best Tan Accelerator Lotions For Bronze Skin

Picking the right tan accelerator lotion can be challenging.

There are a lot of these products on the market today. While it’s good to have a lot of choices available, there’s just too many to filter through and make a good choice.

Some tan accelerator lotions just don’t live up to the promise; others, just all hype and plain ineffective.

But fret not. I’ve put together a list of the top tan accelerator lotions that can give you the golden bronzed look that you want.

Looking for the top tan accelerator reviews?

In addition to listing the top reputable tan accelerator lotions available today, I’ll also provide a review of each product as well as a buying guide to help you make your decision.

So if you want a sun-kissed glow fast and easy, speed it up with these tanning accelerator lotions.

Tan accelerator lotions for fair skin?

Do you have fair skin?

Then what you need in a tan enhancer lotion is a bronzer; this can give instant pigmentation, resulting in a golden bronzed look for your skin.

Just a quick remember before going for a tan. Fair skin can get easily burnt. So take it slow at first and gradually increase your exposure.

Check out the top tan intensifiers for people with fair skin.

1. Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion

Millennium Tanning Products: Dark Tanning Lotion, 100x, 13.5 Fl Oz
  • Easy to Use - Rub the tanning lotion evenly & step into a tanning bed to have that beautiful glow!
  • Quick Results - Show-off your already tanned skin 1 hour after application of this bronzing lotion!
  • Long-lasting Color - Flaunt your skin for weeks when you use Millennium 100X indoor tanning lotion.

Why wait longer to see the tanning results?

With this product, your desired results can become evident within just a shorter period.

Introducing Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion.

Wondering what to expect from this wonderful tan accelerator product?

Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion features an ultra-advanced 100X silicone bronzer. It smells great and it works even better.

With its auto-darkening tan technology, this awesome product can give you that gorgeous tan without having to wait for a long time.

This wonderful tan accelerator lotion features a subtle orchid scent. It’s fragrant, unlike most products that give off a strong, noxious smell of chemicals.

What’s more, Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion is non-greasy. You won’t feel gloopy after stepping out of your tanning session.

You’ll be happy to know Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion contains natural main ingredients like pecan seed oil, banana fruit extract, and sunflower seed oil. It also features cannabis Sativa seed oil.

For a fast tan with great results, check out Millennium Tanning Products Dark Tanning Lotion.

2. Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion

Picture Perfect, Facial Tanning Lotion, 3.6 Ounce
  • BB bronzing balm utilizes brown seaweed to promote dark results in combination with a cosmetic bronzer for instant color that washes away with water
  • IPF defense complex helps to protect against oxidation and damage to skin's delicate DNA
  • Pore minimizing blend helps renew and regenerate skin cells to soften skin and reduce pore size

Looking for a great tan accelerator lotion that works best for your face?

Then you’ll love Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion.

This product is designed for the face and specially formulated for people with sensitive skin.

Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion has a gentle formula. With its brown seaweed ingredient, this tan accelerator lotion can create a darker skin tone fast.

It also has an IPF defense complex. What this means is that this accelerator tan lotion prevents oxidation and skin damage that may result from your tanning session.

And did you know it can also minimize your pores?

Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion contains components that can regenerate and renew your skin cells and soften your skin.

What’s more, this product doesn’t contain parabens or DHA. It’s also fragrance-free.

If you’re looking to achieve a beautiful darker skin tone, here’s a wonderful product that’s right for sensitive skin.

Check out Designer Skin Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion.

3. New Sunshine Bronzer from Swedish Beauty

New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer, Shea You Want Me, 8.5 Ounce
  • Instant Bronzers - Unique blend of natural Henna and Black Walnut instantly enhance your color, for immediate and lasting results.
  • A-OShea Moisturizing Complex - Apple, Oatmeal and Shea Butter intensely moisturize, helping skin feel and look softer.
  • Cocoa Butter - Excellent moisturizer that targets dry skin to help nourish, heal and protect!

Do you want immediate results that last long?

With its powerful, unique blend, you can see instant results fast. For quick and long-lasting tan, check out New Sunshine Bronzer from Swedish Beauty.

Wondering what to expect from this accelerating tanning lotion?

New Sunshine Bronzer contains a unique natural blend of apple, oatmeal, and shea butter, which can moisturize your skin, giving it a softer and smoother look and feel.

This amazing lotion also contains natural henna and black walnut, which can enhance the golden bronzed color for your skin.

And for added nourishment, cocoa butter provides an extra moisturizing effect. It’s an excellent ingredient that targets dry spots on your skin and helps heal and nourish them.

Do you want to enjoy a really dark tan and a beautiful sun-kissed look?

Get instant results that last long with New Sunshine Bronzer. It’s also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, which is great if you have sensitive skin.

Tan accelerators with UV protection?

The harmful UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin if you’re not careful.

What better way to protect yourself from skin-related problems than with sunscreen.

If you’re looking for accelerating tanning lotion, it’s a good idea to make sure your pick offers sun protection.

4. Maui Babe Reef Safe with SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

Maui Babe Reef Safe SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion 8 oz
  • SIZE: Easy-Open 8 ounce bottle
  • DESCRIPTION: Protective Reef Safe SPF 30 Sunscreen/Sunblock Lotion
  • USE: Protects you from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburns

Looking for a water-resistant tanning lotion that gives you sun protection?

You’ll love Maui Babe Reef Safe with SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion.

It’s a great choice when you’re planning to go tanning outside.

Maui Babe Reef Safe with SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion offers a shield that protects you from the harmful UV rays. It’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes too; it’s perfect for your next trip to the beach.

However, this product contains potentially harmful ingredients. So you might want to check them out first before using this tan accelerator lotion.

5. Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15

Sun Bum Original SPF 15 Sunscreen Lotion | Vegan and Reef Friendly (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free)...
  • ORIGINAL SPF 15 SUNSCREEN LOTION . This is the stuff we use every day. It’s the formula that started it all. People say it smells like summer. We like that. Whether...
  • MOISTURIZING SUN PROTECTION. Dermatologist and Sonny approved, this non-comedogenic sunscreen delivers UVA/UVB protection and is packed with Vitamin E. Our oil-free,...
  • HOW TO USE. 15 minutes before sun exposure, apply liberally to all areas of the skin and avoid the eye area. For best results, reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or...

Here’s another great tan accelerator lotion that offers sun protection. Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes and perfect for outdoor tanning.

Check out Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 15.

If you’re looking for everyday sun protection for your sensitive skin, you’ll love this product.

Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion is hypoallergenic and specially formulated for sensitive skin.

It’s made of reef-friendly ingredients that shield you from UVA rays. This vegan-friendly option also helps prevent premature aging while moisturizing your skin.

Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion is free from potentially harmful chemicals like Octinoxate and Oxybenzone. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and doesn’t contain gluten or parabens.

You’ll be happy to know Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion is also tested, approved, and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

6. Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen Tanning Lotion

Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen, Tanning Lotion, 3.12 oz
  • SUNTAN LOTION: Bain de Soleil is an excellent suntan lotion that gives you that glowing tan look leaving your skin soft and moisturized.
  • SUNSCREEN: Not just any ordinary tanning lotion but Bain de Soleil is an excellent sunscreen in protecting your skin form getting burn under the heat of the sun but still...
  • FRAGRANT: Everybody just loves the smell of Bain de Soleil. It leaves a tropical fragrance in your skin making you thing of summer! Smell great and have that nicely...

Are you looking for a sun tan lotion with tan accelerator?

Check out this dermatologist-tested tan accelerator lotion that gives you a glowing tan while protecting you from the harmful UV rays.

Introducing Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen Tanning Lotion.

It’s not just an ordinary tan enhancer lotion; it’s also an excellent sunscreen protector that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.

Wondering what to expect from this amazing lotion?

Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen Tanning Lotion can give you a golden bronzed look while protecting your skin from sun damage.

It also leaves a tropical fragrance, which smells really great. And it’s not greasy too, so it won’t make you look like you’re drenched in oil.

Because it’s tested and approved by dermatologists, you know it’s safe and effective.

Give Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen Tanning Lotion a try.

Tan accelerator lotions for sunbeds.

Planning to tan indoors?

Pick the right accelerating tanning lotion that won’t damage your sunbed.

Here are some of the top products to try out.

7. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Mineral Oil Free, DHA Free...
  • Ultra-Darkening Skin Hydrating Intensifier: Contains coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter to improve skin hydration. Delivers a dark golden tan without the use of...
  • Tattoo Fade Protecting Formula: Helps prolong the life and radiance of your tattoos and tanning results.
  • Quad Tyrosine Blend & Melano Bronze: Stimulates and increases melanin formation to accelerate the tanning process.

Defy aging and achieve a glowing tan that leaves your skin moisturized and healthy-looking.

Check out Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion from Ed Hardy.

This subbed tan accelerator lotion speeds up the melanin production, making your skin look darker fast. It also contains unique ingredients that make your skin firmer and younger-looking.

Get the right blend of tan accelerator and anti-aging in your lotion.

You’ll love this wonderful tanning lotion.

8. Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 8.5 Fluid Ounce
  • Fierce Colors Complex: Fusion of strong natural bronzers and DHA with Erythrulose, provide streak-free, uniform dark instant and deep, delayed color
  • Perfection Finish Primer: Fills in imperfections and evens skin tone for perfect bronzed hue
  • Wild Berry Blend: Combination of exotic berries, Lilly Pilly and Muntries, nourish, rejuvenate and protect for smooth, hydrated skin

Want to achieve a deep tan?

Get the perfect finish with Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion.

It’s great at filling in the imperfections to give you an even skin tone with a beautiful bronzed tan.

Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion contains a unique blend of berries, oils, and vitamins that rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

Get the golden bronzed look that you want with Australian Gold On the Prowl Advanced Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion.

What does a tan accelerator lotion do?

But before we go to our list of top tan accelerators, let’s take a look at what this lotion is and its effects on your skin.

Did you know tan accelerator lotions contain ingredients that stimulate our body’s production of melanin?

As you know, melanin is the natural pigment that creates the color for our skin. The more melanin is produced, the darker the skin tone becomes.

This is where the tan accelerator lotion operates. It triggers the production of melanin so your skin will naturally reveal a darker tone without streaks.

You’ll be happy to know most of the top tan accelerator products available today have anti-aging benefits. So you’re not just getting a golden bronzed tone, you also get firmer, youthful skin.

Ingredients in tan accelerator lotion

To ensure that you get the best results from your tan accelerator lotion, check if the product has these ingredients.

Here are some of the important components to look for in your tanning accelerator.

If you’re looking to moisturize your skin, you’ll need to have aloe vera in your tan accelerator lotion. Aloe vera cools down and hydrates your skin, giving it a nourished, healthy look.

Like aloe vera, coconut also offers a moisturizing effect on your skin. So make sure you also have this ingredient in your tan enhancer lotion.

As an added moisturizing ingredient, check for cocoa butter. Extracted from cocoa beans, this component can nourish your skin after a good tanning session.

Did you know carrot is also great for your skin?

With carrot oil and extracts, you get a good shield from UV exposure. These components can strengthen your skin and protect it from damage.

Vitamin E is good for your skin. If you’re looking for a wonderful source for this nutrient, you can get it from olive oil. Vitamin E is crucial in preventing damage to your skin after it is exposed to UV rays.

If you want a subtle scent to your tanning accelerator lotion, check for almond oil. It’s gentle and it smells great on your skin.

Lastly, see if your pick contains green tea extract. If you’re tanning outdoors, you’ll definitely find this ingredient very useful. Green tea extract can lower the possibility of getting a sunburn.

Check out these tips when using accelerating tanning lotion.

Do you want to maximize the effectiveness of your selected tan accelerator lotion?

Here are tips and tricks to consider when using your choice of tan accelerator lotion.

This tip applies to all skincare products. Before using your tan accelerator lotion, you should make sure it’s OK to use on your skin. So you should test it out first on a small area before applying it all throughout.

So if it triggers any irritation on your skin, at least you only applied it on a tiny portion of your body. When the irritation happens, you’ll know it’s not a good fit for you. Look for another product.

Want to improve your skin health?

You should consider taking vitamin supplements. Vitamins C, D, and E offer great benefits for your skin. You might also want to check out copper supplements since they are known for enhancing the tanning results.

Did you know the top tan accelerators have SPF?

You might want to think about sun protection even when you’re out in the sun for a tan. So look for SPF in a tan accelerator lotion to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Finally, whether you’re tanning outdoors or indoors, it’s best to be safe and start slowly. Begin with shorter periods of exposure to the sun or sunbed. Prolonged exposure may lead to skin irritation, which can do more harm than good.

What is your favorite tan accelerator lotion?

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