Bio Supplements Hair Care – Ultra Straight and High Gloss System review

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We’ve got a look at Brazil’s most popular hair care brand

Bio Supplements Hair Care - Ultra Straight and High Gloss Systemphotos: we heart this

When it comes to hair, we always want what we naturally can’t have. For instance, straight haired girls tend to wish for some curls and vice versa. Me? I’m not too picky. I just want to maintain hair that looks and feels healthy – something that isn’t always easy to do. However, with products containing the right ingredients, it’s a step in the right direction!

The review team had a chance to put their locks to the test and try out a hair care brand, Bio Supplements that I just knew I was going to be excited to try. This hair care collection comes from a line of Brazilian beauty products under the umbrella of Brazilian Supplements, Inc.

The company was jumpstarted by Maria Bonita, a NYC salon owner who shares her Brazilian beauty knowledge with the rest of the world in the form of luxurious hair products. It seems as if Brazilian ladies have undeniably desirable hair, so you could imagine my glee when I received these for testing.

Ultra Straight and High Gloss

Two lines were tried out by the team: Ultra Straight and High Gloss. Both of these lines contain a shampoo ($18), a conditioner ($20) and a hair masque ($26) that are sold individually – or you can buy the entire set for a discounted price of $60.

The blue bottled Ultra Straight line promises smooth and shiny hair by using a protein mix of silk and rice that “adheres to the surface of your hair to align each strand and bring your hair under control”. Additionally, each product in this collection contain essential vitamins that help keep hair soft and silky.

shampoo and conditioner of the High Gloss

I had the opportunity to try out the shampoo and conditioner of the High Gloss line, whose bottles are a fun shade of pink to perk up my shower time! This line is made for those who have dull hair. My hair is straight, long and not colored – it’s not totally dull but believe me, it could surely use a pick-me-up!

The first thing I noted with the High Gloss line is that their products are chock full of essential vitamins, like which is an automatic must-try for me. But that’s not all! Here’s the best part: the whole Bio Supplements line is salt-free, paraben-free and they don’t test on animals!

I first tried the High Gloss Shampoo ($18), which is a special formula of keratin, pearl proteins and essential vitamins to keep your hair healthy, shiny and stronger. It has a very deliciously pleasing berry-like scent so if you’re into sweet fruity smells then you will love this! The bottles have flip caps which I found to be easy to use and fumble free while in the shower.

Close up image of BIO Supplements High Gloss Hair Masque

When I used the shampoo, I noticed that I did need to use more shampoo than usual. The consistency isn’t overly watery but it’s not very thick and sudsy either. If you have super long hair like mine you might end up using a lot of product like I do. For the price, that might be a drawback to some.

The High Gloss Conditioner ($20) worked well with the shampoo and washed out with ease. Overall, when I used the duo together, I was left with incredibly soft and shiny hair – not too soft and unmanageable, but just right!

I have been using the shampoo everyday and introduce the conditioner into my routine once or twice a week. My hair never felt greasy after using these products and I appreciate that they are packed with ingredients to help my hair stay strong.

Inside product of High Gloss Masque

For even more silky softness, you could add the High Gloss Masque ($26) to your weekly routine. This thick mask with a cool pudding like consistency can work wonders calming the frizzies and adding smooth shine to your hair in just 15 minutes. Stef has been using this masque on her dry, processed hair and is loving the results. Make sure to check the comments for here thoughts, and that of our team on the Bio Supplements products.

we heartsters – Has your hair had a chance to experience the Brazilian secret to beautiful hair and the Bio Supplementscollections? Share your thoughts!

Disclosure: This review includes products that were provided by the manufacturer/PR firm for our consideration. For more info, or any questions, please see our disclosure policy.


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  1. I love the packaging and how the product look…I feel though their a bit overpriced since you can find cheaper products that do the same thing.

  2. I got to try the Ultra Straight hair masque and it is LOVELY. The name might indicate to some that it is for straight hair only (or to straighten hair) but as a curly girl, I can tell you that that’s not the case. The label says it is for “coarse or frizzy hair,” which is definitely me. :-)
    The hair masque was perfect for a once-a-week treatment. It’s still winter-ish in Texas so I’m not having humidity issues, but I am in SERIOUS need of a haircut and just some overall lovin’ for my poor hair. Using the hair masque, my hair felt softer and just healthier. I comb my conditioner through to saturate every bit and the more I use the masque, the easier it is to comb through! Also, the tub is HUGE. Seriously, this will last you MONTHS if you have short to medium hair.

    I definitely recommend this; a nice hair masque is great TLC for my abused strands, and this fits the bill perfectly! 5 big shining stars from me!

  3. @lyssachelle – I love that the product works on your curly locks! At first glance, I too almost thought that the product was for straight hair gals!

    I’d like to also mention that I just completely finished up the shampoo of this stuff! It was put into rotation with other shampoos to sort of “preserve” its life in my shower. Alas, it is gone and I miss its yummy berry scent quite a bit! :) I don’t know if I will be repurchasing it again anytime soon because it did not do anything miraculous to my hair. At the same time, it didn’t do anything terrible to it either (always a good thing). 4 stars from me!

  4. This line sounds fabulous! I must admit that every Brazilian that I have ever met has gorgeous hair!! So I must give this a try. I am also really glad that it works for curly hair.

  5. I received Bio Supplements shampoo and conditioner in Ultra Straight, and I’m really enjoying it! As @lyssachelle said, just because it says “Ultra Straight” doesn’t mean it’s only for straight hair!
    At first I was only using it on the days that I wanted to straighten my hair. I noticed that the frizz stayed at bay for longer, and it was easier to get my hair really straight. It’s not perfect- I still needed to apply a little more product in the late afternoon, but I always need to do that. In the name of science (Science!) I started to use it on “normal” days as well. It definitely relaxes my curls, giving me a more “beach-y waves” look than my usual tight to spiral curls. And I find it really helps with the frizz! After a Bikram class (that’s yoga in a super hot, super humid room, btw) my frizz was noticeably less.
    Overall I give Bio Supplements 4 stars. It works well, but the price is just a little too much. If I had “ZOMG AMAZING!” results then yes, sure! But as it is? 4 Stars.

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