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BleachBlack Dickweed Nail Polishphotos: we heart this

I’ve never claimed to be hip, and my personal style resides nowhere near the vicinity of cutting edge. But there’s one way, and one way only, that I can manage to achieve up-to-the-minute, on-trend looks in my life: nail polish. I don’t care if you’re rocking mom-jeans, jorts, or any other fashion faux-pas (wait, are jorts in again??), you can always keep your nail color current and fashionable even if everything else in your life is…well…a little on the safe side.

Enter BleachBlack. Have you heard of this online “Conversational Fashion Diary”? It’s OK if you’re late the party, because I was too. Founded by Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen, two painfully stylish friends, former colleagues and fashion industry veterans, BleachBlack’s goal is to spotlight “iconic style muses, musical prodigies, DIY catastrophes / strokes-of-genius, and rarefied hot shit that the girls adore”. Sounds awesome, right? And it is.

BleachBlack is a cornucopia of fashion and it’s where I go to feel more knowledgeable about current trends and keep abreast of what’s happening NOW. I may not rush out and try to capture the looks I see on BleachBlack, but this site makes me feel like I’m keeping at least a finger in the pool of relevancy and it helps keeps me from feeling like I will soon hear, “Nevermind, you don’t get it” when I try to carry on a conversation with a 20-year-old.

So you can only imagine how elated I was to discover that the girls from BleachBlack, known for their uber-chic style and sense of fashion, recently created an eponymous nail polish line. Regardless of our own personal fashion sense, it’s now possible for all of us to easily and with little risk, achieve a little bit of “cool” for ourselves. And we don’t have to spend gobs of time, effort or money to get it.

For their first foray into the increasingly relevant and stylish world of nail color, the girls at BleachBlack had a mission. They wanted to create a color that was “a striking hybrid of Japanese Beetle Green and Malachite Stones with a hint of Metallic Shine.” That’s a tall order for their first attempt at bat, but after numerous trials and errors, they managed to nail it.

The wht team received the infamous BleachBlack nail polish for review, otherwise known as Dickweed (would you expect a more conventional name from these two?), and I have to say that they truly knocked it out of the park. Dickweed exquisitely blends the duo-chrome green of the Japanese Beetle with the deep, rich hue of Malachite to produce a color that is not only painfully beautiful to look at, but mysterious as well.

In the photos above, I tried to capture the chameleon-like quality of this polish. In certain lights, it appears to be more on the teal side of the spectrum (left photo – fluorescent lighting and sunlight, no flash), while in other lights (right photo – with flash) it veers into almost a deep kelly-green.

Regardless of the lighting, all the while, it manages to maintain that purplish/violet/rainbow duo-chrome effect which sets it apart from many other mid-range teals and greens on the market today. It is truly something special, and I’m willing to bet that you’ve never seen anything like it on store shelves. You can find Dickweed online at Need Supply Co and leave it to our hip friends at LuckyScent to have added this coveted item to their stock!

My only complaint about this polish is that it was streaky on the first coat. But as they say, “Fashion has its price”, so if you work through the streaks and delicately apply two additional coats (three total) you will achieve complete opacity. The extra effort is totally worth it, and, to mention another cliché, there is struggle in art. So it’s not surprising that something that produces such a glorious outcome can be a little finicky to obtain. To me, that’s totally appropriate and quite fitting.

The wht this team will weigh in shortly with their views about Dickweed, so be sure to check back for their opinions. In the meantime, are you as mesmerized as I am with the color of this polish?

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  1. Thanks for this fabulous review Recessionista!! I totally agree that nail polish is the easiest and most inexpensive way to remain current in fashion/beauty. And it is just darn fun to boot!! I had not yet heard of this line. But I am certainly glad that WHT has brought them to my attention. Love creative polish names! And who could resist this dynamic and multidimensional color? Not me! Sign me up. I need this color stat!!

  2. Just the name Dickweed made me like this polish, but as soon as I put it on, I fell deeply in love. The color is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, a truly unique, multidimensional hue that really does look like beetle shells. It has a deep iridescent glow and shine, too. Recessionista, I agree the first coat was streaky, but I only needed one more coat to achieve perfection. With a base coat and a clear top coat, I’ve been rocking Dickweed on my toes for almost three weeks with nary a chip!

    Dickweed isn’t a case of style without substance, either. This is quality polish. In fact, after wearing it for a few days on my fingers, removal took some serious rubbing with polish remover. For me, it’s the perfect pedicure polish. I keep gazing at the shining mermaid green of my toes, thinking about how I cannot wait for sandal season. I expect other girls to stop me on the street and ask about this amazing color because that’s what I would do if I saw it!

    A solid 5 stars for Dickweed!

  3. When I opened the BleachBlack box that contained this nail polish my husband said “Oh no, not another green nail polish!” But if only he knew!
    It’s true, I have a MAJOR soft spot for green polishes so I have a ton. But THIS green polish is so much more! It truly does seem to change color by situation, lighting, etc. And the name?! I love it!
    It did take at least 3 coats and it can be streaky if you’re not patient but the time is totally worth it. The color lasted for 3 days without any chips and even then the chips were pretty minor. (3 days without chips is a big deal for a girl like me who uses her hands for everything. Most polishes barely make a day without needing a touchup.) Removal takes awhile and if you don’t use a good base coat your nails are likely to get a little stained, but overall this is the pinnacle of green polishes! It’s quickly become my favorite.
    5 stars from me, totally!

  4. Oooo…I want. I love this kind of green in general. If I had it, it would have to be a pedicure polish for me; otherwise I’d spend all day staring at my nails and waving my fingers around to see the pretty color changes. (It’s happened before….)

  5. OOOH, I seriously love the color. I’m going to have to get it , especially because it will give me a reason to say “Dickweed” in the confines of Silly Hall.

  6. I’d of course like to add that I can give this mysterious shade nothing less than five stars.

    Kellie: You are so welcome! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed what I had to say, and I of course cannot wait to hear what you think of Dickweed when you get it. I swear it’s even prettier and more mesmerizing in person!

    Melissa: I am thrilled that this only took you two coats for total perfection! And you have completely inspired me to use this on my toes. That settles it. It’s pedi time tonight. :)

    Amanda: From one green polish lover to another, I completely agree with you. This IS the pinnacle of green polishes. So glad we agree!

    Alyssa: That has totally happened to me before as well, and it did with this very color! I simply could not stop staring at it (not good when you’re driving). lol.

    sarahstrawberry: Yup! It honestly changes dramatically for me depending on the lighting. And outdoors–look out. You will be captivated by this one when you see it in full sunlight. :)

    Sandy: LOL! I’d love to know what you think of it when you get it.

  7. Woah, I can’t believe that’s the same polish in both photos! That is a seriously great color with a great name!

    I’ve also never heard of the Bleach Black site before but now I’m kind of in love with it!

    Great review Recessionista!

  8. What a cool color! I think the blues and greens are a hard thing to pull off, but I’ve found if I do it on really short nails, it looks high fashion and cool! This one looks like fun for the next concert I go to!

  9. Wow. I totally thought those were two different shades of polish. Would love to see this in person. Great post Recessionista!

  10. I’ve been Mesmerized by this polish from the moment it arrived. From the fab logo and the impossibly hip site and ladies who developed it, to the pool of deep liquid green within the bottle.

    I think this is one of the most wearable greens I’ve ever worn. Because it’s so dark, and super shimmery it looks really sophisticated, rather than trendy (which seems to be the case with most of the greens I’ve seen lately). And as you can see in the pics, it’s a chameleon of a shade! When I read that influences included a beetle, I did wish there was more a brown cast to it, like a true scarab shell. But I would imagine that’s near impossible to capture. (But just take a look at a pan of MAC Club eyeshadow to see what I mean).

    I wore a full 3 coats (1 coat is streaky and 2 looked so good, I applied 3!) And I was lazy and didn’t use a top coat and I got to day 3 without a chip. The formula is on the thin side, but I’d much rather thin than thick.

    I’m excited to see what comes next from BleachBlack!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..HerCut – Catalyst styling product review =-.

  11. But there’s one way, and one way only, that I can manage to achieve up-to-the-minute, on-trend looks in my life: nail polish.

    Amen sister! I’m with you there. :-) However, I’ve always been a pro-green make-up fan.

  12. I’ve never been a green polish fan before, but I am seriously coveting this now, at least for my toes! Or, how Erin said – for the next concert I go to. I’d love a car this color too!!

  13. Kari: Thank you so much! Yep, it’s hard to believe, I know, but this one’s a little chameleon that totally changes depending on the lighting. Love it!

    Erin: I too, love wearing shades like this on short nails. I just adore that look, and you’re absolutely right–this would be a great shade to wear at a concert!

    Stef: Great point about this being such a wearable green. Totally agree. And I completely forgot to mention how this wears! I had the same experience as you and got three days w/o chips. Yay!

    Rakisha: Yay!! I’m so glad we’re on the same page about nail polish. It’s truly the only way I can stay current these days when it comes to fashion. lol. And I’m so glad to know another green lover. :)

    melinda: OMG, a car in this color would be *awesome*. And yes, I am sooo rocking this on my toes this week!

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