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It’s Beauty Review Thursday – hooray! Our Peep Critique team will be bringing you their reviews on three products from the geniuses at blinc,icon “Where innovation meets beauty.” We are seen it all, tried it all make up junkies/testers here at we heart this. So, most of the time, when we hear about a new and innovative make up product, we are likely to think, “Hmm, what type of gimmick is this?” Because truthfully, there is not a lot of new and radical ideas in make up, just an ever changing spectrum of the color of the moment. Most “innovations” usually involve convoluted, unnecessary packaging or application changes that are more annoying that useful (such as the wave of click pen applicators last spring that always gave too much product and seeped excess product all over the cap when not in use).

Happily, I’m here to tell you that the ideas behind Blinc are truly innovative and useful (you’ll never go back to your old regulars again). Also, if you are a contact lens wearer, have sensitive eyes or suffer from smudgy, raccoon eyes, you must check out this amazing line! The philosophy behind Blinc is “to introduce safe and exceptional beauty products that redefine how they should be made, applied and perform. blinc products are unique because their concepts offer a dramatic leap from solutions that existed before, placing them among the best in the world in their respective categories. Even though some of the claims are extraordinary, (blinc) prides itself on the fact that they deliver what they promise.”

The first item up for review is the incredible Kiss Me Mascara. iconThis product was the first item I ever used from Blinc and I was an immediate convert. It is the only mascara I’ve ever used with absolutely no smudging, flaking or clumps! The Kiss Me Mascara was “invented to form tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes rather than painting them like conventional mascaras.” This mascara will still add length and volume to your lashes, but it will not budge once it is applied. Don’t worry about having a hard time taking it off either. Just use lots of warm water (no make up remover is necessary) and a little pressure and the tubes will slide right off your lashes. Important: Do not freak out when you see the tubes. I promise this marvelous mascara does not harm your lashes in any way or cause you to pull them out when removing. As I mentioned earlier this mascara is ideal for those with sensitive eyes, and/or contact lens wearers, as the formula has been “clinically tested to be non-irritating.” Even if you rub your eyes while toiling at your desk, your mascara will stay where it belongs.

Next, we have the Kiss Me Eyeliner icon Just like its mascara counterpart, this eyeliner goes on eyes smoothly and Will. Not. Budge. Even if you have oily skin (or are one of those whose makeup just seems to disappear as the day goes on). The eyeliner has a great, small brush tip that makes it super easy to apply a steady fine line. One important note: this eyeliner needs a clean, dry surface to adhere properly. So save primers, foundation, eye shadows, etc., for applying after you have used the eyeliner. Again, there is no need for a make up remover, as a matter of fact oil based removers won’t work at all since the Kiss me Eyeliner is immune to the “charms” of oil. Once the eye area is wet enough, you can peel at the tip of a the line and easily pull the entire line off in one fell swoop! Oh, a final note about both the mascara and eyeliner is that they come packaged in cute, little, maroon aluminum tubes that can be reused. They are perfect for storing and traveling with tweezers, zit poppers and the like as the cap will not come off (unlike the cheap plastic containers that many tweezers are sold in that crack and have loose lids).

Finally, we are taking a look at one of the latest blinc inventions, the resurf.a.stic microdermhydration.icon This one is a real beauty and like the eye products, a total innovation (and all of our we heart this members have a chance at winning their very own.) So, what is it all about? The easy to use face stick twists up to reveal the product (like a deodorant), rather than being in a jar. You twist exactly the amount of product you need rather than scooping it with your fingers (and taking too much or contaminating the product). It contains “Medical-grade, diamond-shaped crystals that are equally efficient on all sides. You get the results of a professional-quality microdermabrasion with intense hydration and nourishment”. Plus, it is “highly effective, easier, faster and more sanitary than messy creams, gels or complex mechanical devices.”

This one step product promises to:
* Reduce discoloration, uneven patches, oily patches, bumps and sun damage, thereby promoting collagen production
* Diminish the appearance of fine lines, rough spots and wrinkles
* Soften skin and promote natural cell exfoliation
* Boost skin clarity by polishing away dullness
* Deep clean pores and expunge impurities

One final note, if you want more information on any of these products, the fine folks at blinc have a comprehensive website full of information, including instructions, FAQs and demonstrations for all of their products. Check it out!

Have you been wowed by the amazing products being produced by the geniuses at blinc? We heart this reviewers, please let us know which items you received and what you thought of these innovative products!


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  1. Oh, how I love Blinc! I have been a fan of the mascara for years and it’s the brand I buy when I’m going to splurge on “fancy” mascara (I’m a drugstore mascara girl most of the time). But I am always so glad when I do buy it. For me, the best part is that the tubes not only elongate your lashes but they separate them. I hate clumpy lashes, and so many of the brands that everyone raves about are really thick. I much prefer tons of individual long lashes to 6 or 7 thick clumps. And taking it off is kind of fun! I actually own this is black and plum (which is really pretty with green shadows).

    So, I actually picked the resurf.a.stic to review. And let me tell you, it’s every bit as gush worthy as the mascara. The timing was perfect, as I had used the last bit of my dermabrasion jar the week before. And I was totally intrigued by the stick. This stuff is GENIUS! One little twist and you have the product you need. Need more? Twist a bit more up. You move the stick in a circular pattern on your face, adjusting the pressure more where you need it (forehead) less where you don’t (sensitive areas like your nose). Plus, you don’t scoop your germy hands into a jar. And the results? Gorgeous. My face glowed, all the tired looking skin was gone and all that was left was fresh.
    I really, really love this. And the price is great! 40 bucks. That jar I just finshed of so-so stuff? 100 bucks. 5 big ol’ gold stars from me.

  2. I LOVE Blinc mascara! I tried the L’Oreal version that they just came out with, so not the same. Stick with the original. And if you haven’t tried this already, do it. You’ll love it! Worth the splurge.

  3. I’ve tested both the mascara and the eyeliner and I feel they are both worthy of 5 stars!

    The mascara, as Stef noted, is great for lengthening and seperating lashes. If you are in need of lots of thickening, it may not be for you. But if want a lengthening mascara that lasts and lasts, this is your answer. The mascara goes on smooth with no clumping at all, dries quickly and than stays put until you take it off. Feel free to cry, swim, shower etc – your lashes sat in place! I’ve had the mascara on and had to take out, clean and reapply my contacts and my mascara was still fresh as a daisy! And, yes, it is kind of fun to remove those tubes when you’re ready to take it off!

    As for the liner – again top scores all around. The nice small brush on the end makes applying super easy, even for my shaky hands. The liner takes a few moments to dry, so if you mess up, clean up with a q-tip or finger tip is a breeze. Than, once the color is set, so are you! Your eyeliner will stay in place all day, no matter what! Love it! I add any shadows, primer, etc after I apply this liner, with no issues. Oh and I have to say how much I love the aluminum tubes these are sold in. I’ve been keeping my tweezers in them and they are perfect. It keeps them clean and safe from alignment problems when I travel with them (I always keep a tweezer in my bag for emergencies!)

  4. I tried this mascara once in a tiny sample tube and loved it, but it dried out really quickly. How does the full-size tube fare?

  5. I’m 3 tubes of mascara in and never had one dry out. Sometimes those testers just aren’t made airtight, you know?

  6. I tried the eyeliner. I’m not normally a person that wears liquid eyeliner because I’m not very good at applying it, but Tyna is right that this gives you a little wiggle room to fix mistakes before it dries. When it says it doesn’t smear, they are exactly right. This stuff stays put all day! The best part is it comes off easy peasy with just water. You really don’t even need makeup remover. I highly recommend and really want to try the mascara now.

  7. I have always loved good mascara.. and have recently enjoyed having false eyelashed applied.. they look so pretty on.

    But, here we go again.. Under which rock was I living this time? I had not heard about blinc mascara until it arrived in its adorable packaging for me to review by But I have news for you! I believe this is the dawning of the age of marvels in the mascara world! I applied blinc mascara to my clean dry lashes and followed the instructions to apply within two minutes. You can go light or heavy with your coats. I had so much fun applying this product on that day. I liked the lash volume and was amazed at the length- yes long luscious lashes! When you use this, be sure to keep separate any lashes as you apply- they will look incredible when you are done-really! Just remember, you can’t apply again once the two minutes has gone by .When I read all the hubbub I was a little skeptical about the claim that you can cry and even rub your eyes and they cannot run, smudge or clump. It’s better then true and there was not one flippin flake to be seen. Wow! You will be amazed!
    Incidentally, that evening I fell asleep without washing my make up off..(bad habit) and woke up with the most amazing looking lashes! I am still amazed that they stayed on. Warm water and gentle pressure from your fingertips will remove the tubes! Don’t’ be alarmed when you see what looks like eye lashes in your hand.. they are only the TUBES! I give this product an extremely high mark. I have shared this with all the ladies in my office, and they love it too.. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Now, go get tubed ladies!

  8. This mascara is awesome!! It is 100% Clump free, stays put alllllll day and really makes the lashes look fabulous! The only thing I would say to watch out for is what Pamela mentioned above, about having just the 2 minutes to reapply. But you really won’t need to, this mascara will stay in place ALL day. The tubes are kind of bizarre when you remove them if your used to the raccoon eyes you get when you remove regular mascara, but it’s a welcome change :)

    I have had it for a couple months and it hasn’t dried out at all, so far so good on that one Krista :) I highly recommend this, and am anxious to try more from this brand. I’m totally new to it and officially sold! Blinc gets 5 stars from me!!

  9. Just adding this review in case someone comes across it in a web search, but I am so in love with Blinc eyeliner that I can’t stand it!! I won this in a giveaway and it was one of the first things that I tried. I’m mostly a drugstore brand girl and I stick to usually brown or purple/plum pencil shades. But since I’ve gotten this I’ve been wearing it everyday because it’s just so fun! And because I’m a big dork, I’ve walking around showing my friends my rubbing my eye and trying to get it to come off…which is DOESN’T It stays and stays and stays. The big test was a minor hormonal meltdown in which tears were involved. (the holidays + being behind in gift-purchasing + being a girl = sobs.) My mascara and eyeshadow were gone, but my Blinc eyeliner? There for the long haul.

    My only cavaet is for those of you who aren’t used to liquid liner. If you are, this is perfect for you…if you’re like me, then it take a little practice to NOT make scary drag queen eyes with Blinc. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze; the brush is tiny but thick enough to get the job done and the eyeliner itself is smooth and sensuously inky. It makes you feel all femme fatale to put it on… I even use it to dot on my lower lash line and coat a few of my bottom lashes. This gave me a more dramatic look without the eventual horror of me getting sleepy and rubbing all my hard work across my face.

    I highly reccommend Blinc Eyeliner! My next purchase will be the mascara and probably the Brown eyeliner….

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