Bobbi Brown – plum perfect for the season

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We review a few key pieces of the Black Velvet Collection and the Hydrating Skincare Line

Bobbi Brown - plum perfect for the seasonphoto: we heart this

Whenever I hear the words Bobbi Brown, I not only get giddy, I also immediately breathe a sigh of relief. For me, Bobbi Brown products are just so easy. You can get online, or walk up to a Bobbi Brown counter, and feel confident that whatever you purchase is going to be of excellent quality, and it’s going to work. I have yet to come across a Bobbi Brown product that hasn’t worked with me, including the ones I’ll be reviewing here today.

First let’s talk about a new(ish) line from Bobbi Brown, the Black Velvet Collection which contains so many must-have shades for fall and winter that it’s actually a little bit overwhelming (in a good way!) I received the new Black Raspberry Lip Sheer and Limited Edition Black Velvet Sparkle Eye Shadow for review, and let me tell you, if you like deep burgundies and plums, you are not going to be disappointed with these products.

I am declaring the new Black Raspberry Lip Sheer ($22) my Official Go-To Lip Color for Fall/Winter 2010. I like to pride myself on being a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to sheer red and burgundy lip colors, so it’s no surprise that I swooned when I opened this lipstick case. Described as “black burgundy” on the Bobbi Brown site, I’d say that this is how it looks in the tube, but once on my lips, it becomes an incredibly wearable (even for daytime) shade of sheer, yet rich plummish-brick reddish-burgundy.

It’s a difficult shade for me to put into words, but even if I can’t accurately tell you the color of this lip sheer, I can tell you that you that if you love sheer reds and burgundies, you probably need this one. I haven’t worn another shade for day or evening since I opened the lid. Oh, and did I mention that, as with every other Bobbi Brown lip color in my collection (I own dozens), the staying power is incredible as well? I can get five to six hours of wear from Black Raspberry.

Limited Edition Sparkle Eyeshadow in Black Velvetphoto: Gianna for we heart this

Next up is the Limited Edition Sparkle Eyeshadow in Black Velvet. Ooh la la! This shadow has “New Year’s Eve Party” written all over it! Just looking at this shadow in the compact makes my mouth water.

It’s the most stunning shade of shimmery, deep plum, ($24) with what Bobbi Brown describes as a “grown-up take on glitter”. What exactly is a grown-up take on glitter? Try dazzling, multi-colored microglitter that dances in the light! When I wear this shade on my eyes (I like to wear it as a wash of color from lashline to crease) it’s like I’ve got a jewel box on my eyes! The richness, the colors, the sparkle—this one’s got it all.

And last last but certainly not least, let’s talk about Bobbi Brown’s new skincare, shall we? Hydrating Skincare is her latest and greatest collection of skincare products described as “a drink of water for thirsty skin.” From Bobbi herself: “This Enriched Mineral Water-infused line gives your skin exactly what it needs to stay healthy; moisture. The creams have lightweight texture so they melt right in, keep your skin soft and glowing all day, and make sure that foundation and concealer go on smooth and evenly.”

I received the Hydrating Face Tonic ($26) for review, and I’ve been using it for a little over a week now, once in the morning and once at night. Packed full of great ingredients such as Vitamin B5, cucumber, chamomile, licorice, aloe leaf and lavender, I’ve found that my skin really loves this stuff. The best way I can describe Hydrating Face Tonic is that it’s like a toner that adds moisture back into your skin, instead of sucking it out.

After I apply it to my face with a cotton pad, my skin feels smooth, soft and hydrated, but not heavy or greasy. I’ve found that since I’ve been using this (after cleansing and before my regular moisturizer), my makeup seems to go on smoother (just as Bobbi promised!) and it also seems to last a little bit longer.

I find this toner perfect for the chilly weather we’ve been having lately, because it gives my oily skin a little extra kick of moisture without having to switch to a heavier moisturizer. I also love the soft, herbal fragrance of this tonic, which smells like lavender and chamomile to my nose.

Have you tried anything from the Hydrating Skincare or Black Velvet collections? Or have a new favorite Bobbi Brown item in general? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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  1. I so want the Black Raspberry Lip Sheer! It sounds like a perfect shade for me. I simply adore plums!!!

    The Sparkle Eyeshadow in Black Velvet looks insane!! What a great holiday or evening look. Beautiful!

    The Hydrating Face Tonic sounds like something that could really work for me. I am oily. But I still need the good moisture.

    @nouveaucheap this was a great review with beautiful pictures!!

  2. Although I hesitate to buy makeup that I can only wear on special occasions, those photos and your description of Bobbi’s Black Velvet shadow are making me reevaluate this policy! And actually, the Black Raspberry Lip Sheer is something I would wear a lot. Great post, @nouveaucheap!

  3. I want that lip sheer! Is it a build-able color? They eye shadow looks amazing as well. I use Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation every day, it’s the best I’ve ever tried and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! They are easily one of the best brands around for quality. It would take a miracle for me to switch foundations. This is such a great review, as always @nouveaucheap you always do such a good job of describing colors!

  4. How fun! Sparkles are so neat in this- such a great look you have achieved with Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet Collection. I can totally see wearing this at some festive events and parties this holiday season! Nice!

  5. @nouveaucheap,
    I am very intrigued by the lip color, but the shadow is fabulous! I love the eye you created! I usually shy away from sparkle, but you have made it wearable and down right festive! Kudos on the blending!

  6. How does that lip sheer compare to Sheseido? Every holiday season I break out my Sheseido (used to be called Blackberry, then became Tint I don’t know what it is…) lip tint to give off that Holiday glow without having to do a full lipcolor (since I’ve already go a little overboard with fancy holiday eyes and all). Speaking of fancy eyeshadows, that Black Velvet looks GORGEOUS on you!
    Anywho, it’s getting exhaustive trying to keep up with Sheseido, why not give it up for Bobbi Brown?

  7. Count me in ladies! @nouveaucheap, you have me lusting for the Black Raspberry Sheer as well – AND the Black Velvet Sparkle Eyeshadow.

    We received these pieces with the Bobbi Brown RftR donation (they’re basket was soo generous) – when Stef and I opened the package it was all we could do not to roll around and pose with all the Bobbi products. She always makes consistently gorgeous products – with the best shades of the big ‘it’ color as well as fantastic, basic colors.

    I tested a more natural looking product, one of Bobbi’s spring additions, the Long Wear Cream Shadow in Slate. Love the small, square glass jar it comes in – with a screw on lid, so it’s practically air tight (important with creams).

    The slate color i super pretty, though not what I think of as slate. This shadow has a strong plummy/brown side to it and is on the light to medium level in shade. It makes a great everyday base color that looks great worn alone or as a canvas for a bright eyeliner.

    Finally, a word on the consistency – since the shade is so matte I worried the cream would be too dry and crease, but this shadow stayed smooth all day. I had a tad bit of straying (which always happens to me with dark hues) but it wiped away easily and I didn’t get raccoon eyes. Cream shadow lovers (and MAC paint pot fans) check these BB cream shadow pots out!

  8. @kellie76: Yay! I’m so glad these colors appeal to you too. And yeah, the toner works SO well for my oily skin. It seem to give me just the right amount of extra moisture I need without having to switch to a heavier moisturizer which, as you know, can make us oily girls look like we have an oil slick going on in the T-zone. ;) Oh, and thanks so much for the sweet words about my pics!

    @turboterp: Haha! Sorry to have enabled you, but these really would be lovely products to have for the holidays. And that lip sheer is seriously such a great every-day fall/winter shade–you would definitely get a lot of mileage out of it.

    @pinkshaya: Awww, thank you so much for that! I’m so glad to have helped. And you hit the nail on the head when you asked if this lip sheer is buildable. It TOTALLY is! I looove that I can wear it lightly as more of a stain, or layer it for a more intense look. You neeed it. lol!

    @irene: Thank you so much! It’s definitely a festive shadow, for sure. I love those multi-colored sparkles.

    @glamazon56: Such a sweet thing to say! Thank you so much.

    @Krista: Yes! I am willing to bet you will NOT be disappointed. :)

    @Kirstengail: Oh, please keep me posted if you get it! I’d love to know what you think.

    @sherrishera: I am so sorry to say that I don’t know how they compare–I don’t own the Sheseido shade. :(

    @tyna: I have to thank you and @stef once again for sending me these gems. I’m serious when I say I haven’t worn another color on my lips since I first put on this lip sheer. It seems to just go with *everything*! And thanks for all the great info on the new cream shadow pots. Can’t wait to see them!

  9. Count me on the “must have Black Raspberry Sheer” list! Great review as always, Gianna!

  10. Oh, and beautiful eye pics,as well. Your eyes look stunning! I would’ve been all about that shadow a few years back no matter what the occasion…now I need a big party to go back into sparkle territory.

  11. Great review but you need to take a picture of you wearing the Black Raspberry Lip Sheer! I would love to see both how it looks sheer and how it looks once you’ve built up the color.

  12. Holy cow! That eye shadow looks ah-maa-zing on you! LOVE it!

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