Bodycology Rich & Creamy Body Wash review

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Affordable shower treats to see you through the holiday season

Bodycology Rich & Creamy Body Wash photos: we heart this

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my unhealthy obsession with bath and body products. My stash includes products from the higher end of the spectrum, all the way down to dollar store gems. And when it comes to body wash? Let’s just say that the inside of my shower is crammed with so many bottles that I sometimes fear the boyfriend may get lost in there if he doesn’t keep his wits about him.

For those who may not be body wash obsessed, Bodycology is a brand that can be found at most drugstores, grocery stores and big box stores. Over the years, they’ve released some really nice, incredibly affordable bath and body products that can hold their own against the big boys.

What I love the most about their latest Rich & Creamy Body Wash collection is that they smell incredible, and not in a “that smells just like XYZ’s brand” kind of way. At under $5 a bottle, these body washes have unique, lovely fragrances and the formulas are quite impressive as well.

Rich & Creamy Nourishing Body Wash

Let’s begin with Rich & Creamy Nourishing Body Wash, which contains soy and shea butter. I reviewed this body wash a while back on Nouveau Cheap, and, let me tell you, I’m delighted to be using it again.

I mentioned in my original review that this body wash smells just like a chocolate ice cream cone to me and, now that I’ve have the chance to use it again, I absolutely agree with my original opinion. It is deeelish and if you’re attracted to gourmand fragrances, I think you might love this one too.

The formula itself is very rich and creamy, and I find that it works very well in the wintertime to help keep dry skin at bay. Sometimes I don’t even need to use body lotion when I use this body wash, which should give you an indication of its moisturizing properties.

Rich & Creamy Deep Cleansing Body Wash

The second body wash I received for review was the Rich & Creamy Deep Cleansing Body Wash, which contains grapefruit and apricot extracts.

The image on the bottle is of a lime slice and an orange slice and I truly smell both in this body wash. Unlike many citrus-scented body washes on the market, the fragrance in this body wash is incredibly authentic. In other words, this body wash smells like actual slices of lime and orange. This absolutely reminds me of the water I drink when I’m at home (I regularly slice lime and orange wedges and put them in my water) and it’s a pure joy to use in the shower. Not quite as moisturizing as the Nourishing formula, this one makes my skin feel very clean, yet not dry or tight.

Rounding out the Rich & Creamy line are other skin specific formulas including Hydrating (with aloe vera and vitamin E), Ultra Rich (with shea and cocoa butters) and Refreshing (with cucumber and green tea). Our review team had a chance to try all of the Bodycology formulas and will be back in the comments to give their thoughts.

Affordably priced
Unique fragrances
Quality formulas

Nourishing formula may be too heavy for some

If you’re looking for some new and uniquely scented body washes to add to your own collection, I would definitely recommend giving Bodycology a closer look. They won’t break the bank, and I think you might be surprised by just how lovely they are!

we heartsters – have you tested the affordable luxuries from Bodycology? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Okay Gianna, you have done your job well. I will check these out.. I didn’t know you were like me with bath products.. I have my own shower at home and my husband has his.. mine,’s packed from floor to ceiling with stuff.. You are a women after my own heart! XO :)

    1. Heh heh. Sorry, it had to be done. ;)

  2. Gianna, these affordable body washes sound great and I will look for them the next time I am at the grocery store! Great post!

  3. This was my first try with bodycology and I was pretty impressed. I tested the Hydrating Body Wash (the blue one with aloe vera and vitamin E) and found plenty to like about this drugstore brand.

    First, the bottle is generously sized and has lasted months in my shower with almost daily use. The creamy wash clings well to the skin, so it doesn’t slide right down the drain, and lathers up into a very respectable foam.

    Best of all, the scent is so low key, and the consistency so rich and creamy, that this wash can double as a shaving cream for my (very sensitive to razors) skin. I was super impressed with this formula, especially for the price.

    I have one, fairly large, complaint. While I love that the bottle sits with the cap on the bottom (so it’s easy to get every drop) the hinge on the cap is flimsy and broke on the first or second use. The lid still snaps back into place when I’m done using it, but I keep losing the lid during my shower. Secondly, it may be because of the broken lid, but the cap collects water in between uses too. I hate that.

    Except for the packaging flaw this would be a total 5 star item – for now, due to the great product and price, I’m going with 4 stars.

  4. I have to mimic pretty much everything @tyna said. I got to try the Nourishing Body wash and I like it a lot. It’s a HUGE bottle that has lasted forever. Which is a good thing because I like having this in my shower! The creamy scent is amazing.(@nouveaucheap – I get vanilla ice cream!)It’s sweet, but not overly sugary. But best of all, I love how mositurizing it is. The dry and cold desert air has been making me especially parched, and with this I can totally skip mositurizer if I’m in a rush. I even shave with it too!

    But I’m not keen on the packaging. I’m not a fan of openings on the bottom of bottles. In my shower, they always fill with water, which in turn sits and gets skanky and are never pleasant to clear out.

    I’ll buy this again without a doubt. And with a different bottle – it may just become a staple.

    1. Tyna and Stef, you totally sold me on this product when you said this product could double as shaving cream, even on your sensitive skin! If this product can do double duty in the shower, I’m impressed.

  5. I’m going to third @tyna and @stef; this is a solid product and super affordable. I tried the Skin Softening version of Bodycology and while I enjoyed it as a whole, I wasn’t impressed with its design. I had the funky water issue AND the broken hinge on the lid problem too. However, I’m in love with the pump bottle for the Kiss My Face shave cream, so I save the empties and was able to transfer the body wash into there and enjoy it without messing around with the larger bottle.
    My only other quibble was with the scent; it was a generic floral scent and although it was pleasant and fairly light, why put a daisy on the front if there is no daisy scent?? Generic stock photos on packaging without the corresponding ingredients in the product make me think of dollar store brand products. Perfectly fine, but probably not what bodycology was going for.

    Overall, I liked it and will probably keep buying it; but only if I have a pump bottle to transfer it to! :-)

  6. Okay, I’m going to FOURTH @tyna and @stef (and Alyssa, too): this is a great product with a design flaw. However, I liked the version I tried so much, I’m not even taking off a star for the packaging problem.

    I tested Rich & Creamy’s Ultra Rich version and was so happy with it, I bought another bottle as soon as it (finally) ran out… it did last a ridiculously long time! Shea and cocoa butters make Ultra Rich extremely hydrating, and the scent is subtle and pleasant. And under $5 for a huge bottle! I’m a big fan. 5 stars.

    1. So glad you liked this formula too! :)

  7. Wow, these sound great, aside from the packaging! I want a body wash that I can sometimes skip using a lotion afterward, and can shave with so I will be checking these out, especially for the winter.

    1. If you want to skip lotion, seriously try the Rich & Creamy formula. It’s pretty amazing!

    2. Oops, I mean the “Nourishing” formula. :)

  8. Gotta give this one five stars for the fragrance alone! I’m sorry to hear about the cap issue for some of you. What a bummer! Luckily that hasn’t happened for me, but it’s something to watch out for.

  9. Thanks for the review! You can purchase the rich&creamy collection at Walgreens stores or any of our Specialty Bath fragrances at Walmart, Target and other mass market retailers. Come to our Facebook page to download a $1 off savings coupon!

    1. Thanks for the coupon – it makes an already great deal even better!

    2. I agree with @stef! Coupons ALWAYS make things better. Yay!

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