Boscia Face Masks – Photos and Review

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Preservative-free, botanically-based treats for your skin!

Boscia Mask 

When it comes to skincare, I will always have a place in my heart for Bosciaicon. My love affair with this Japanese brand began with their famous Blotting Linens (always stashed in my purse), to eventually becoming addicted to their whole range of goodies, pore strips and all.

If I could use one word to describe Boscia, it would be clean. It just feels so good to use products that are free of chemical preservatives – and they always leave my skin refreshed. The Boscia face masks are no exception, not only do they make my skin happy, they’re fun too – come on, who doesn’t love a peel-off mask?

Boscia Bright White Mask

Boscia really hit its peak in the beauty world when they introduced their Luminzing Black Mask. Now, they’ve come out with more outstanding peel-off masks to cater to an even bigger variety of skin types and needs. And we’ve got a look at four colorful Boscia face masks today!

Boscia Green tea Mask

Luminizing Black Maskicon ($34)
Might as well start with a bang, right? This was the mask that I feel truly gave Boscia a new spring in their step. This mineral-rich antioxidant filled mask is indeed black, made for detoxifying, purifying and brightening your skintone. This clay-based mask will deep clean your pores and get those impurities out like it’s nobody’s business.

The mask is a bit sticky and feels a bit glue-like when spreading onto your face. It will eventually dry in about 15-20 minutes and that’s only half the work done. Once you peel it off your face, it will finally take away any dead skin, leaving behind instant results.

I love this mask to bits. I have congested skin that can lead to some serious breakouts if not taken care of properly and this is a favorite once a week ritual. Don’t be skimpy when applying the mask because you may end up having trouble peeling it off later.

Boscia Cool Blue Mask

Green Tea Oil-Control Mask icon ($34)
This mask just hit stores and the virtual shelves and it could not have come at a better time. We’ve had quite an East Coast summer and during the heat wave, my poor skin was at its worst. I was quite an oily mess and there was nothing that could be done.

Thankfully with the Green Tea Oil-Control Mask I was able to help minimize the oil. This mask contains Japanese green tea to nourish, cucumber and burdock root to cleanse the pores and silica to absorb oil. The scent had a nice sweetness to it and it didn’t feel as sticky as the Luminizing Black Mask. After peeling it off, I also noticed my complexion was brighter in a mattified way! My skin didn’t feel parched, but I did use a moisturizer afterwards to balance everything out.

Boscia Luminizing Black mask

Cool Blue Calming Maskicon ($34)
Perhaps the prettiest shaded mask of them all, the Cool Blue Calming Mask is perfect for hydrating skin that needs some extra moisture and soothing stressed, irritated, sensitive skin. This Boscia face mask contains sea whip, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient; willow herb to calm skin and fight redness; aloe vera to hydrate and improve firmness and elasticity; and the peppermint-derived frescolat, which provides a refreshing coolness.

It has the same sticky consistency and a very mild scent and is the mask for those with sensitive skin. This cool blue mask leaves skin smooth, hydrated and refreshed with a visible reduction in redness.

Boscia Mask results

Bright White Maskicon ($38)
Finally, we have the anti-aging Bright White mask created to brighten, hydrate and smooth complexions. This mask contains “clinical levels of advanced whitening ingredients” to help even out the skintone, and reduce the appearance of sun spots and pigmentation. It is also formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while enhancing natural collagen production to fight saggy skin.

Tyna had the chance to test this Boscia face mask at a beauty blogger event and claims the visible brightening effect was immediate and pretty darn impressive. If your skin is looking dull and tired, this is the mask to add to your cart!

Beauty Blogger Tip: Finally a little trick to help keep your masks from being used up quickly! Use your mask where you need it most. Unless your whole face is in dire need, target where you actually need the benefits of the mask you are using. I find that using my mask in “patches” helps me keep more product for more future use. You can also mix and match masks! For example, use the Luminizing Black Mask on your t-zone and the Cool Blue Calming Mask on your cheeks for a customized experience!

No Parabens, sulfates, phthalates.
Yes to botanics and No to preservative chemicals!
A good range for mask lovers of all skin types.

A bit pricey.

we heartsters – Which Boscia face mask is the one for you?

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  1. Thanks for this great overview of the whole range of masks, @mandabear !

    I tested the Bright White Mask, and have been impressed with the results I’ve gotten from using it twice a week. My skin is brighter, and my discolorations are much less obvious. The results make up for a couple of things I’m not crazy about. As you mentioned about the Black Mask, this mask is thick and goopy, and hard to spread evenly as directed. Then it does not dry enough to peel it off. Not in 20 minutes, not in 40 minutes, probably not ever. I’ve given up trying, and remove the mask with a warm washcloth. Since I’ve accepted that I won’t have the fun of peeling (why is it so satisfying to peel off a mask?!), I give this product a big thumbs up for delivering on its other promises.

    1. So glad you love it! I noticed that it dries faster in different environments. Sometimes if it’s a bit humid, it will take longer to dry…But if I have a fan going on in the room I’m in, it will dry up faster. Also, I find that the crevices that are deeper on my face (like around my nose) don’t dry at a normal pace like the rest of the face.

  2. I am intrigued by the Luminizing Black Mask. I’m up for anything that improves my skin and will scare the bejeesus out of my husband when he sees me wearing it. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  3. I’m so interested in the Cool Blue Calming Mask. It is the prettiest shaded mask! My skin yearns for hydration constantly. It also loves anything that will soothe my crazy stressed and easily irritated skin.
    Great review @mandabear!

    1. I haven’t seen the color of the Cool Blue mask until this post went up. It’s such a pretty color! Too bad my skin barely reaches a point of being dry or I’d be eager to get my hands on that one too.

    2. Thumbs up on the Cool Blue–it is super soothing!

  4. I love peel off masks, every since I was young and thought they were so cool to watch them peel off. I think I would go after the Black Luminizing mask!

    1. Great choice! I think that one is a home run for all skin types.

  5. After reading this thorough review, now I want ALL THE MASKS! I was happy to test out the Cool Blue–I found it to be really cooling and soothing and pampering overall. If I have a skin freak-out, I’ve been putting this on and it has really helped to calm things down. In terms of consistency, this is quite light and dries to a nice peel-able state effectively.

    1. I agree! Gotta have them all right? I have combo skin so different parts of my face will always need different target treating. I guess that means more masks for me!

  6. I tested the Bright White Mask, and was also,very impressed. It has been ages since I’ve pampered myself, with a mask. Ridiculous fun peeling it off! Some areas, I didn’t apply the cream thick enough to pull off, but was relieved to find it washed off easily with a warm washcloth. Thanks for the mask-saving tip about only using it in certain areas, that require more attention. My skin definitely felt silkier and appeared brighter .

    1. Glad you liked the Bright White Mask! I didn’t test that one but I’m very curious! I find that wherever the mask tapers off is usually where its hardest to peel off. It washes off so easily thank goodness!

  7. I’ve been eyeing up the Black Luminizing mask for years and have never had the prunes to buy it…
    I love a peel off mask and this may just have to be my little fall pick me up!

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