Boscia Cools Down Skin Under a Red Alert

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Boscia Review: Cool Blue Mask and Daily Defense Sunscreen

I had a beauty revelation this week. You may already know this, but, when it comes to the face, red is not exactly a youthful color. (Lip products excluded of course.) I am talking skin here. And I have to be honest, as I have gotten older Mother Redness has crept in without an invite. I keep trying to throw her out but, it is a battle.


Some of the causes of redness are stress, age, genetics and the sun. So this month, for this Boscia review, I was excited to test two products to help me fight the good fight. Boscia, a brand popular in Japan, is making huge strides in skin care here in the US. This botanically-based line is one of the world’s first to be preservative-free.


I first tested the Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34) a Sephora exclusive. This mask is marketed towards skin that experiences issues with redness. The formula contains deep-sea-inhabiting sea whip, a “powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient” to calm irritated, red skin. The mask also hydrates and promotes firmness.


The consistency is a thick somewhat sticky formula that happens to be bright smurf-y blue. Application is easy: apply a thick layer onto your skin, wait 25-30 minutes, and peel it off. It creates a second-skin like texture which peels away easily without being painful or messy.

I found it interesting that this mask contained peppermint. This made my face tingle but, not in an uncomfortable way. As time passed I enjoyed the cool, refreshing feel. After I peeled the mask off, my skin looked calmer, less pink and more even. My skin was smoother overall, especially in the drier areas, like my cheeks.

Boscia-cool-blue-mask-8Cool Blue Mask and Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Halloween Hint: When this mask dries its an opaque blue and would be an awesome, skin friendly addition to a costume!


The second Boscia product I tested was the Daily Defense Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ($36), another Sephora Exclusive. Sunscreen is a key ingredient to fight redness and aging. I have tried a million sunscreens and was excited about trying out an SPF 50. This product is blendable which, for me, is big. Like all SPF 50’s I have tried, it does have a white cast, but this one blends into skin well.


Since Boscia products are botanically-based, this sunscreen is antioxidant-rich, and feels pretty good on the skin. I love that with its “hygroscopic water storing properties (that) retain moisture” this SPF packs some hydrating properties as well.


It is good for all skin types and did not irritate my sensitive skin. In fact, I did not see any adverse reactions at all. By that I mean, I did not get dry or oily and my makeup did not “turn” any interesting colors. This is an important quality because when I travel in different climates my skin can turn south in a second. This formulation helped my skin stay in the right direction.

we heartsters – Have you relaxed with a Boscia mak? Which is your fave?

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Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. Holly is always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible.
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  • hao9703

    Holly is a Midwestern gal living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, animals and is a skin care junkie. She's always on the quest to try something new or old and live the best life possible. skin tone: NW 20 skin type: a true combo; normal, dry and oily favorite beauty product: skincare


  1. Great review @hao9703! I haven’t used much from this line but what I have I have really liked. I have sensitive skin too and this really sounds like a real treat for my skin. I’ll be curios to see how it responds to this product. I like the idea of using it for Halloween too! :)

  2. @irene — When I was testing this . . . I looked in the mirror and thought. WOW!!! This would make some many Halloween costumes pop! It has to be the first ever preservative free face paint I have ever tried. (Usually, it is the on the opposite side of the spectrum where you think WHAT have I done?)

  3. @irene, fantastic review of Boscia! The cooling mask sounds so soothing, I’m really curious to try this one!
    Being able to also use it as part of my costume is another bonus!

  4. Boscia is a great line. I have used one of their moisturizers in the past as well as their awesome oil blotting sheets. This new moisturizer sounds great. I will have to give it a try. But I must say that I am most excited to try the blue mask. It sounds awesome!!!! I can’t wait to pick this one up. Great review @hao9703!!

  5. I got the Green Tea Oil Controls Mask and I am in LOVE. I really enjoy masks (and peeling…as you can guess from my Baby Foot review) but they tend to be too thin and barely peel off. I usually end up slathering it on more than it should be necessary and it’s just a waste of product.
    But my mint green beauty was so much fun; so thick that I had trouble washing it off my hands after applying! I had the same tingle as @hao9703, which was nice, but mine doesn’t have peppermint in it so maybe mine was the enzymes going to work on my oily and yet dull skin.

    I HIGHLY recommend this, my skin seems brighter and less oily after using it for a few weeks. And if you’re not sure if this is for you, click the link in the article and check out the limited edition sampler set from Sephora; four mask samples for $18! Even though I already have the Green Tea mask, I really want to try the others, especially the Cool Blue one after this great review!

  6. their classic black detox mask is my favorite. it’s great after a busy week of makeup wearing!

  7. I may buckle and buy this next visit to Sephora! Thanks again for the run down on this @hao9703!

  8. I’ve loved everything I’ve ever tried from Boscia, and this mask sounds amazing. It’s blue AND it had peppermint in it? It will be mine, @hao9703 !

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