Budget Beauty – L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lipstick

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You asked, we deliver – our new drugstore beauty column!

Who doesn’t love a drugstore find? There’s something about a deal that’s the biggest thrill of all! But deals don’t stop at the drugstore. Wouldn’t you like to know about a killer sale? How about an Etsy bargain? It’s with that in mind that we we are proud to introduce our new column, Budget Beauty.

For our inaugural post, we’ve got drugstore giant L’Oreal, (the company single handedly responsible for my lip product addiction, from the purchase of my first lipstick; Mica). Today we’re looking at their newest lipstick Infallible Le Rouge ($9.99).

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV lately, you’ve had to have noticed these commercials, starring the ever-lovely Gwen Stefani. And if you were anywhere near a Twitter account on the night of the Golden Globes (when the commercial first aired) you know that everyone was a flutter with wonder of what shade she was wearing. Well, the smart cookies at L’Oreal were watching their tweets, and instantly let everyone know that her beautiful shade was Blazing Sangria (note: not the shade I’m wearing, keep reading…)

In person Blazing Sangria doesn’t look quite as red as it did in the ad. As a matter of fact, many have mistakenly cited her shade as Ravishing Red. I decided to stray from bright red (since I own approximately a gazillion) and went with the brick red shown here: #741 Bold Bordeaux.

Infallible is a longwear formula. Just how long? L’Oreal says that it can last up to 10 hours. That’s a pretty bold claim! How’s it stack up, with that and everything else? Here are my pros and cons…

• While I didn’t get 10 hours of color, I did get 6 before I noticed even the slightest bit of fading.
• Once this is dry, it’s not going anywhere. I drank, ate, talked and laughed up a storm; and it stayed put. There was even minimal transfer when I TRIED to transfer it to a napkin. Impressive.
• The pigmentation is ah-mazing! These are packed with rich color.
• They come in a really great range of wearable shades. Nothing revolutionary, but something truly for everyone.
• Being the packaging fanatic that I am, I like the silver tube and the etched logo in the lipstick. Nice touch!

• There’s only one, but unfortunately it’s a big one. While it starts out creamy, once it dries it has a very tacky finish. And not lipgloss kind of tacky. Tacky like half dried adhesive. I could feel my lips sticking together when I smacked them, and it wasn’t super pleasant. I learned on further applications, that balm or gloss helps a lot. But it also cuts down on the wear time.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
I can deal with the stick for 6 hours of rich color. While I wouldn’t wear this everyday, this is a great special occasion lipstick (a day when you don’t want to be doing constant touch ups).

we heartsters, have you tried L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge? What say you?


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  1. @Stef , it’s like you’re a mind reader! I’ve been thinking about trying out this lipstick but I’ve been unsure. I hate that tacky lip feeling, but with the addition of a little bit of gloss for all that wear time it may be worth it. Quick question- as it fades does it settle into lip lines? That’s my biggest pet peeve with most lipsticks!

  2. @stef – Great review! I am going to really enjoy reading the new drugstore beauty column.

  3. I’m not a lipstick fan and I HATE the sticky lip feeling. However, if I could get good wear with gloss, I’d definitely give it a try. That brick read is such a great color, and I think it would work for me too and I’m a dark-skinned brunette with brown eyes! Nice job, L’Oreal…

    This really does sound like a special occassion lipstick and sometimes we just have to suffer for our beauty. :-)

  4. @mandaleem – with no balm or gloss, it didn’t settle in lines. The best way to describe it is that it faded from the center out.

    @lyssachelle – you won’t get as long of a wear time with balm or gloss, but it def. feels better!

  5. I may have to check this out…I tend to be fairly loyal to Revlon lipsticks if I’m going drugstore, but I am a fan of long-wearing formulations. Totally not one of the Infallible lippies, but everyone NEEDS the Rose Carmine lippie w/ Andie MacDowall’s signature on it…best shimmery rose color EVER. It’s my go-to.

  6. That’s such a warm, pretty, wearable red on you, @stef. I’d check out this lipstick just based on the photos! I hate the sticky feeling, too, but I’d be willing to cut down on wear time with gloss. I’m generally a fan of L’Oreal, so I guess this is a must-try!

  7. @stef – Such a great review!
    Glad to see this addition to WHT! I’m one that goes between L’Oreal and Revlon lipsticks. I’ll have to check this lovely one out!

  8. Hooray for budget beauty! I admit I’ve strayed from really shopping the drugstores aisles (honestly, I do not need any more makeup – plus watching the budget) so I’m looking forward to this column to catch up on what I’ve missed (and help me make the occasional purchase!).

    Like @krista, I’m not a big fan of long lasting lipsticks – they always dry my lips out and I kind of like reapplying – is that weird? But I am taking your advice and checking out the Rose Carmine from their Colour Riche line – sounds dreamy. And I see one of my old faves, Rosewood, is a part of the same collection.

    I do love the look of the Infallible line – the etched lipstick, silver tube etc. Fancy. And as always @stef – fab pics!!

  9. Great review, @stef! And I’m very excited for this Budget Beauty series. (BTW, that color looks fabulous on you.)

    I want to love lipstick–it’s so classically feminine–but it either wears off too quickly or is sticky and drying. :( I guess I’ll just stick with gloss!

  10. Wow, look at that red on you, @stef! Sometimes I like that tacky feeling and it’s usually on a day when I don’t feel like talking one bit. Other days, I need my lipgloss feeling!

    I’m not one for wearing long-wearing lipsticks too much. The minute I feel a hint of dryness, I reapply my lip product. Long-wearing lip products and reapplication do not work!

  11. @stef that color looks great on you, and I’m loving the new Budget Beauty column. The con you mentioned is kind of a big con, you’re right, but with the right color (and maybe an even deeper discount) it’s worth a shot!

  12. I have Rambling Rose and I love it. I never noticed a stickyness, but I always prep my lips with balm before putting on color, so maybe this was why?

  13. @tyna – You’re fair w/ dark hair–you pretty much NEED Rose Carmine. It really brightens up my face–definitely a must-have :)

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