Looking for a Budget-Friendly Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette? Look No Further....

Looking for a Budget-Friendly Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette? Look No Further….

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Rose-colored glasses? They’ve got nothin’ on e.l.f.’s rose-colored eyeshadows

Look at life through a rosy lens with the e.l.f. Cosmetics Rose Gold eyeshadow palette in Sunset (just $10)! It’s the latest from a brand that has always been a we heart this favorite, thanks to their budget-friendly price point and keeping up with the current makeup and skincare trends. (Personally, I’ve been a huge fan of e.l.f. for YEARS. Their salicylic acne-treatment rollerball is Holy Grail status for me.)

Sunset is the second Rose Gold Eyeshadow palette in e.l.f.’s Rose Gold empire; a warmer take on the trend than their first best-seller, the Nude Rose Gold.

Rose Gold Sunset immediately brings to mind other warm-toned palettes currently on the market. And our editor Stef has a couple things to say about this:

Marilyn is spot on. Rose Gold Sunset is particularly vibing on Urban Decay’s NAKED Cherry. (A fact I’m sure she would have mentioned but she actually reviewed this before Naked Cherry was even released!) But where Cherry leans almost primarily berry, Sunset has more neutrals included, which, one could argue, makes it more versatile.

Rose gold and warmer shades have been on-trend for a while now. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, it’s seriously time to get on board! If you’re not sure if warmer shades can work for you, spoiler alert: they absolutely can. I recently did a hands-on makeup instructional event for some fellow barre3 instructors and we had so much fun trying new looks. One of the biggest surprises for many of them was that although really warm colors can look a bit intimidating in the pan, they’re actually very flattering.

I love that this e.l.f. palette is simple, and slim in profile. It’s compact but has a decent sized mirror inside. The neutrals, pinks, cream/champagne, mauves, bronze and plums work beautifully together, and can be combined for a variety of looks, from bold and bright, to barely-there.

The darker shades initially look rather bold, but they actually have a slightly translucent/sheer quality that keep this palette from being intimidating. Don’t worry though, the color can be built up easily if you want deeper color if that’s what you’re looking for. And in either application, the texture is smooth and buttery.

Though it’s definitely not a dupe for the aforementioned Urban Decay palette in terms of specific shades or pigmentation, the e.l.f. Rose Gold Sunset eyeshadow palette is a FANTASTIC and inexpensive option. It has gotten me tons of compliments. Really, it’s worth more than its weight in (rose) gold!

we heartsters – have you gone off the rose gold deep-end? What are your favorite versions of the trend? Share in the comments…

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