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Time to hit the gym and work on my biceps…because I’ll be toting butter London’s new ShadowClutch everywhere I go. I’m going to need some extra muscle, right? Because shadow collections can be cumbersome, they are the one thing I’ve never stuffed into my purse on a regular basis. But this gorgeous palette has efficiently eliminated every reason I had for keeping my makeup bag down to the bare minimum.


Here are my previous arguments for leaving shadow palettes at home (and how the ShadowClutch has gloriously crushed my logic.)

Previous Argument: Everyone knows the quality of shadows in bargain-priced palettes can be iffy, so wouldn’t I be better off with a single shadow or two in my bag?


The Natural Charm palette ($39) is a neutral lover’s dream, with a perfect array of earth tone shades in vanilla, beige, and khaki.


Top row:
Linen – Matte Vanilla
Quartz – Warm Golden Beige Shimmer
Camo – Dark Golden Khaki Shimmer

Bottom row:
Camel – Matte Milk Chocolate
Citrine – Golden Peach Shimmer
Leather – Matte Dark Chocolate Brown


Not only are the colors pigment-rich and longwearing, every single one feels amazingly creamy for powder shadow.

Natural Charm’s lovely neutrals are infused with primer, and have oil absorbing properties, too. butter London calls the formula “skin-balancing.” ShadowClutch Truth: I can’t imagine a better-quality shadow.

Previous Argument: Who wants to carry a big palette when you might only use a color or two?


Even though I love every single color in the Natural Charm palette, let’s pretend I didn’t. Customizing the array to my own taste is simple thanks to the clever design of the palette. ShadowClutch Truth: Just four simple steps– lift, slide, mix & match, and close—are all that stands between me and the custom palette of my dreams.


This release includes four Wardrobe Duos ($15) that can be swapped in and out of the clutch. I tested two:

Fancy Flutter
Feather – Golden Nude Shimmer
Plume – Duochrome dirty plum and green

This duo is a little bit magical, appearing completely different on my skin than in the pan. Instead of nude, Feather is metallic gold; and Plume’s beetle-shell iridescent green comes up as a warm reddish brown with slight green shimmer.

Moody Blues
Sapphire – Dark Cobalt Shimmer
Sequins – Iridescent Mint Green Shimmer

Called “butter London’s Crown Jewel,” this duo delivers exactly the bright, clear tones that you see in the pan. I adore Sapphire, creamy enough to be blended down to a just a hint of navy if you don’t want full-on bright blue.


Previous Argument: Well then, there are the extra brushes I’d have to carry, because a palette never comes with a decent brush, right?

ShadowClutch Truth: Behold the high-quality, double ended version that comes with the ShadowClutch. This is the nicest brush I’ve ever seen included with a palette, with densely-packed bristles and a sturdy handle. I would buy this brush on its own, and have been using it even when I’m at home.

I officially concede that some things are worth adding a little extra weight to my purse. There will always be room in my makeup bag for the “covet-worthy color” of butter London’s ShadowClutch.

we heartsters – are you excited to try the butter London Shadow Clutch? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I am SO with you on not lugging a heavy palette around, but the Shadow Clutch totally solves the issue, and the shades look so creamy and rich. Butter London is really impressing me!

  2. I love the neutral compact and that you said they are creamy, which I have way better luck with. And comes with a decent brush?… sign me up!

  3. I WANT this too! The neutral compact is soooo my thing! And these are creamy? Oh, man, it looks perfect! I’m turning into a real Natural Charm palette freak!

  4. I think all of the colors are beautiful. I will be totally and completely happy with any and all of them!!! It sounds like the company totally got their names right when they called themselves Butter. I love the nail polishes and now it looks like I’m going to be adoring there eyeshadows as well. Thank you for this wonderful review

  5. Finally, a palette that comes with a good brush! Why is that so hard to come by?! Love Butter.

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