Buxom Color Choreography Palettes – Review, Photos & Swatches

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Yet another Buxom product dances into my heart

photos: we heart this

Regular readers of we heart this know I pretty much love everything Bare Escentualsicon. The reason why I’ve been such a big BE fan these many years is because it makes my face look as much like an air-brushed pin-up girl’s as is humanly possible sans an Instagram filter.

Buff, polish, blend…this is the mantra of fans of the original BE foundation and eye and cheek colors, as well as their super-bold, super-silky, super-blendable Buxomicon line.

For years, Buxom has been my go-to brand for amazing plump-up-the-volume lips (Big and Healthy Lip Polish) and eyes lined like Brigitte Bardot (Waterproof Smoky Eye Stick). That said, it’s about time I got on board with their amazing five shade Color Choreography Eye Palettesicon ($36).

Buxom has introduced six choreographed palettes, each named for a dance style and the we heart this team had the chance to get in step with four of them. The colors in each of these palettes seem to bridge the gap between outrageous and ho-hum, as if Mary Tyler Moore lived in the same building as Gorgeous George. It works. Outrageous gets old and boring gets bored; we all meet in the middle sometime.

Hip Hop — It’s the sea, it’s the sand, it’s as neutral as blues can be, and as bold.

Hip Hop – blue grey shimmer, chocolate brown shimmer, matte baby blue, yellow gold shimmer, navy with silver shimmer

Burlesque — an orchid-like mix of purple-pinks and smoky grays

Burlesque – hot pink shimmer, dark grey with silver shimmer, matte dove grey, light pink shimmer, black with multi-color shimmer

Belly Dance — Dark mustard with gray-based plums

Belly Dance – orangey bronze shimmer, purple shimmer, matte lavender gray, light lilac, dark grey with blue shimmer

Lambada — vibrant lavenders, blackened smoky plum and a peachy middle

Lambada – light pink, grape shimmer, peach shimmer, light orchid pink shimmer, dark purple-brown shimmer

My palette was Lambada, filled with colors I rarely wear anymore, but should. I have brown eyes and hair and, therefore, purples and plums provide perfect “pop.” The summer stone fruit peach and plum combination is a perfect everyday neutral, while the other shades of purple provide brighter, more daring options like the dance for which the palette is named. The great thing about the palette is that there are so many possible combinations ranging from south-of-the-border bright to north-of-Dixie subtle.

It’s not just the colors that are perfect here, it’s also the texture. These shadows are silky, creamy and richly pigmented. As buttery-soft as 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, these colors last a long time, too.

Color combinations are rich and complementary with a touch of the modern and unexpected
Smooth, silky, finely milled and highly pigmented

The brushes are small and pretty useless
The base/highlighting color is a relatively skinny strip in the middle that makes applying with a larger brush difficult

All in all, I love the staying power and blendability of the entire Buxom line; so too do I love the company, Bare Escentuals, that made it all happen. These palettes will make anyone a pin-up queen. Betty Page ain’t got nothin’ on today’s Buxom girls.

Ladies, are you all ready to du-wop into the night like a calendar girl with Color Choreography Eye Palettes?

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  1. I got to test Burlesque and I like it. I tested it out without primer and with primer and these apply really nicely when applied with a wet brush and they last pretty decent without primer. In regards to the brushes in the palette being too small, well I never use the brushes in a palette so I never care about that. This is definitely a great palette and great quality if you’re looking for a one stop shop kind of palette – in my opinion ;)

  2. Wow, Bare Escentuals and Buxom have really been cranking out the eyeshadows! I’m not sure how I feel about the color combos, but the price is right (even with the useless brush!)

    1. I think the color combos are where Buxom is pushing the envelope. When the unexpected sit side-by-side in a palette, I’m much more likely to give the combo a try. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s not my cup of tea. I’d love to try that mustard with the greys…who’d have thunk it?

    2. I agree. The color combos don’t blow me away. If I had a magic wand I’d take the base color from Burlesque & switch it with the one in Hip Hop…then I’d pick up the Hip Hop. None of the other ones really impress me. They either contain colors I wouldn’t wear or I own very similar ones already. @sherrishera How much eyeshadow is in each palette? That’d definitely be the clencher for me on whether I’d go pick up Hip Hop or not.

  3. I got to check out all of these pretty palettes at our distribution – and overall was impressed with them. The palette packaging was nice and sturdy, they had decent, fairly large mirrors and the colors were interesting. I love your description @sherrishera about how these bridge the gulf between outrageous and ho-hum. At first glance I thought the colors were too vivid and different to work well together. But (as the swatches attest) they are very wearable and mix well.

    My fave of the bunch was Hip Hop (the chocolate brown and navy shimmer are both super pretty). Oh, and I really liked the orangey bronze shimmer in Belly Dance as well – it would be great in the crease of blue-eyed ladies!

    1. @Tyna , you read my mind! If I could replace the spot held by the brush in Hip Hop with the orange-y mustard of Belly Dance it would be the perfect palette for blue eyed ladies like myself. (Okay, it’s pretty much perfect even sans orange-y mustard, but a girl can dream, right?)

  4. Like most palettes, some colors in mine are seeing much more action than the others. The peachy neutral is my go-to lid color these days and it’s set off beautifully by that smoky plum. The pale creamy pink is a nice brow bone color. Someday, I’ll ImGettingARaincoatDammit out what to do with those lovely lavenders!

  5. Lol, I did not mean to write anything about “a raincoatdammit!!!” What the heck auto-type (I’m on my iPad)? That was supposed to say “I’ll figure out.”

    1. HAAA, that’s great, @sherrishera ! Gotta love auto-type!

      Really enjoyed your take on these palettes. I definitely want to check out the colors in person. Hip Hop is especially intriguing to me—- love that yellow gold shimmer!

    2. That’s one funny auto correct!

  6. I was lucky to receive the Hip Hop pallet. The unusual color combinations, scared me a bit at first, but when applied, they meld well together. I liked the sturdiness of the compact and the nice big mirror.
    The payoff of the shadows was nice, although I do agree with @Sherrishera that the base color was a bit small if one was to use it on the reg.
    Over all a great value pallet with cutting edge colors!

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