Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer - swatches and review

Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer – swatches and review

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Heating up the summer with a soft, subtle glow

Buxom Hot Escapes 

It’s that time of year, where I kick up my bronzer use and look for the best summer glow. Of course I have my old stand by’s, but that doesn’t stop me from trying some new ones, always searching for a hot new shimmer.

One of our favorite brands has definitely answered that call with its latest and greatest, Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer. If you’re on the hunt for a bronzer too, look no further, because this one literally has it all!

Buxom Hot Escapes

The first thing you’ll notice with this bronzer is the sleek, shiny, black compact it’s housed it – I really love it! The nicely sized compact is very sturdy and best of all it has a full-sized, nice quality mirror inside. It’s nice enough to be the mirror you use when doing your makeup on the fly.

Buxom Hot Escapes tahiti

Available only at Sephora, Hot Escapes ($28) is available in two colors and we tested both hues:

Tahiti – a golden bronze
Maldives – a more rustic and darker bronze

Buxom Hot Escapes Maldives

I tested and really liked Tahiti, it gave me some nice color, without a hint of orange, and it was subtle enough that you could create buildable coverage, for a more dramatic look. I used a bronzer brush and found it gave me a nice subtle glow when applied to parts of my face and decollete. It also has a very sheer shimmer, that will give you an little pop, if you’re looking for that little something special.

Buxom Hot Escapes swatchHot Escapes Bronzers – Tahiti, Maldives

The formula was probably the most striking difference to other bronzers I use. It’s a very creamy powder formula due to the rice lipids it contains, allowing it to go on ultra smooth. Another surprise you’ll find is Buxom’s Hot Escapes has a light island scent…that’s right, it smells like coconut!

I have to admit I wasn’t really sure how I felt about my face makeup having a scent. I didn’t want to worry about smelling coconut the whole day, especially when I was eating. But I can honestly say the only time I could smell it was when first applied. After that, I never caught a whiff of it again, and I have a very sensitive nose. So, if you’re worried that it might bother you, just know, it’s not something that lasts throughout the day. I now, think it’s kind of cool to open up my compact and be transported to a relaxing island getaway!

Price is comparable to most other bronzers
Contains rice lipids for creamy, smooth application
Contains coconut oil to hydrate skin
Sheer, buildable coverage

Scent might bother some (Although it could be a pro if you like the scent!)

If you’re looking for a new summer glow, give Buxom’s Hot Escapes a try. I promise you’ll be sitting on a beach, sipping fruity drinks in no time!

we heartsters – are you ready to escape to an island with Buxom’s Hot Escape Bronzers?

photos: we heart this, swatches shown on NC 25/30 skintone

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6 thoughts on “Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer – swatches and review”

  1. I received Maldives to try, and it is just lovely. Buxom has some great products, and this just adds to their list. I generally don’t use bronzer, but this has such a soft and buttery finish that I am questioning that decision. It’s got a subtle shimmer and really seems like it can adapt to pretty much any skin type. I didn’t notice the scent, but I’ll have to sniff my compact when I get home! I apply my makeup very quickly due to a wobbly baby usually pulling on my pantleg, so I must have missed it. But that attests to whether or not it’s strong or lingering, I never even noticed it! :-)

  2. This is a great bronzer option for the summer and I was really impressed with the formula. The scent really is very mild, and it’s a pretty good sized compact!

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