California Spa Review: Glen Ivy Hot Springs

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There are a LOT of good things about living in Southern California. I could do a 500-word ode to In and Out Burger alone! But I think the absolute best thing about SoCal is our day spas and the fact that we can use them year round. Yes, even better than a Double Double.

This fact was confirmed when I was invited to visit Glen Ivy Hot Springs by my good friend Amber from the fabulous Beauty Junkies Unite. I mentioned the invite to another friend who I know had visited, and she text replied with a one word, all capital letter response: GO!


So I happily did go. Just like people have for 155 years. That’s right, these natural hot springs have greeted solace-seeking visitors for over a century; from nomadic tribes to beauty bloggers, who I believe all left feeling better than they did when they arrived.

Honestly, it would be hard NOT to feel better. The location alone is a thing of beauty. Tucked into the California mountain side in Corona, Glen Ivy looks like an oasis; 19 pools in a sea of beautiful indigenous plants and trees with countless nooks to lounge and relax. Of course, it feels like an oasis too. I felt relaxed just walking in the gates! After a full day, Amber and I both left more rejuvenated than we had been in months.

19 pools in a sea of beautiful indigenous plants, with countless nooks to lounge and relax



Glen Ivy offers yoga and water zumba classes for anyone who wants a bit of activity. But all I was determined to do was try all 19 spring water pools. (Glen Ivy calls it “Taking the Waters.”) We may have accomplished it, I was too relaxed too keep actual count. But we dipped in the mineral baths (with their sulfurous 104 degree waters), we bounced in the saline pool, we plunged in the hot and cold pools. But once we discovered the lounge pool, complete with floating bean bags, my determination slowed down. I could have floated on my bean bag all day long!


Glen-Ivy-Hot-Springs-spa-bloody-maryMy bean bag accessory

Glen-Ivy-Hot-Springs-spa-club-mud-2Club Mud doing its magic

A couple of special experiences lied ahead, so I left my bean bag behind. First up, Club Mud. Each morning red clay mud is mounded onto a pedestal and the pool around it is filled with the same geothermal water used in the mineral baths. I slathered the mud on, allowed it to dry quickly in the sun and draw out skin impurities, then rinsed in an outdoor shower. Not only was it fun, my skin felt amazing afterwards.



Getting muddy makes a girl hungry though! Luckily, a healthy and delicious lunch was just steps away. Glen Ivy has an award-winning chef on staff, and my Ahi Poke Salad was a perfect example of his offerings. The Ahi was served with a Hawaiian vinaigrette, avocados, cucumbers, red onions, organic garden greens with hot sauce, wasabi and crispy wonton strips. I hear their nachos are gigantic (and delicious).

Next up, The Grotto (which is an additional fee from the admission price.) I don’t know if it was all that water I was taking, but this experience is otherworldly and that’s a good thing. You take an elevator to a subterranean chamber, where you’re met by an attendant who slathers you with a paintbrush and a masque of aloe vera, coconut oil and shea butter. As you relax in the heated room, the mixture intensely hydrates your skin. Next, you rinse it off in one of several multi-head showers, and grab an apple and some green tea before heading back to the surface.

Last but certainly not least, it was time for my Detox Body Treatment (spa services also include facials, massages, nail care and more.) My masseuse scrubbed me with sugar, wrapped me in heated towels, then massaged me with a eucalyptus and lavender oil mixture that is Glen Ivy’s signature scent. I felt absolutely heavenly.


After a hearty stroll around their fabulous retail shop (beauty bloggers can’t resist the urge of products!) we headed to our last stop, the Labyrinth. My masseuse invited me to visit if I felt the need and take in a rock to symbolize whatever was troubling me to leave behind, along with the worry. As I strolled the path and reflected, I did just that: left my worry behind. I thank both the Labyrinth and Glen Ivy for that.

I highly recommend a trip to this sanctuary, just a quick drive from pretty much all of Southern California and indeed one of our absolute treasures. Check out Glen Ivy’s hours, rates and directions and I’ll see you at the bean bags!


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  1. Oh my gob, Glen Ivy looks beautiful! So glad you could rest and recharge there. Two super important points: !) BEAN BAG FLOATS!!! and 2) How do you look so cute covered in mud?!

  2. I was just thinking “How cute is @stef when she’s covered in mud?” Seriously, ADORABLE! That might be my favorite pic of her :D

  3. It’s unanimous: muddy @stef is super-cute!
    I swear I feel more relaxed just from reading this post and looking at the photos. What a gorgeous place!

  4. You are all too kind! Ok, no more showering for me.

  5. Be still my pounding heart!! I’ve always wanted to go there. And have always been really envious of my friends that went (without me)! With a review like that and services like those, well, I’m treating myself this year to Glen Ivy!!

  6. My wife’s birthday is coming up and I’m thinking of gifting her a trip to Glen Ivy for some much needed pampering and R&R. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the place!

    1. I would suggest the massage, the rest is not worth it bc they used the same kits for pedicure and facial, beware.

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