Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads review

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Skin sees maximum results from this one little pad!

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I love scrubs. I love masks. I love peels. I love anything that promises to pretty much take off a layer of skin – revealing the pore-less perfection that was surely my destiny. So when I received a package of Cane + Austin’s Retexturizing Treatment Pads for review, I was STOKED that it contained 10% glycolic acid – that’s pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid, folks. I figured that FINALLY, I would achieve the skin that cruel genetics robbed me of. Stupid genetics.

Cane & Austin is a skincare company that was founded by dermatologist Dr. Craig Austin. With over 20 years experience in the skin business, Dr. Austin has created a skincare line that reflects his expertise and promises to, if not give you the skin you always dreamed of, then to significantly improve what you already have.

Offering two different kinds of treatment pads, Retexturizing and Acne Treatment, Cane + Austin has a pad for every skin need. Formulated with sugar cane and 10% glycolic acid (get it, Cane + Austin?), the innovative Retexturizing Treatment Pads both exfoliate and help to rebuild collagen, a must for aging skin. The end results are smoother, firmer skin with increased clarity and radiance.

The Acne Treatment Pads contain slightly less glycolic acid at 5% and also 2% salicylic acid, so you get all of the anti-aging benefits of the standards pads, but with a strong blemish fighter.

Our tester panel was lucky enough to take the classic Retexturizing Treatment Pads ($60) for a test drive. My first impression of this product is that the packaging looks pretty darn respectable on my bathroom counter. The green jar with silver lid is sleek and the print is modern; I didn’t mind this product taking up residence next to my sink. The jar contains 60 pads, which is enough for one month’s use if you use the recommended 2 pads a day (one in the a.m. and one in the p.m.).

One caveat: if you have more sensitive skin, like myself, I would only recommend using one pad a day, or maybe one every couple of days for the extremely sensitive.
When I followed the twice-a-day directions exactly, I ended up with an angry breakout. I found that I had better results if I used one pad every couple of days and then only at night.

Overall, I liked these. I wish my sensitive skin didn’t have the reaction that it did (stupid genetics – again), but for the first couple of days, my complexion was looking pretty darn good. Marks from healing blemishes and spots noticeably faded , blackheads were vanishing, my fine lines were becoming scarcer, and my pores smaller every time I woke up.

Once I rearranged my usage of these pads, I continued to experience the same positive results – a little slower to show perhaps, but definitely there. For those in doubt, start out slow with perhaps one pad a day, and then work your way up – the results are worth it.

Erases blackheads
Reduced the appearance of the 11 I have between my eyebrows and the laugh lines bracketing my mouth
Fades dark spots caused by healing blemishes
Skin seems to glow in a non-radioactive way

Pricey at $60 for a 30-day supply
Be very careful if you have sensitive skin. These deliver a potent amount of glycolic acid you may not be used to

I can’t wait to hear about the results the rest of the panel had, especially those with hardier skin. I wonder if they were as amazed as I was by the reduction in fine lines?

we heartsters and testers – has your skin been retexturized with Cane + Austin’s Treatment Pads?

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  1. Ooo, I wish these came in a smaller size so I could try a week’s worth. My skin is alternately hardy and sensitive, so I’d hate to buy a 30 day’s supply only to have even a once a week treatment not work. But they sound so great! I’m lazy, so I love the idea of just using a pad and going about my business and magically getting clear skin!

  2. @lyssachelle – How great would a travel size be? I really agree that it would be great for them to have a “try it” size. I don’t try anything at $60 a pop. I really wish they had a smaller size for those of us that can’t afford to commit to a $60 purchase. Wah wahhhh *sad trombone*

    That being said, despite the breakout this induced, the pads did do some pretty terrific things overall–my skin looks way less dull than my regular winter skin :)

  3. That jar does look pretty! If these are effective, it sounds like it might be worth the price… Especially if it works better on my skin once a day, that’s a two month supply! How big are the pads? You might even be able to cut them in half….

    1. They’re a bit smaller than palm size. You could cut them in half, good idea! But I seem to use the whole thing, from the middle out.

  4. Yep, def. “oops, did I leave this out on the bathroom counter while I was having a party?” kind of packaging! And I think the interior is as fab as the exterior. They’re soft, they smell good (just kind of light and clean) and they work.

    I did not use these daily. I’ve been using them 3 or 4 times a week. Not because I have any issues with them at all. No breakouts, no stinging (how did they do that with 10% glycolic acid?). Only because I’m lazy! Well, that and I saw results with less use.

    What kind of results? Really good ones, thanks for asking! Everything appeared softer – wrinkles, acne yuckiness. Quick too. I thought my skin looked better in just one week.

    I love peels, I love pads. So I knew I’d be all over these. And I am. 5 stars.

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