CARGO Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer review

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Eyes carrying too much baggage? CARGO jets to the rescue!

CARGO Jet Lag Under Eye Concealerphotos: we heart this

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent years looking for a holy grail concealer. Well, several types of holy grail concealers because there is pretty much a concealer for everything. I have concealers for blemishes, for redness, for under eyes, for hiding my prison tats (Just kidding about the prison tattoos, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) I have an exceptionally hard time rewarding a concealer with “holy grail” status, so the search is a constant in my life.

Thanks to the folks at CARGO, I am happy to report that I finally filled the position of “Holy Grail Concealer for Under Eyes”. Let me introduce you all to the new concealer in my life: CARGO Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer.

CARGO claims that this concealer will not only reduce dark circles and puffiness through concealing them, but after 28 days of continued use, it’ll actually improve the appearance of your under eye area.

CARGO Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer in Light, blended on left CARGO Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer in Light, blended on left

At the moment, there are only two available shades: Light and Medium. For this review, the wht team received the Light shade. Typically, when I test a product that’s one-shade-fits-most-anyone type, it usually doesn’t match my super pale skin. The Jet Lag concealer actually matched my skin tone fairly well once blended – which is nothing short of a miracle. I’m curious to see how wht readers have fared with the Medium shade and can’t wait to see their thoughts in the comments (hint, hint).

close up image of Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer

The Jet Lag Under Eye Concealer ($32) is housed in a silver click pen with a brush applicator, which isn’t my favorite packaging for concealer, but such is life. A couple of clicks yield enough coverage for both under eye areas. I don’t have overly dark circles, just visible ones, so I only need one pass of this. If you have really dark circles, I recommend applying one coat, letting it dry and absorb, and then topping it with another application.

I’ve been very happy with the coverage from this concealer. As for the improvement aspects? I have to admit, I am a wee bit under the full 28 days of use, but I’m not sure if I see an actual improvement in the eye area when I am not wearing this product.

I can however vouch for how beautifully this covers my dark circles and puffiness when I’m wearing it. I also get very little creasing from this product when I apply this properly (i.e. the tiniest amount).

Better yet, the Jet Lag concealer stays put for the better part of a day and keeps my eyes looking fresh. I’m giving this one 5 stars. If it were a little cheaper, it’d get 6 stars (that’s right ladies, I would reward extra credit stars for awesomeness).

Expertly hides dark circles and helps diminish puffiness.
Doesn’t crease like most eye concealers.
Light shade is a good match for the very fair.
Free of parabens, fragrance and synthetic dyes.

$32 for a 0.067 fl oz. tube of eye concealer is expensive. I think $20 would be more reasonable.
Click pen is not my favorite applicator.

we heartsters and testers – Was anybody as impressed with CARGO’s Jet Lag Concealer as I?
If you have a Holy Grail concealer, share it with the rest of us!

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  1. Ooh, I too am always looking for that one amazing concealer! Cargo’s looks awesome and I will be hunting it down to try!

  2. I am Holy Grail-less when it comes to concealer, but that may be that I don’t apply it correctly. But I’m curious to hear how the Medium girls thought this worked; I’ll have to keep it on my list to try in Sephora if they ever come out with a Medium/Deep.

  3. I’m also fairly pale, so scared of most concealers because I don’t want to have darker undereyes. I loved the consistency of this concealer. It disappeared under my eyes and lightened them up beautifully. At the end of the day I noticed no creasing. This concealer is great for wearing without foundation to lighten up dark spots or undereye.

  4. What’s a nice girl like you doing with Prison Tattoos Krista? Only kidding. See we read your posts! Back to business.

    I was excited to give Cargo’s “Jetlag” under eye concealed a try. My under eye area can look pretty puffy at times (mostly in the morning) and this was hopefully going to do the trick and fix that. Fingers crossed, toes crossed.. One thing for sure -I liked their formula. It’s super creamy and covered up my tired poofy looking eyes nicely. Easy to blend in using pinky finger to get in to the corners and it does have staying power for most of the day. Would it actually make a permanent difference in 28 days? It’s hard to tell really, but it does feel wonderful on and my peepers look fresh while on- adding brightness to my eyes in general. I agree with Krista, love the packaging.. easy to hold and use. Only need a little bit to go along way.. I would like to see this product for a few dollars less but think I’d buy this again regardless because, it’s worth it since it will last for months. I give this four stars- easy speasy!

    1. @irene – Actually, I loved everything about this but the click pen (and the price tag)–I hate clicking those things and when the packaging is opaque like this I always feel like I’m being cheated because you never really can see how much is in there. I’m so untrusting :)

  5. Don’t laugh, but I have attempted to hide tattoos with concealer before. It was a period piece at a local theater and the dress didn’t hide one of my tattoos. Sadly, neither did the concealer! Just as I’ve yet to find a good concealer to cover up my tattoos (probably because they’re huge… and black… LOL) I’ve yet to find one that really, REALLY covers my dark circles. Given your stellar review I think I’ll have to play around with the CARGO Jet Lag concealer the next time I’m at ULTA. (Didja know we have an ULTA store in Manchester now @Krista ? It’s so fun!)

    1. I didn’t know!!! I’ve been so grumpy about how far we live from an Ulta because they get some great deals every so often, but because of distance I miss out. Thanks for the heads up! Definitely check this stuff out–it gives excellent but still natural-looking coverage for my dark circles. As for tattoo concealer–while I don’t have any tattoos, have you tried Dermablend concealer? It’s at Ulta and is supposed to be really good at covering tats.

  6. I’m going to go with 4 stars for this one. I’m also not a big fan of clicks for products, I’ve found that I need at least 5 clocks to feel like I am getting fresh product, and then sometimes I’ve got too much. Maybe I just need more practice. The consistency is great, very creamy and smooth, and covers supremely well. This stuff lasts all day, and certainly covers everything I need it to. I’m not really sure about reducing color after 28 days, but I think it did help cut down on my daily puffyness. And I have very puffy eyes. This would easily be a 5 star product with different packaging.

  7. I’ve been curious about this, but I definitely am not a fan of a clicker pen concealers. I did use the Revlon concealer that came in a clicker for awhile and I just could not get it right! I either clicked to the point I got too much or I didn’t click enough!

    I wouldn’t mind spending $32 if it came in maybe a tube and doe foot (or just a squeeze tube). However, it would have to beat Benefit Boi-ing first. That stuff covers my hideous dark circles like crazy!

  8. @krista , I wasn’t a CARGO tester but I give your review 5 stars for making me laugh with your “prison tats.” I’m always on the lookout for a good concealer and will definitely check this one out!

    1. I’m here for you, @turboterp –I’m here for YOU *points intensely at computer screen* :)

  9. CARGO has some really great products. I love their HD concealer in medium, but wish they had more shades (medium isn’t QUITE perfect but close enough).

  10. I love the design of this concealer. The pen applicator is perfect for keeping in my purse for on the go applications. Huge bonus that the brush is built it. I tested the light shade which was a tad too light for my complexion. I would love to try out medium shade in the future which I have a feeling would be a perfect match for me. I give this concealer 4 stars…5 if it were a tad cheaper.

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