Cargo Pro Picks Collection - a beautiful steal!

Cargo Pro Picks Collection – a beautiful steal!

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You may remember that I’ve got a thing for CARGO. Always have, always will! Give me one of their huge tins of blush, or a product from their uber-fabulous blu_ray high definition line and I am a happy girl. But recently, I discovered a new (perhaps even deeper) love in their line; their eyeshadow palettes. They’re perfect; generously sized, finely milled and beautifully packaged.

My favorite is Tahiti, filled with bright, shimmery blues and greens that you’d find on a tropical island. Surprisingly wearable for colors so vibrant. It’s with that existing love of Tahiti that I gazed upon the Los Angeles Palette (that’s it in all it’s glory above) in their new Pro Picks Collection ($39) and literally cooed. I couldn’t wait to get this on my eyes! More on the results later…

The 4-piece Pro Picks Collection is a steal at only $39. If you consider that the palettes are $28, you are getting three additional, full sized products for only $11 bucks (less than the cost of one product!) It includes:

Reverse Lipliner – I’ve owned this little gem for years. You apply the nude shade to the outside of your lip line, keeping all of your color inside by preventing feathering.

blu_ray Mascara – Rather than a brush, this has a tiny comb which is said to separate your lashes better. Clump free lashes, for real? If anyone can do it, I’d place my bet on the blu_ray line!

Classic Lip Gloss with Timestrip Technology – what’s that, you ask? It shows you when your gloss needs to be replaced (via a little strip you place in the cap upon first usage). Techie bells and whistles aside, it’s a beautiful, shimmery melon pink.

And then there’s the Los Angeles Palette.

Exclusive to this collection, this palette is all that Tahiti is and more. A similar (but different!) shimmering blue and green, plus a bright purple and a lemony-white highlighter. At first glance, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off. You see, I always thought purple and I weren’t very good friends, despite my desperate attempts. I always feel it makes me look a bit sickly. But Los Angeles has made me realize it’s plum that I don’t get along with. Bright, fun grape? Why we’re new besties, see for yourself!

I’m so pleased I snagged this palette. But I decided to share the joy and send the other items to three review team members. They’ll be along in the comments to let you know their thoughts. But you? If you buy this you don’t have to share with anyone, I won’t tell!

The Pro Picks Collection is available now, exclusively at Ulta.

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17 thoughts on “Cargo Pro Picks Collection – a beautiful steal!”

  1. Thanks @cori!

    Well, I can’t give the Pro Picks collection anything other than 5 stars. Los Angeles is a beautiful palette, Reverse lipliner is a great thing to have in your arsenal and I’ve always like their glosses. (The only thing I haven’t tried is the mascara.)

    But 4 products for under $40 bucks? That’s a great deal!

    I am sad you can’t get Cargo at Sephora anymore though…sniff.
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..Smashbox Eye Illusion review =-.

  2. While I love the colors of this set I’m hesitant to try it- @Stef – how is the smell of Cargo lip glosses? I only once bought a lip product from Cargo (a “Plant Love” lipstick) and the smell is terrible! I almost never use it despite the great color because of the smell. I know it’s because the packaging they use is eco friendly and I appreciate that, but I can’t get by the odor… What say you? Should I give them another try?

  3. @mandaleem – I had a hit and a miss with PlantLove myself. The first tube I bought was great, smelled fine. But the second one had that awful castor oil smell that lipsticks that go off get (is that the same smell you mean?) I think it has more to do with the age of the lipstick then the formula. Maybe because it’s natural it has less preservatives in it? I find Nars lipsticks turn quickly too.

    But, I’m happy to say I’ve never had a problem with Cargo lipglosses!
    .-= Stef´s last blog ..By Lauren Luke, My Smokey Classics – review =-.

  4. @Stef you look Gorgeous-Gorgeous! :)
    I love the colors, such a nice palette. And a great deal.
    Time to make a trip to ULTA!
    I need a new mascara, did you find this one to be a good go to one? The comb looks intriguing.

  5. @Stef, your eyes look SUPER amazing! I’ve never tried Cargo’s eye products, but I’ve been using and loving their lip glosses for years (surprise, surprise). I will definitely be checking out this collection!

  6. Well, hello gorgeous! All of those colors, especially that purple, are superb on you! And I wish I knew how to apply eye shadow as well as you do! Jealous! ;)

    I was the lucky gal who got the Classic Lip Gloss in their “Tobago” shade and just as Stef described, it’s a pretty melon pink.

    When applied it adds the slightest hint of shimmer and a cute kiss of pink but for me the velvety smooth texture and UNBELIEVABLE shine were what made me fall in love with this product. Fans of non-sticky glosses will definitely want this!

    And @mandaleem, I’m the same way about weird smelling lip products, but I haven’t found any odor issue with this one. It’s pretty bland in a good way. Plus, with that awesome Timestrip I’ll be able to toss it before it goes bad. Although, I don’t think the tube is going to last that long. I use this stuff almost every day now! (Sidenote: the nerd in me loves the Timestrip technology! It’s pretty cool to see the red mark counting down! Heh).

    Bonus: The lip gloss is paraben free and uses Rosemary extract, Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E, so your lips are being moisturized and protected from harmful elements!

    This was actually my first time using any Cargo product but their Classic Lip Gloss is now one of my new favorite lip glosses!

    5 big stars from me!

  7. First, before I talk about the genius reverse lipliner that I received, I just want to say @stef, “What do you mean Cargo is no longer available at Sephora!?!?” This is heartbreaking news to me! Sephora is where I got my first whiff of Cargo with it’s big, fun tins of lipgloss in super-flattering shades. Sephora is where, just in September (I think), I found their eye palette in Shanghai to be the most flattering quad I own. I’ve come to count on the one-stop shopping that is Sephora…but, oh well. On to the task at hand…
    The reverse lipliner is the most brilliant idea that I never had. I stopped wearing lipliner years ago. I didn’t dig the barrio look of dark liner, paler lipcolor. Even when trying to match lipcolor to liner, this would be the end-of-the-day result (or right after you had a coffee or a bite to eat). I never “got” filling your lips in with the liner, either, because–unless you have a fat lip crayon and not a true liner pencil–it doesn’t last very long. I never had a problem with feathering. My skin is oily and I don’t really have a lot of tiny lines around my mouth, so I would usually forego the lipliner altogether.
    The reverse lipliner’s nude color really showed me how important liner can be. Forget the feathering factor, this nude color perfects your natural lip shape without letting anyone know you had help! I’m not talking Lucille Ball lipshape, I’m talking about making your lipline smooth ad perfect in the shape you’ve got. The only thing that upsets me about this liner is that now I found another tool that I can’t be without. Thanks (I think). 5 stars.

  8. Well, here I come to bust up the party! I got to try the blu_ray mascara with it’s comb applicator. Totally unique, but unfortunately totally doesn’t work. The comb is too tiny and very unwieldy. I occasionally could manage to get a few lashes to fall within the teeth, but more often I felt like I was applying the mascara with a spatula. The formula felt alright, but honestly I couldn’t really tell because everything was becoming a clumpy mess. Sorry Cargo, but this comb needs to go back to the drawing board.

    With all that being said, this is the first Cargo product I’ve ever used that I didn’t like. I guess everyone misses sometimes.

  9. @veronica – that’s a shame! I guess there’s a reason why mascara wands have been around forever.

    @sherrishera – Yep, no more Cargo at Sephora. Boo hiss, right? They do have some things still in the sale section but once they’re gone, that’s it.

    @kari – oh, you, go on! No really, go on…
    (By the way, watch some of Temptalia’s videos. Studying her and practicing is how I learned to apply shadows better!)

  10. And they say blue eyeshadow doesn’t make blue eyes pop. Critics–feast your eyes on this! It CAN work.

    Stef–you’re cool-toned yes? Try blue-based purples if you are as the purple shade in that pack is cool-toned. Red-toned purples make me look like I’ve been crying for three hours. Stila’s Moxie from the Pro Palette is one of my new found favorite purples! I want to try Cassis.

  11. @Stef you are adorable!

    I am dying to try the reverse lip liner. I have had my eye one it for awhile. But these glowing endorsements have convinced me to pull the trigger.

    BTW-What a stunning palette! Those blues just pop. In my youth I never would have tried blue eyeshadow. I thought that it was the kiss of death. But now I now how lovely and understated it can truly be.

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  13. @katezena I’m actually a warm, specifically warm neutral I do believe (but honestly, despite some very good tutorials, I’m really just guessing! My veins do look more greenish, especially when comparing them to @tyna and her cool toned blue veins).

    But, yeah – blue shadows can look fab with blue eyes (and thank you for noticing!) I think the key is to make sure you use another shade too. All blue tends to look pretty disco on me.

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