Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection swatches

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection swatches and review

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I discovered the majesty that is British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s collection about two years ago and I was hooked. If you haven’t tried her blushes, do yourselves a favor and get yourself one. Or two. Or all of them.

That being said, my favorite product is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick ($32). I remember hearing about them in 2014 and not being able to buy them stateside until 2015–almost 7 months later. It was torture waiting to get my hands on those beauties. As with other Charlotte Tilbury products, these lipsticks were worth the wait.

They’re matte, but they’re anything but flat and boring. These mattes are magnificent, y’all! Their luminous 3D pigments make your lips appear fuller, they’re moisturizing and feel buttery on, and they wear all day. These are the anti-matte matte lipstick. I quickly collected a handful of shades that I’ve worn to death this past year.

Imagine my delight of the brand new Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection, which includes 12 NEW shades of Matte Revolution lipsticks. No seriously, imagine it.


The Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips collection consists of 16 shades in total: 12 new and 4 favorites*, inspired by celebrities:

Electric Poppy–cerise cherry; Poppy Delevingne
Miranda May–pinky coral; Miranda Kerr
Hot Emily–1970’s coral; Emily Ratajkowski
Secret Salma–deep rose plum; Salma Hayek
Hel’s Bells–magenta mulberry; Helena Bonham Carter
Super Cindy–1990’s warm taupe nude; Cindy Crawford
Carina’s Love–screen siren red; Carina Lau
Kidman’s Kiss–rose petal pink; Nicole Kidman
Liv It Up–rosebud; Liv Tyler
Bosworth’s Beauty–1950’s retro pink; Kate Bosworth
Tell Laura–geranium red; Laura Bailey
Kim K.W.–palest nude pink; Kim Kardashian West
Penelope Pink*–pink nude; Penelope Cruz
Nude Kate*–perfect nude; Kate Moss
Sexy Sienna*–golden coral; Sienna Miller
Very Victoria*–cool taupe nude; Victoria Beckham

I ended up splurging on Miranda May, Super Cindy, Secret Salma and Hel’s Bells. All are gorgeous against my pale skin/dark hair, but the real MVP here is Hel’s Bells. It’s an extremely flattering deep plum berry shade that lasts pretty much all day. We’re talking, it survived meals and coffee breaks and I still had an excellent stain by bedtime. It’s probably one of my favorite lipsticks of all-time, ladies. That’s high praise if you know anything about my stash.




(Hel’s Bells is) one of my favorite lipsticks of all-time, ladies.  That’s high praise if you know anything about my stash.

If any of these new shades tickle your fancy, try to get these in the next 2 months–$2 from each lipstick will go towards the charity Women for Women International, which assists female survivors of war, during the first 2 months of sale. Not only can you look good but you’re doing good!

we heartsters, have any of you tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipsticks? Which Hot Lips is on your wishlist? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection swatches and review”

    1. You need one or all of these, @turboterp. Not to peer pressure you, but they are beyond amazing. Just an FYI–I just ordered the red shade in this new collection–Carina’s Love. I bet that would look amazing on you with your dark hair. I’ll report back once I receive it :D

  1. Oh baby, that golden tube is so perfectly retro – talk about feeling like a fancy lady! I’m digging Secret Salma – looks like the perfect everyday shade!

    1. Secret Salma IS a perfect everyday shade–it’s probably my favorite next to Hel’s Bells in this newer collection. If you prefer a shade a little less plum and a little more pink, go with Bond Girl or Walk of Shame. Those are other gorgeously wearable shades in the Matte Revolution line. They all are, but those are the ones I gravitate towards.

  2. One of your favorite lipsticks of all time?! That’s seriously saying something. I’m totally loving the retro inspired packaging, and those shades are so classic–and I love the themed collection.

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