Chef’n kitchen tools – review

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Kitchen products that no cook should be without.

As some of you already know, I like to cook. With that comes a love of kitchen gadgets. I love them even more when said gadgets can make tedious kitchen tasks simpler and dare I say, fun. Thanks to the folks at Chef’n, I am now spending even more time in the kitchen and not minding it at all.

Chef’n is a Seattle-based company, founded by inventor David Holcomb, that strives to “make better tools so you can make better food”. Chef’n has made an art of reinventing old standards and making them, well…better. Creating completely new products that will surely one day become old standards. Their offerings include a variety of salt and pepper grinders, assorted gadgets, salad tools, general kitchen tools, and their CleanGenuity line of cleaning tools and accessories. With over 250 innovative product patents worldwide, Chef’n really does have a little something for everybody.

The lovely people at Chef’n were kind enough to send us a few of their fabulous kitchen and salad gadgets to try, including:

I was lucky enough to receive their VeggiChop to use in my own kitchen (it’s on the bottom shelf, farthest right in the image). It sounds like an exaggeration, but it really changed the way I cook.

The VeggiChop is like a hand-powered food chopper that you can control the degree of chopping. The construction is simple: a generously-sized plastic bowl with a non-skid rubber ring on the bottom and a patented blade mechanism that is controlled by a pull ring on the lid of the chopper. To use the VeggiChop, you simply have to put whatever you want to chop in the bowl, close the lid, press one hand firmly on the lid, and take the ring on top of the lid with the other hand and give it a few good pulls for a coarse chop and about 20 for a very fine chop or a puree, depending on what you are chopping. It’s as simple at that.

You really can do pretty much anything with this little chopper. In the time I’ve had it, I’ve made salsa, chopped nuts, tearlessly chopped onions, used it to puree sweet potatoes and mash regular potatoes, chopped up some apples to put in my oatmeal—the possibilities are endless! If you can imagine it, you can probably do it with this little gadget. I am already trying to narrow down the list of which Chef’n product I will be adding to my kitchen next!

Don’t forget to check the comments for the we heart this review team’s thoughts and experiences with the products listed above. And readers, have you tried any Chef’n products? Let us know what you would recommend!

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  1. I used to own the salt and pepper shakers and they were quite nice. Very easy to use squeeze handle versus twisting style salt/pepper mills. Sadly I lost them during a move a few years back. I’ll have to replace them. And that veggie chopper sounds fantastic.

  2. Okay, so I guess I was bragging about the VeggiChop so much that my dad (a man who loves his gadgets) ended up wanting one, so I got him one for Christmas. Since then, I’ve added their PalmPeeler and PalmBrush–which are kind of cool because they are square and have a little ring you can slip over your finger and fit into the palm of your hand and are quite comfortable to use. I told my dad how awesome those were and after much hinting, I got him those as well. Now I’m eyeballing the SleekStor measuring cups and colander—they collapse so you can store them flat, which would be a huge space saver in my already cramped kitchen. I’m sure I’ll be getting hints about those, too :) I still can’t get over how much fun these products are or how great they work—5 stars!

  3. I love all of the chef’n products. The veggie chop is fantastic. It’s pretty much replaced the blender, food processor and most knives in my cooking prep. The brush and peeler are wonderful as well. No more peelers thumb!

    Absolutely pick up some (if not all) of these products. You will not be disappointed.

  4. I love the collapsable measuring cups! Regular hard measuring cups always take up so much room in the drawer and are super awkward. These cups lie flat on the bottom and its much harder for them to get all strewn across the drawer! I love it!!

  5. I had the lucky job of testing the Sleek Slice Mandoline. I’ve had mandoline envy for years. Every time I see someone on a cooking show zipping vegetables across one and ending up with perfectly thin slices, I feel a pang of need. And now, I’ve got my own! It is sleek, it collapses down to under an inch thick for storage. But really sturdy too. Once you have it set up and in position, it’s not going anywhere.

    I tested first on potatoes for Au Gratin. It comes with a little device that has prongs on it that you pierce into the veg, protecting your fingers and holding it firm. Sadly, that didn’t work so well. The potato keep falling off of it. Personally, I think it may need bigger or spiky-er prongs. So I used it without it, but VERY carefully! (this thing is really sharp!)

    It takes a bit of practice. But once you find your groove, you’re slicing away like a pro. I’ve used it on cucumbers and onions too. You can also adjust it to the desired thickness. I was very impressed and am glad to have this in my arsenal of kitchen gadgets. A solid 4 stars from me, it would be a 5 with some modifications to the veg holder/finger protector.

    And now I have collapsible measuring cup envy…
    .-= stef´s last blog ..So simple, so yummy – Vegan “Tuna” Sandwich =-.

  6. Oooh, I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I just took a look at some of the products and they are adorable (sadly, my first criteria for new kitchen gadgets!). Much like Tyna, I have been wanting a mandoline forever (I used to work for a cookbook publisher many years ago, which was my first intro to the power of the mandoline). And for $19? I am so getting this! :)

  7. Oh snap. That mandolin is cool! Looks awesome. Keeping this line in mind for Christmas gifts!

  8. When I got my Emulstir the first thing I thought was that to purchase one of these one must be pretty darn lazy. I mean, really, is a bowl and a whisk a difficult combo to use? Does it take too much time?
    That was then, this is now. I’ve used the Emulstir every time I’ve made a marinade or dressing since I got it (I always make my own dressings because it’s sooo easy, not to mention the fact that when you make it yourself, you know what’s going in it), and with good results. Pour some olive oil, squeeze some lemon, add some salt n pepper, maybe throw in some herbs, screw on the top and squeeze the trigger. In addition to building strength in my hands and forearms, I get some pretty good salad dressing. Whoda thunk it?
    There are a couple of small issues. First off, the cap that covers the pour spout is really tiny. I’ve been careful but I know I am destined to lose it (hopefully not in someone’s salad). Also, the trigger action isn’t always smooth and easy (and sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to break it since it’s plastic).
    So what makes it so good? Well, mixing, serving and storing all in one container is nice. There is less waste since now I use every last drop of dressing. And anything that lets me do less dishes is always good. The Emulstir is also attractive in its design so it can be set at the dinner table without embarrassment.
    I’ll give the Emulstir 4 stars. I’m taking one away for the tiny top, the questionable trigger and the fact that if I hadn’t received this I probably wouldn’t be standing in line to get one. But now that it’s here…it’s a welcome addition.
    BTW Stef, I think that the veggie grips are always sucky with mandolins. I have a metal Cuisinart mandolin that cost quite a bit more than $19 with a grip that can never seem to hold onto veggies very well.

  9. I love kitchen gadgets. The VeggiChop looks like one I may have to try. Anything that keeps me from dragging out the food processor, or attempting my sad knife skills, is a good thing!

  10. I have to show this line to my Dad.. he is the gadget master…bet he’d get along with your Dad Krista :) And these all seem totally useful and great. I’ve seen similar products to the Emulsir on Food TV and love the idea of mix, serve, and store. I may start with that one! This is a line I must try!!

  11. I now have mandoline and veggie chop envy but I’m very happy with my mini salt & pepper grinders. First they are bunny shaped and being the bunny owner of the group they are a welcome edition to my kitchen. These little guys have a magnet on the back to make them easy to hang on your fridge or if you have a retro kitchen like me with metal cabinets they can hang right on your cabinets by the stove. These are great to use while you are cooking since you only need one hand to operate unlike standard mill grinders that require both hands. I like the ability of being able to salt and stir atthe same time. I’ve seen and used the large version of these as well. The larger version is easier to refill then the mini version. They are easy to clean and sturdy. Honestly I thought they would break aftera few uses but I’ve had them for awhile now and they are still grinding well and holding up nicely.

  12. Two things I love…gadgets and cooking! I’ve always wanted a veggie chop. Going to check these out right now.

  13. Oh, Stef, you must share your Au Gratin Recipe. I’m still fiddling with mine (the first time was a little too parmesaney). I looooooooooove Au Gratin (and Julienne and Scalloped, mmmm).

    Hm, now I have mandolin envy. But, you know, I kinda like chopping everything by hand and accidentally cutting myself. I’m just not a lazy chef! This coming from the person who uses their hands to stir all the cookie ingredients together because a fork just is not fast enough. I love the feeling of using my hands.

  14. Before I forget, a quick tip about the VeggiChop: do not overload it! If you’re cutting an onion, I find it’s good to quarter it and depending on the size, chop half at a time to break it up a bit. If you overload it, the blades can jam. Just a tip :)
    Christy–I think a lot of Dads only even cook if there are gadgets involved. Men are fun :)
    I mentioned the Emulstir to my Dad and the hints have began…this is a really great line!

  15. Sorry for my terribly late review. I love to cook! i was pretty excited when i got the garlic crusher. I use tons of it. I’ll start off by saying that i couldn’t figure it out at all. And when i did, it broke. yikes. The little i did use of it was pretty good. For some cooks that are beginners they may have better luck with it. but honestly i use those little rolls that are a soft plastic that takes the skin off the garlic in two seconds and then i use a knife to chop. a lot of cooks are anti crushers because they say it ruins the garlic. the other route i go if i have a lot is my mini food processor.

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