CHI Smart Titanium Ceramic Travel Iron review

CHI Smart Titanium Ceramic Travel Iron review

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What does it take to do the job? Does size matter?

There are some areas beauty consumers are willing to give a little “wiggle” room and some they are not. For example, it does not matter how much room there is in my suitcase, there are items that are non-negotiable on every trip. Space in your travel bag is as sacred as money, time and a limited edition MAC product.

I am excited to give you a full report on the CHI Smart Titanium Ceramic Travel Iron ($59.99). This flat iron is close to the same size as my electric toothbrush. It is 8 ¾ inches long with 1 inch heating plates. Compact, yet this is made with innovation from NASA: titanium technology married with a ceramic heater. With this product I’m happy to say: good things come in small packages.

I will admit when I first saw this small travel iron, I thought “how can this possibly do the same job as my normal straightener?” (a tool that’s double or even triple the size). I have a lot of thick, mid-length hair. My hairdresser says I have more than enough for two people. It also gets wavy in humidity. So let’s just say styling tools are important to me.

This tool is very simple to operate. Flip on the “on” switch, as you would with any other hair tool, but there is no temperature gage to set. It has plenty of heat to style my hair but, not too much. I did not find that I had to go over any of section of hair more than two times. (Which is the amount as same as my larger styling tool.) You also can curl hair and add volume if you’re flat iron savvy! To turn off, simply turn the switch to “off” and then unplug, which you should I always do for safety, especially for households with animals or children.

CHI-Smart-Titanium-Ceramic-Travel-Iron-2-reviewLike one? Buy two on QVC!

It looks like there’s a bit more room in my suitcase, because the CHI Smart Titanium Ceramic Travel Iron has earned its spot on the non-negotiable list! It’s a QVC exclusive and they even sell a discounted two-pack, which is great if you want to leave one at a friend or relative’s house you frequently visit.

CHI fans, let us know which is your favorite tool or product…

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  1. @hao9703 —Did you try waving your hair with this? I’m wondering how hard it would be? I’ve seen people use straightening irons to wave their hair and I like the idea of having the option to smooth or wave up this mess on my noggin :)

    Also: How fricking cute are these buddies? Shout out to QVC for having awesome deals like this! I’ve been loving them lately for beauty offerings–you can get some great products much cheaper than standard retail.

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