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I know I’m not alone when I admit that I am drawn to products that remind me of my childhood. It can be something as simple as a smell and I’m transported back to a simpler time when my greatest responsibility was making my bed and my greatest challenge was coloring in the lines (still my greatest challenge…awww). Lately, it seems, cosmetics companies are really cashing in on this nostalgia and have created collections that appeal to our inner child but with a sophistication that appeals to our outer grown-up. As I mentioned last week, I couldn’t be more excited about Stila’s Barbie-themed collection Barbie Loves Stila, but here are some other lines you may want to check out.

MAC Cosmetics is at the forefront when it comes to themed collections and has hit another home run with their latest featuring Hello Kitty. The too extensive to list everything collection consists of 2 different eye shadow palettes featuring vibrant colors not for the faint-hearted, an assortment of liners and glitters, fun nail laquers, peachy and pink blushes, and lipsticks, lip glasses, and lip conditioners in various shades of peach and pink. I can personally vouch for the lip conditioner in Popster (a sheer peachy coral shade that gives a nice slip of color), lip lustre in Most Popular (a gorgeous berry shade), lip glass in Sweet Strawberry (a sheer berry with ultra-fine blue glitter), and powder blush in Tippy (a shimmery bright pink that isn’t at all chalky and actually melts into your skin). The packaging is, of course, to die for. It’s black with the Hello Kitty logo and just ridiculously girly. Not so cute are the S&M pleather Hello Kitty dolls that are currently fixtures at my local MAC counter. Cree-py *sing-song voice*

Too Faced Cosmetics lured me in with their Smurfette collection. Who didn’t grow up wanting to be the smurfiest Smurf in Smurf Village (You know, before you thought about what the implications of being the only female Smurf really meant)? I was especially drawn to the So Smurfy illuminating face powder featuring a mosaic Smurfette. It is the one item I HAD to have from this collection. The product itself is really sophisticated for something featuring a fictitious blue creature. It brightens your complexion and neutralizes red and I must admit I DO feel smurfier. Not so recommended is the accompanying eye shadow palette. The shadows in the palette are two beiges with copious amounts of chunk glitter, a deep blue shimmer, and a medium pink shimmer. They are not the most wearable and the glitter content is just wrong. The glitter liners are really not for anyone over the age of 30 (me) or contact lens wearers (again, me). The lip gloss smells fantastic, like strawberries, and is similar to Smashbox’s O-Gloss, so for the gloss lovers out there, it may be worth your while, and can still be found at your local Sephora.

I am giving an honorable mention to Paul & Joe for their Disney collection. The brand is hard to find in the states, so if you want any of their Disney collection, be ready to really search for it. (Good luck, I’m afraid we may be a day late and dollar short on this one ~S.) I have been a fan of theirs for a few years and they make really beautiful lipsticks and have packaging that is wonderfully girly. Their Disney collection featured Lady from “Lady and the Tramp” hand cream that smells like orange blossoms, a pink tinted Milky lip treatment featuring Marie of the Aristocats, and two face colors: a peachy shade featuring Bambi and a pink shade featuring Flower, the skunk. I managed to get my hands on the Bambi face powder and I am in love. The powder is fairly pigmented and in pearl form (like Guerlain Meteorites Powder) and when you use a fluffy blush brush to apply it, it is just so darn pretty and really worth the hunt. This line is definitely for grown-ups.

Who else is reliving their childhood with makeup?


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  1. That Paul & Joe collection is so cute! I wasn’t so fond of the Smurfette collection. And I never even got to check out Hello Kitty. When I approached the MAC counter, the bitchy associate snapped at me that it was sold out so I just rolled my eyes and walked away…

  2. I’m loving the childhood themed makeup, BUT ONLY if it’s not too sparkly or too pink.

    Hello Kitty didn’t really do it for me, way too pink. And I found the color payoff on all the lip glasses to be so weak. I did get both TLC’s (tinted lip conditioners) and they are all kinds of awesome. They smell good, really pigmented and are like butter on your lips! I think they’re long gone though, but watch out for them in new collections.

    (Kate, I owed you an explanation about the allure of Hello Kitty. All I can really come up with is that like Barbie, it reminds people of their youth. And Japanese things seem to really fascinate people. Everything is hip, sometimes too hip though. So a kitten is accessible by everyone. That’s all I got! Oh, and it’s so important to find a nice MAC girl and stick with her. A snooty salesperson can just ruin the line for you, can’t it?)

    Too Faced, meh. I’m not a big fan. For exactly why Krista said-chunky glitter. Makes me feel silly even trying to wear it. I do like their glosses though. And honestly, Smurfs always irked me.

    But Paul & Joe, le sigh! I LOVE this line! Super hard to find, but so worth the hunt. Krista, I kinda wish you hadn’t told me about the Disney line though. Cause I. Just. Can’t. Find. It!!! You tease me with your Bambi powder. But everything Paul & Joe does is divine. And the packaging is always so beautiful.

  3. I’m so sorry, Stef! I found out about it a little late, too, and only managed to snag the orange powder, which sold out about a day after I ordered it. But as you are a lipgloss lover, check out because they still have the Milky Lip Treatment (which is tinted) and they also have the handcream. If I find the powders anywhere, I’ll post it here.

  4. Thanks Krista for the low dow on all of these products! I’m such a sucker for packaging and your critiques have helped me narrow down my picks. Oh and I was unaware of the Paul & Joe Disney collection. So cute! I’m totally jonsing for the Powders now.

  5. I don’t want the gloss! I want the powder!! (she says while she stamps her foot and juts out lip)

    But thank you anyway Krista…sniff. Talk about a tearjerker.

  6. Not much P & J on eBay either. Dang. Sephora used to sell Paul & Joe but I’m about 98% sure they don’t anymore.

  7. Yeah, they dropped Paul & Joe a few years ago…it was a really dark time in my life *sniffles*

  8. Stef I’m with you! I want the Bambi powder! It’s so cute! Thanks Krista! Please post the link if you find the powder anywhere! :)

    The MAC Hello Kitty Line is really cute, but besides the Tinted Lip Conditioners there wasn’t anything I was really wanting. It’s cute, but a little too pink.

    I hadn’t seen the Smurfette collection, I really want that So Smurfy illuminating face powder. I was a big fan of the little blue people, but I loved the Snorks even more!

    Of all the blasts from the past, the collection I like best is the Paul & Joe. So cute!

  9. annadomsic says:

    Awwww look at the Smurfette.

  10. The Disney line is adorable. Too bad it’s sold out already. Probably good for me because my 3 year old would think it was for her. She already sneaks in my purse and steals my lip gloss. Great post Krista!

  11. Great find Krista! Thanks for letting us know!

  12. Okay, so I received my Paul & Joe Flower powder today and I freaking love it. It’s a perfect shade of pink that can go from pale to medium depending on how much you build it up. If you love pink blushes, this is definitely one for the arsenal. I especially love where I ordered it from. I’d never heard of before this, but I love the care they took to package my new blush. I opened the cardboard box and inside was a big white gift box tied with a chocolate ribbon. Inside it was stuffed with tissue paper, my blush, and an organza bag filled with deluxe samples. Definitely giftworthy and it so made my day. Even if you don’t plan on ordering the Paul & Joe blush from them, y’all need to check out their website because they offer other brands of hard-to-find cosmetics and skincare. Love them!

  13. Krista, I got my Paul & Joe Flower from the Primping Parleur and officially love that store now too~
    The TLC they put in the packaging, and the goodie bag of high end samples. Totally made my day too!

    Ladies check out their site, so fancy and fine. Lots to Heart about the Primping Parleur.

    And the Flower blush…. AHHHH I LOVE It.. sooo cute, such the perfect pink. The sweet powder puff, the sweet smell, and flower smiling at you on the package.
    Doesn’t get much better than that if you love pink blush. THANK YOU KRISTA!!!!! You RULE! ;)

  14. You’re welcome, honey! I’m so glad you were able to get the pink blush! YAY! You know, it’s a good day when I’ve enabled someone :)

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