China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters review

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Things are looking shiny this season!

China Glaze Eye Candy 3D Glitters photos: we heart this

Blame it on the Holidays, but I am currently fighting an insatiable urge for all things glitter. I have to tread lightly with glitter lip glosses, even more so with eye shadows. But glitter nail polish? Bring it on! Or should I say BLING it on? I probably shouldn’t. Bad puns aside, China Glaze is here to help all of us who are craving things to make our holidays sparkly and bright.

The Eye Candy collection is what they call 3-D glitter, multi-sized and differently shaped glitter particles that catch the light in the most magical ways. An added bonus? The shades are all inspired by Marilyn Monroe! Check out the names (and China Glaze’s descriptions)…

Eye Candy collection in a vivacious red with shimmering silver particles
Love Marilyn – Vivacious Red with Shimmering Silver Particles

Eye Candy collection in a glistening multidimensional gold flecks
Blonde Bombshell – Glistening Multidimensional Gold Flecks

Eye Candy collection in a sterling silver infused with blue sprinkles
Lorelei’s Tiara – Sterling Silver Infused with Blue Sprinkles

Eye Candy collection in a posh pink with holographic bubblegum glitter
Material Girl – Posh pink with Holographic Bubblegum Glitter

Eye Candy collection in a graphite gray with holographic glitter
Some Like It Haute – Graphite Gray with Holographic Glitter

Eye Candy collection in an alluring amethyst with multi-tonal fibers
Marry A Millionaire – Alluring Amethyst with Multi-tonal Fibers

And here’s how they look with two coats each (and my descriptions)…

Eye Candy collection in a valentine's red glitter with a sprinkling of hexagonal silver glitter
Love Marilyn has Valentine’s Red glitter with a sprinkling of hexagonal silver glitter.

Eye Candy collection in a gold glitters
Blonde Bombshell is one of the two most opaque shades in the collection, and it is gold, gold, GOLD! I was instantly obsessed with it.

Eye Candy collection in a diamond-like glitter effect
Lorelei’s Tiara is the other of the two most opaque shades. Taken from Marilyn’s name in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it really does have a diamond-like effect.

Eye Candy collection in a light pink glitters
Material Girl is pure pretty princess nails. I thought it would be a shade I’d just skim over, but I was oddly attracted to it. Who doesn’t want pretty princess nails I suppose! It did have the thickest consistency.

Eye Candy collection in a blue gray glitters
I was very excited with Some Like It Haute in the bottle. That holographic glitter is right up my alley. But on, it had a kind of dull finish. I’m sure it would perk up with a topcoat though.

Eye Candy collection in a light purple glitters
Marry A Millionaire was the most mesmerizing in the bottle, thanks to those multi-tonal fibers. It looks like confetti at a really good party! I think it needs more than two coats though to really get the party started.

Review Team and readers, forget diamonds – has China Glaze Eye Candy made glitter a girl’s best friend?

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  1. Oooh, I like Material Girl and Some Like it Haute. I’m a sucker for glitter polishes, especially ones with chunky glitter.

  2. Then you will love these polishes @lucylemonade! They are possibly the most glitter-tastic nail polishes I have ever used. I just got my hands on Lorelei’s Tiara. First of all,, while I know it’s named for the character in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I can’t hear the name without thinking of my beloved Gilmore Girl’s. (I still miss that show…and Buffy).

    Anyway, this shimmering blue and silver polish is the perfect sparkle for the season, yet still not so much that I feel like I’m trying to relive my youth. The base is a soft silver and the largest chunks are blue, not silver, so it’s a less BAM glitter, but still totally noticeable. Two coats and a good clear top coat and I’m evening ready. Bonus points for the glitter helping to minimize my at-home manicure flaws!

  3. They really are like a party in a bottle! Lorelei’s Tiara makes me want to jump in the car and go searching for it right now. I can’t imagine prettier holiday polish.

  4. Ooooooooooooh, gliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeettyyyyyyyyyy. Must. Get. GLITTER!!!!! (Okay, I need all but the last one. Hate bar glitter.)

  5. I received Material Girl and just ADORE it (pink is my favorite color after all). It looks so cute on both fingers and toes, and the ridiculous amount of sparkle is just plain fun. Because of the texture of the glitter, a good shiny topcoat is needed if you want a smoother and shinier finish. As with all glitter polishes, these can be a bit of a pain to remove, and they do chip more easily than regular polish. However, I still think these are great, affordable polishes that are a must for any glitter lover :) I give it four out of five stars. It’s one of the better glitter polishes out there, but glitter polishes inherently have more drawbacks.

  6. I love these and China Glaze! These glitters are so amazing. My favorites are Material Girl and Some Like it Haute. So fun :)

  7. I got Marry A Millionaire and its super fun! Love the Marilyn related names! @stef is right though, you need at least two coats to make this look good. I put a top coat on to help with the roughness that glitter polish has. I had a some issues with it chipping off in chunks because of the solid coat it creates, but I’ve come to expect that with glitter polish.

    I really love China Glaze polish and this is such a great festive polish for the holidays! It’s looks likes a party in manicure form!

    4 stars!

  8. I had to have Blonde Ambition the moment I swatched it. It’s a pure gold explosion of glitter! Even with one coat you get a thick, opaque layer of glitter. But with two coats, I think it’s the glitteriest polish I’ve ever seen. I love too that the glitter is different shapes and sizes, it really makes it shine. Love it, 5 stars!

    The best way I’ve found to remove glitter polish is one cotton ball per nail. Soak the cotton, place it on your nail and leave for about 2 mins. Most times, the polish just swipes off in one clean swoosh!

  9. I actually really like how understated Some Like it Haute looks. It’s a grown up glitter!

    I always use the tinfoil method to remove glitter polish. It’s super easy, and I can pretend I’m some sort of metallic fingered evil person while I’m waiting for it to do the trick! It’s the little things in life…

    1. I was just going to say that I love Some Like It Haute! Haha

      Of course I got to add it to my “beauty products to buy list” and it’s already on there. I think that’s a sign.

  10. I commented on this and then got it in the mail a couple days later! The same color that I loved – Some Like it Haute. This nail polish is so great! Usually with glittery nail polish, I feel like you need to build up the coats in order to get a solid cover and I’m really impatient so that never works. (Just ask @kirstengail who watched me try and paint my nails once…) With this nail polish, one coat and it’s opaque enough to cover everything and it dries really quickly too! It did have a little dull finish but after you throw on a top coat it really comes to life. The only complaint I had was that it chips off pretty quickly even with a top coat on. But, I’m definitely reapplying this all throughout the holiday season anyway! 4 stars!

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