China Glaze gets Ghoulish – Halloween 2011 photos

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photos: we heart this

It’s no secret we love Halloween around these parts. We’re also pretty sweet on China Glaze. So, how could we not fall for the China Glaze Halloween collection? We got to take a look at the set that contains the following…

It’s Alive – green glitter (both standard and hexagonal) in a nearly black base
Ghoulish Glow – a Glow in the Dark top coat
Black Mesh – black Crackle Glaze
Fast Forward Top Coat

I’m sure it’s not surprise that the stand outs are It’s Alive and Ghoulish Glow. It’s Alive is packed with glitter. Ad the effect of the dark base with all that light glitter really does make it look like it’s alive. It’s rather dazzling! Plus, it’s very opaque. Two coats and I had really intense coverage.

It’s Alive

Ghoulish Glow is fun. A slightly milky clear when applied plain, but really does glow in the dark! I actually scared myself in bed at night when I forgot that I had it on. Shake well before applying to make sure to get all the glow is evenly distributed.

I love a good top coat (isn’t a fresh, new bottle a thrill?) And Fast Forward is just that, so I was very glad it came with the set. Sadly, I think I can safely say that Crackle polish is not for me. The unpredictability, combined with the messiness by nature, is just too much for my rather fussy self.

from left: It’s Alive alone, with Ghoulish Glow on top, with Black Mesh on top

How about it readers, like any of the ghoulishness shown here?

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  1. I had glow in the dark polish when I was a kid, and I loved it! I think it would be fun to do a glow in the dark with crackle over it for a party when you know there is going to be black light.

    I like the green glitter, I think I have one similar, but this looks like it has bigger pieces of glitter. I’ll definitely pick this kit up if I see it somewhere.

  2. The sight of this China Glaze set made me squeal with Halloween excitement! I’m buying it today if I can find it. So much fun!

  3. Fun! I remember the old glow in the dark polish growing up too. My daughter would LOVE this set.

  4. Oh I so want this set, I love Halloween themed nailpolishes.

  5. I love IT’S ALIVE! I would wear it on my toes alone long after Halloween. (I am not a crackle girl but, love this color.)

  6. Ghoulish Glow is such a pretty glitter! Not too ghoulish at all but quite fabulous ;)

  7. It’s Alive with Ghoulish Glow on top is so pretty! It’s just toned down enough to pass in most social situations where glitter polish may be suspect. And then it glows!! Hahah, I love it! I’m forever entertained with things that glow in the dark.

  8. China Glaze always has such amazing collections! This Halloween one looks like no exception. What pretty pics! I want glow in the dark nails! Does that make me 12 years old?

  9. These are AWESOME! I’ve been searching for a sparkly green polish and It’s Alive looks like the perfect shade and everything. This set looks like it would be THE balls! Now I just need to find a nearby Ulta or something :)

  10. It’s Alive is fantastic looking! I adore glitter polish and that would be perfect for this time of year!

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