China Glaze Captures Summer in a (Nail Polish) Bottle

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China Glaze Off Shore – Swatches and Review

Summer 2014 is in full swing, and my first beach trip of the season is just days away. I have almost everything planned: house rented, groceries purchased, wardrobe ready to pack. There’s only one loose end: what color will I see on my toes as they’re buried in the sand? Making my decision harder than usual is the China Glaze Off Shore collection – a rainbow of summery neon polishes that make the workaday world fade away.


I swear, I can already hear the seagulls and smell the coconut tanning oil. Let’s dive right in to Off Shore’s twelve bitchin’ colors:

China Glaze Off Shore Swatches

Note: All swatches are two coats.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-3China Glaze Off Shore – Stoked To Be Soaked, I Sea The Point, X-Ta-Sea

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-Stoked To Be Soaked nail polish swatch

Stoked To Be Soaked – This sunny tangerine is Off Shore’s Big Kahuna. The formula is perfect, easy to apply and opaque. The color is creamy, but an underlying gold shimmer gives it a very subtle glow.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-I Sea The Point nail polish swatch

I Sea The Point – A close-to-neon true blue that reminds me of the 4th of July. The formula is kind of tricky, with a strange consistency; the first coat is streaky, but the second coat evens things out.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-X-Ta-Sea nail polish swatch

X-Ta-Sea – A grape purple with a surprising jelly consistency that is easy to work with. Two coats is all it takes for perfect coverage.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-4China Glaze Off Shore – Feel The Breeze, Sun Upon My Skin, If In Doubt, Surf It Out

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-Feel The Breeze nail polish swatch

Feel The Breeze – neon baby pink, very similar to Float On but lighter. A tiny bit chalky/streaky, but such a great neon that it’s worth it.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-Sun Upon My Skin nail polish swatch

Sun Upon My Skin – a bright creamy buttercup yellow. (This is one of my favorites! And the the easiest yellow I’ve ever worked with. ~Stef)

China-Glaze-Off-Shore If In Doubt, Surf It Out nail polish swatch

If In Doubt, Surf It Out – A pastel orange that makes me crave creamsicles. The formula is thin and a little on the sheer side, but two coats even out most of the streaks.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-5China Glaze Off Shore – Wait N’ Sea, Be More Pacific, Float On

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Wait N' Sea nail polish swatch

Wait N’ Sea – a bright and clean, turquoise-leaning neon blue, with a thin, easy to work with consistency.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Be More Pacific nail polish swatch

Be More Pacific – A pale-but-bright creamy lime green. The formula is thin and is a little streaky with two coats. A third thin coat does the trick.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Float On nail polish swatch

Float On – neon pepto pink, very similar to Feel The Breeze, only a bit brighter – and equally chalky/streaky.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore-6China Glaze Off Shore – Sea’s The Day, Shore Enuff, Dune Your Thing

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Sea's The Day nail polish swatch

Seas The Day – bright red creme with a thin consistency and really nice coverage.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Shore Enuff nail polish swatch

Shore Enuff – bright, bordering on neon, green. Two coats is all that stands between me and a perfect pedicure.

China-Glaze-Off-Shore Dune Our Thing nail polish swatch

Dune Our Thing – bright raspberry pink with great coverage and an easy to work with formula.


    In general, formula is easy to work with
    Creamy coverage and long lasting finish
    China Glaze lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener; the material that gives porcelain its shiny finish
    No DBP, Toluene or added Formaldehyde
    Optimized 440-strand brush


    There is no way you beach bunnies will be satisfied with just one bottle… but at a mere $7.50, go ahead and splurge!

Thanks for the Summer Lovin’, China Glaze! Off Shore’s beachy bonanza makes me want to spend the next two months surfside, just doing my nails!

we heartsters – What is your must have shade from the China Glaze Off Shore collection?

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  1. China Glaze does summer collections really well (Flip Flop Fantasy = perfect pedi color am I riiight?) and this one is no different! I’m loving Feel the Breeze and Float On. Love bright pinks! Shore Enuff is also a really cool, non offensive green. Sometimes it’s hard to get the bright/neon balance right and they sure did it!

    1. “Bright/neon balance” is the perfect way to describe Shore Enuff, @mandabear ! The colors in this collection reminded me why I’ve always loved China Glaze.

  2. I REALLY like Seas The Day; you don’t usually see such a bright and cheery red! I’m surprised at how much I like Sun Upon my Skin too, I don’t normally do yellows, but that one is so pretty and sunny. I’m with @turboterp on wanting to see these on my toes in the sand; I don’t know why but these just scream pedicure to me. For some reason, bright colors are that much more fun when they’re on your toes!

  3. Very beautiful china glaze colors, i love the neon blue color, i must try it this summer to achieve my cool nail design ideas!

  4. These are like glorious summer popsicle colors! I am super drawn to Float On and Wait ‘N Sea–imagining them with a matte top coat, perhaps?

  5. Whitney S. says:

    These colors are grrrrrreat! The If In Doubt, Surf It Out would look awesome as an accent to the Wait N’ Sea.

  6. I probably have about a half dozen bottles of polish in a similar shade, but Dune Our Thing is calling my name.

  7. “Glorious summer popsicle colors” is the perfect way to describe these @amity! My eyes are just thrilled with the top photos of all the pretty bright colors! And now, I want a popsicle. Mmmm…twinpops (member them?!)

    I thought I had all the blue nail polishes I needed, but Wait N’ Sea must be mine. That is a stand out turquoise for sure.

  8. China Glaze always seem to make such fantastic summer shades!! The bright pops of color just scream summer vacation!!!!

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