Chrome Girl Nail Lacquer Fall/Winter 2014 – Swatches and Review

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Chrome-Girl-winter-2014-APress Sample

Keep your nails hot this winter with Chrome Girl

Winter is here and it’s time to cozy up in your favorite sweaters, grab a warm drink, and if you’re like me, to pull out the richer shades of nail polish in your collection. I always gravitate to rich, deep colors when the temps drop. If you love nail polish in every shade of the rainbow and hate all the nasty toxins they contain, look no further: you have found your new holy grail! Chrome Girl is the polish for you.

Chrome Girl is a vegan, 5-free nail polish line (free of DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and toluene) that is suitable for all ages and gets you glam like no other polish, usually in one coat!


Founded in 2013 by Melissa Ravo and Jaime Boreanaz (neé Bergman of “Son of the Beach” and Playboy fame and wife to David Boreanaz), Chrome Girl is quickly making a name for itself in the world of nail polish.

The Chrome Girl Winter 2015 collection ($12 each) is one of the better collections I’ve seen for polish this season – the six shades can take you to Valentine’s Day and beyond. The collection contains:


Diamond in the Rough – shimmery black

This polish is the deepest darkest black with silver and multi-toned sparkle (more intense in the bottle than on.) One coat of this gave me perfect coverage.

Chrome-Girl-diamond-rough-swatchChrome Girl Diamond in the Rough


Combat Cutie – khaki green

A camouflage green cream that is anything but boring. I tend to favor a lot of green and this shade compliments a good bit of my wardrobe. Love! I needed two coats for even application.

Chrome-Girl-winter-2014-combat-cutie-swatchChrome Girl Combat Cutie


Pretty Pout – multi-dimensional, shimmering orange red

This polish is just FUN. Have you ever worn a nail polish that made you feel sassier and put a bounce in your step? No? Try this and report back. One coat gave excellent coverage.

Chrome-Girl-Pretty-Pout-swatchChrome Girl Pretty Pout


Saddle Up! – caramel-brown shimmer

A multi-dimensional milk chocolate/taupe infused with gold shimmer. This might be the brown polish I’ve been looking for all these years. I will most likely wear this well into the spring – it manages to be softly feminine and still have a little edge. One coat was enough to leave the house with, but I recommend two for better coverage.

Chrome-Girl-Saddle-Up-swatchChrome Girl Saddle Up!


How “Merlot” Can You Go – deep, full-bodied burgundy jelly

This screams “VAMP!” and will be my go-to this winter. This shade is just sexy and looks amazing on my pale hands. As it has a jelly-like finish, I needed three coats for even application.


Inspire The Desire – a bit Marsla-y!

Stef kept this shade for herself (she must have had a tip that it was going to be the Pantone color of the Year!) Chrome Girl’s site describes is as “Inspired by Autumn, with a hint of pink and orange tones, you get a warm coral color reminiscent of summer, but perfect for that cozy weather!” And now I want it too because it sounds amazing.

Now that we’ve checked out the gorgeous shades in the collection, I have a small confession to make: I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to painting my nails. I can’t stand bubbles or bumps or the slightest dents in a polish. Don’t even get me started on sheet marks *shudder*.

Chrome Girl made painting my nails a pleasure. This formula dried lightning fast and set firmly within about an hour – that is a rarity. I even had a few nails where I know I applied too much polish and figured those would never set and they set just as beautifully as the nails I put a thinner coat on. The four days I went without chipping also brought me joy because I really only have time to do my nails once or twice a week. Chrome Girl has officially made my list of “must-haves”.

we heartsters – Have you tried Chrome Girl yet? What shade from this collection just made your wish list?

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  1. I tested Pretty Pout, and you are absolutely right about it, @krista . With this slightly-sparkly red on my nails, I feel bouncy, sassy, downright sunny despite the polar vortex outside. Love it! Chrome Girl gives such full, fast-drying coverage, and the finish lasts so long, I won’t hesitate to pick up another color or two. Diamond in the Rough and Saddle Up! are both tempting me.

    1. Pretty Pout is just too sassy for words! Happy you got to experience it, @turboterp! :)

  2. I love the subtle sparkle. It’s like a fun little secret. nice way to get a little dimension without overblown glitter chunks…aka office appropriate :)

  3. Now, there are some nail polishes that have my attention. I am all over that they are not harmful to my body! Seriously, we have to all start noting what we put in and on our bodies, even nail polish! These are free of DBP, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and toluene! Hip, hip hooray! I love seeing stuff like this! Great review and great colors, especially liking “Inspire The Desire” and How “Merlot” Can You Go!

  4. I love that these are better for my nails, and I really like some of the red/wine colors in this collection…

  5. So many great colors in this collection. I tried out Combat Cutie and it’s the perfect Army-fatigue green. I used two coats and it was perfect. It dried quickly and lasted longer than most polishes! Definitely a fan of these, even at $12 a pop.

    And seriously, so many of those other shades are my go-to shades. How Merlot can you go is the shade I love for fall and winter, and a jelly finish would be awesome (although any polish that needs three coats means I smudge and ruin my manicure haha). Diamond in the Rough sounds perfect for me–black with sparkles?! Perfect in ONE COAT?! How did I not already know about this?!?!

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