Get Your Polish Motor Running With Chrome Girl

Get Your Polish Motor Running With Chrome Girl

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Chrome-Girl-Nail-lacquer-1Press Sample

Chrome Girl Nail Polish and Nail Care – Swatches and Review

Sometimes, summer can send me into a minor tail-spin. The search for the perfect swimsuit to flatter, the perfect hair product to deal with humidity, the perfect facial product to battle sweat and UV rays… It’s almost enough to make you miss winter. (Almost.) At the very least, I have my manicure covered with Chrome Girl.

Recently launched in February 2013 by Melissa Ravo and Jaime Boreanaz (wife to Buffy/Angel alum David Boreanaz), Chrome Girl is a 4-free polish line with on-trend colors in a long-lasting formula. While I didn’t get to test the polish at the beach (pity) I did find that they lasted at least five days with minimal chipping.

I tested six shades in the Chrome Girl line ($12 each), as well as their Melon Cuticle Oil and Genie Polish Remover.

Chrome-Girl-Salty-Kisses-nail polish

Salty Kisses – Bright pink coral creme

Chrome-Girl-Salty-Kisses-nail polish swatch

Salty Kisses is a sweet and bright color that will appeal to any pink fan, this one included.

Chrome-Girl-Making-Waves-nail polish

Makin Waves – Cobalt blue shimmer

Chrome-Girl-Making-Waves-nail polish swatch

Makin Waves is impossible to ignore, and my favorite of the bunch, the polish practically GLOWS.

Chrome-Girl-Tan-Cheeks-nail polish

Tan Cheeks – Rosy toffee creme

Chrome-Girl-Tan-Cheeks-nail polish swatch

Tan Cheeks reminds me of the Naked 3 palette packaging; just a hint of rose in a tan base.

Chrome-Girl-Summer-Storm-nail polish

Summer Storm – Deep denim blue creme

Chrome-Girl-Summer-Storm-nail polish swatch

However, it and the lovely deep Summer Storm both gave me slight staining, so a basecoat is a must.

Chrome-Girl-I-Scream-nail polish

I Scream – Minty pastel green

Chrome-Girl-I-Scream-nail polish swatch

I Scream is a subtle light jade creme that gave me some trouble with application…

Chrome-Girl-Beach-Undies-nail polish

Beach Undies – Bold yellow-green creme

Chrome-Girl-Beach-Undies-nail polish swatch

… as did the gorgeous and nearly neon Beach Undies.

Overall the Chrome Girl formula is a dream; I got full opacity with two coats, and only needed one for Summer Storm. But a top coat is needed if you want your polish to shine in the summer sun – while the formula was extremely quick-drying, it’s not high shine.


The Melon Cuticle Oil ($14) helps hydrate dry cuticles and nails, with a subtle scent, almost like sun-warmed melon.


Meanwhile Genie ($15) is genius: non-acetone remover pads that do triple duty as a paraben-free cuticle conditioner and nail strengthener. I was able to use one pad per hand to gently remove my polish, and my nails did not have that parched feeling that acetone polish leaves behind.


I would not use this to remove polish with glitter but the hydrating powers, plus a yummy pina colada scent, make this my favorite product of Chrome Girl.

Chrome Girl may be a new line, but they have made a fan out of me. I may not be able to find the perfect swimsuit, frizz-buster or melt-proof makeup, but at least I have a great beach ready manicure!

What do you think, readers? Which Chrome Girl color screams summer to you?

photos: Alyssa for we heart this

11 thoughts on “Get Your Polish Motor Running With Chrome Girl”

  1. Wow, now, there’s some bright colors for summer! The Melon Cuticle Oil looks pretty awesome and if it really helps hydrate dry cuticles and nails this product should be mine! And the Genie is also VERY cool looking, because I only use non-acetone removers, as should you! I love the pads because they really remove better than a cotton ball.. this also gets my attention being paraben-free and a cuticle conditioner and nail strengthener!

    1. You know, I really scoffed at the pads when I first got them. I don’t usually use non-acetone removers (I have no patience) and I often feel like pads are a waste. But I was really surprised that I really only needed one pad per hand, and my nails feel really great afterwards!

    2. Well you’ve talked me into the Genie pads @lyssachelle! I always try pad removers (and those ones where you stick you finger inside and twist) because I ALWAYS seem to spill bottles of nail polish remover. But normally am disappointed in the results and resort to cotton balls and the dangerous bottle of remover. Glad that these ones work well – will be trying them out.

    1. I saw those, but unfortunately my beloved Dallas Stars don’t have a set! :-/
      But I wonder if you could make your own! The colors aren’t sold desperately, but I’d get the Winnipeg Jets set for Fuel it! and Just Add Ice, and then get Kiss Your Face Off from Minnesota Wild to make up green, silver and white…

  2. As beautiful as the colors are in this collection, it’s the Genie that really has my attention! I’m happy to hear that these nifty pads actually work, @lyssachelle ! The Melon Cuticle Oil sounds really nice, too. I’ll be on the lookout for Chrome Girl.

    1. The Melon Oil is great!! I found a link to a DIY cuticle oil pen using an empty lip gloss tube, and I think I might try it and put some of my oil in there to have on the go! (We’ll see how cleaning the tube goes first, though…yikes.)

  3. I love Chrome Girl products. I’ve been wearing Summer Storm on my toes and not a chip in sight after at least 2 weeks. The cuticle oil works wonderfully well and the Genie is genius. I have a lot of the colors and they are all beautiful.

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