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City Lips Advanced Clear Lip Plumping Treatment Review

plump adjective, plump·er, plump·est.
1. well filled out or rounded in form; somewhat fleshy or fat.

“Plump” is not something most women like to be called. The word itself even sounds squatty and rotund and not very appealing. However, most women do want a plump lip. That pillow-y, bee-stung full lip that disappears as we age is coveted my many.

There are thousands of products on the shelves that try to plump our lips, and let’s not get started on the injectable fillers which can make you look like you have a full on trout pout if you take it too far. I have tried many lip plumpers and I have to admit, I am not really after a fuller lip, I just really enjoy the tingle! So I was excited when I was asked to try a lip plumper that I had never heard of before, City Lips Advanced Treatment by City Cosmetics.


City Cosmetics was started 10 years ago with the mission of discovering long-term solutions to common beauty issues (like thinning lips) without injections, surgery, or irritants. This company is dedicated to helping their customers look their absolute best, without subjecting themselves to painful, costly procedures.

With that mission, City Lips Advanced Clear ($35) was crafted to make lips fuller with the help of Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Spheres which are ‘moisture sponges’ which attract and bind moisture causing fullness. It offers instant plumping, as well as promoting new collagen development for long-term results.


I tried City Lips for the first time last week and was thrilled to have fuller lips in 10 days as the website promises. The City Cosmetics site even offers a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied and a day by day pictorial evolution of the plumpness awaiting you.

The outer box is big and encouraging that some serious plumping is about to take place. The tube is silver and clear and quite unassuming – “this is looking good” I thought.


The product goes on with a hint of shine and feels like a regular, albeit sticky, gloss. I applied and then I waited…and waited for the “tingle”. The tingle that borders on pain that I look for in a plumper to let me know, “hey lips, get ready, cuz you are being seriously plumped right now!”, but there was no tingle. I was somewhat disappointed.

Interestingly, this plumper seems to effect individual lips differently. Other testers like Stef felt a slight tingle, while Tyna claims a more intense, but not painful, warmness.


I felt as though City Lips does smooth out the fine lines I had on my lips, but did not give me the immediate, yet temporary bee-stung lips. Meanwhile, Stef believes her lips feel a bit plumper right after use, and Tyna can see a visible increase in her lips. (See we really are beauty scientists here at we heart this!)

So while some can expect immediate results, others may expect a gradual plumping effect. And while you wait, enjoy the moisturizing (and sometimes tingle-less) lip treatment.

we heartsters – Do you love or hate the tingle of a lip plumper?

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  1. I really love City Lips! My results were more like Tyna’s– a slight burn, and an immediate plumping effect that lasted for hours. Sometimes I layer lipstick or gloss over City Lips after it dries. This isn’t really necessary, though, because the plumper alone gives my lips a healthy, natural pink glossiness that looks good by itself. I guess the results depend on individual body chemistry, @glamazon56 , but whatever is in this plumper works great for me!

    As for the promise of fuller lips in 10 days, I think my lips look subtly smoother and plumper even without product. Really impressive!

    Is City Lips sold in stores or just through the website?

  2. I don’t mind the tingle really. I don’t use it often buy my thin lips could use some help.

  3. I am applying City Lips as I type, and still no tingle just a slight warmth, and I am liking the plumping effect! I guess these plumpers can affect us all differently!?
    I wonder if City Lips will release these with color added in the future? I would definitely buy them!

    1. Actually, they just did! It’s called Sangria and it’s a shimmery ruby shade.

  4. I am all about this! I’ve always had good luck with lip plumpers and don’t mind the tingle. I’ll have to check this one out!

  5. I didn’t feel a tingle but along my lip line I felt itching which was mildy irritating. This was very moisturizing though and helped my lips recover a little from being chapped.

  6. I had a decent experience with this plumper. I felt a slight warmness but no unpleasant stinging. I found it to be moisturizing and overall comfortable to wear. I think that it gives a slight plumpness and smoothed my lip texture a bit. This did nothing dramatic for me but I did like the product. I will continue using it and suspect that different people will experience different levels of success with the plumping. I suggest giving it a try.

  7. nice review! I don’t generally lip plumping products (i too kinda like the tingle) but I like what I am hearing about it!

    1. I’m with you, @mandabear; I don’t usually use plumping products, but this is making me reconsider.
      It’s posts like this that get me in trouble—I go years seeing a type of product and thinking, “I don’t need that.”
      And then I get a post like this and think, “I might need that.”
      Then I try the product and I’m like, “I NEED THIS ALWAYS!!!”

  8. I only like plumper’s like these. The ones that use peppermint or cinnamon usually irritate my lips and make them peel.

  9. I don’t like lip plumping products… the sting/burn/cold feelings are uncomfortable. And my lips are pretty full as it is! (The grass is always greener, isn’t it?)

  10. I first bought the Original City Lips and just loved it. Then about a month ago I bought the Tinted City Lips (2 of them) in the Los Angelips color. The color is perfect as it was stated.. but the City Lips itself is dry and not creamy and has to be applied several times during the day.. I thought perhaps the one I open had somehow dried out but the other one was the same..!!
    Is the tinted one suppose to be that way? I am disappointed ~ the original one seemed to stay on my lips a good 8 hours or even more I could feel it on my lips.. the tinted is gone in about 2 hours..

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