Clarisea Clarifying Salt Treatment Review

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Soaking up the natural benefits of the ocean at home…

Alison Carton, the founder of Clarisea, struggled with acne for many long years. She used a myriad of skincare products and saw numerous dermatologists without success. The treatments were either completely ineffective, too drying, or caused new breakouts or severe irritation and the cycle continued.

Sometimes you find what you are looking for when you least expect it. Alison found her acne solution when she noticed something amazing while on vacation. After a few days swimming in the ocean, she realized that the salt water was clearing up her skin. This discovery inspired her to recreate the clarifying effects of the ocean by developing her own custom blend of sea salts. Clarisea was born out of a desire to bring the natural acne remedy that changed her life to anyone else suffering as she had.

I have had the distinct displeasure of experiencing acne since I was twelve years old. While I would hardly call my acne debilitating, it has certainly not been pleasant. I have had my share of painful cysts. I am certain that my self-esteem has taken its share of hits thanks to acne. Sadly, I have also spent a lot of money looking for my Holy Grail acne cure. Honestly, I never would have believed that as a 33-year-old woman I would still be struggling with acne. Given all of this, I was very skeptical of trying Clarisea.

I was tasked to test the Clarifying Salt Treatment($18 for 38 oz), which is a face soak, a new concept to me. The soak came in a generous, heavy container that lasts forever (almost). It has the shortest list of ingredients that I have ever seen; sodium chloride and mineral salt, and is said to work with your skin’s pH balance to naturally cleanse and exfoliate while helping to fight bacteria.

While the company offers a special spray bottle and collapsible bowl ($12, seen left, with yes, a snorkel) for use with the soak, I did not test them. Instead, I just used a large bowl that I could comfortably submerge my face in and filled it with lukewarm water. Next I added two scoops of the solution to the water (It took me a while to realize that a scoop is a tablespoon). Then, you then soak your entire face in the salt water for at least two minutes, taking breaths as needed.

This was tough for me at first, because I didn’t breathe frequently enough. That should be obvious, but it wasn’t for me. Once I found a comfortable rhythm, it became a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The recommended usage is three soaks times per week.

There are a few alternatives to this procedure. Clarisea offers a bathtub kit ($6), a small snorkel and earplugs, as seen above. How fun is that? I’m thinking you could also fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray away.

At first, I thought that the idea of the soaks sounded like a lot of work. But now I find it to be a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Aren’t we all worth a few minutes of “me time”?

Beyond being relaxing, the Clarifying Salt Treatment really works. I have been using this for well over a month and have clearly seen results. I have seen a significant increase in my overall skin clarity. I am getting fewer breakouts, and a surprise benefit for me came when I had a terrible allergic reaction to another product. The Clarisea helped to clear it right up – amazing.

I hope to in the future try the rest of the line. I definitely plan on keeping the face soak a part of my routine. If you suffer from acne, I highly recommend giving it a shot. It has really made a difference with my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Who knows, maybe with regular use, next year I will be a 34-year-old without acne.

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  1. OMG Kellie!
    This sounds great! and different from the hundreds of products I too have tried for my adult acne! A salt soak..hmmm! I’ll try it! I love the snorkel!
    I have been a huge fan of my Neti Pot, so why not!? At my age I am increasingly interested in the benefits of natural remedies. I will look it up, but I wonder where this Clarisea soak is sold? Thanks!

  2. Humm. I wonder how much fun my husband would make of me plunging my face into a bow of saltwater 3 times a week…but then again..if it works he can’t laugh…as much. Your post have me intrigued! Thanks!

  3. I kick myself whenever I get lazy and stop using this stuff! When I start breaking out again I wonder why. Duh! The biggest thing is to actually consistently use the product. When I do that my face looks pretty darn good! @glamazon56 I think that the Clarisea is only sold on the Clarisea website. But make sure to search for a coupon code in advance on-line. Sometimes they run specials. I give this a great big 5 STARS!!!! Happy Soaking!!!!!!!!!

  4. I couldn’t NOT test this. I’ve never seen anything like it, I love salt (from soaking in it in a bath to dosing my food with it), and I have acne. It called to me from moment one!

    It takes a bit of getting used to, it’s a bit odd to submerge your face in a bowl of water. But like @kellie76 said, it’s oddly soothing once you get used to it. We didn’t get the snorkel, and I don’t see myself buying it.

    But the best part, this works. Really works! If you’ve spent anytime at the ocean you’ll know that the salt water heals everything; acne, cuts and scraps, razor burn. One of my favorite things about going to the beach is the way my skin looks after; pimples sent a-packin’, fresh, clear skin. Now, I can get it at home from the comfort of a bowl!

    A bit more effort, but so worth it for the (literally) glowing results. 5 stars!

  5. This product makes such good sense, really it does! Even though I did not test the Clarifying Salt Treatment, because my skin is not prone to acne; I know that my husband would for sure! I KNOW he would try this and even suffer through the snorkel bit- we often talk about the healing properties of the ocean water and how it always works its magic on whatever is wrong with your skin.. I will tell him all about this product! Thanks for the great review @kellie76!

  6. Aaaah! I want this NOW. This looks amazing and I’d love to join all the acne-free adults! :) Thanks for a great review, Kellie!

  7. You’ve got me thinking about the way my skin never looks better than after swimming in the ocean. I don’t have breakouts very often, but I’d still love to try this! Great review, @kellie76!

  8. I did not review this salt soak but I like the idea of a natural, acne fighting product that has adult acne in mind. it can be so hard to find an effective pimple preventer that doesn’t strip and dry out my skin.

    Plus, just the chance to use a snorkel during my beauty routine sounds pretty awesome!

    Anyone out there ever use the Clarisea made bowl and/or snorkel> It looks like the bowl has a little lower lip so you can breathe side-style like in swimming – fun!

  9. Intriguing idea! My grandmother always said “saltwater cures all!” and she was probably right. Everything got better after taking a dip in the ocean. I’d definitely be interested in trying this. I wonder if mineral bath salts have the same effect…

    Oh BTW, did anyone else get the mental picture of a glamorous lady in a satin negligee doing her evening toilette: removing her makeup with cold cream, tissuing it off, brushing her hair, applying her hand cream, then strapping on a snorkel and dunking herself? No? Just me? Okay then.

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