Class is in session – Jemma Kidd Make Up School Review

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A review of some of the key pieces in this trendsetting line..

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Fruit Punch happens to be one of my favorite flavors of Kool-Aid, and one of the things I love about it is the smell. Well, I discovered a lip gloss that gives off the same scent and it’s equally juicy and refreshing. Hello Jemma Kidd Make Up
Hi Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss in Fuchsia! ($22) Just one of the items we heart this received for review from this impressive and colorful line.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Jemma Kidd is the Founder and Chairwoman of Jemma Kidd Make up Up School Cosmetics. She worked as a makeup artist at both New York and London Fashion Week for a few years before becoming one of the UK’s most popular artists.

The first Jemma Kidd Make Up School Collection came out in 2005 at Selfridges in London. Soon it launched all over the world in places like New York, San Francisco, Australia, Hong Kong and beyond. (But us yanks may know her best from her line for Target~wht)

But back to the gloss! Fuchsia is normally associated with being an uber-bright pink, but this one is definitely more subtle. It’s still bright and punchy, but not neon or unwearable. I would say the color is more of a bright rose pink with some fabulous pink shimmer.

The formula is really fantastic! What I loved right off the bat was how smooth and un-sticky it was. (because stickiness + lip gloss makes me unhappy.) It’s also amazingly shiny and looks like wet strawberries on your lips!

Perhaps best of all, it lasts. Normally I have to reapply my gloss every 1-2 hours because it either fades or slips around. This lasted a solid 3 hours on me without having to touch it up and really the only reason I touched it up then was because I like applying it. Bonus!

Next up, the Eye Colour Quartet in Green ($38). Green eyeshadow and me are like *this*. I’ve always had a thing for them because they make my eyes really pop and look great with my skin tone.

The quartet includes a crease defining olive green/taupe shimmer, a mid-tone celery green shimmer, a cool yellow/green shimmer accent shade and a light vanilla with subtle shimmer highlighter.

I love the packaging that this quartet comes in. It’s very thin and fits nicely in my hand. The texture of it is matte and smooth, and it shuts with a satisfying “click”.

The color payoff wasn’t as great as I had hoped for though. I prefer super saturated, vivid colors, but with these, I had to keep swiping my brush across to get the color. Even then it wasn’t as much of a statement as I had hoped for; but that’s just me. Some people might prefer a more conservative green look where it doesn’t scream “GREEN!” when you bat your lashes.

Subdued and calming are the words I think of when I look at this palette and for those looking for a pop of summery color on their eyes, but don’t want anything too crazy, then I think this could be the palette for them.

Jemma Kidd Make Up School Review

Be sure to check the comments for other team members thoughts on the following items (all $18-$20):

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  1. I have long been tempted to give the Jemma Kidd line a try. Now I see that it is a must have! I am particularly interested in checking out the Lip Gloss and Lip Balm.

  2. Long lasting lipgloss . . . That is always something I look for. I have always kind of thought some how I always commit “operator error” because lip gloss does not say on for me.

  3. I received Jemma Kidd- Make Up School – Ultimate Lip Care Protect & Shimmer in Rose. Okay, so I may not be known as a lipstick/gloss fanatic, like our dear @Stef but I do have a “thing” about taking care of my lips in general. I have my share of great and favorites lip balms when it comes to that! It is important to me to have good lip protection and normally you’ll hear me rave about my some of my favorites, i.e. Fresh’s Lip Balm in Rose. Well, I found that Jemma Kidd’s, Ultimate Lip Care Protect & Shimmer in Rose has giving them all a run for their money. It is tremendously moisturizing and conditioning to my lips- oh, and It’s PRETTY ON, too! I love that it has a hint of natural pale pink color and gorgeous shimmer. I wear this a lot during the day, and notice my lips just feel as soft as – you know, a baby’s bottom. Nice stuff. Super natural looking on. It is emollient and rich in vitamin E. Jemma Kidd has added apricot kernel oil and karate butter to soften moisturize and prep lips. I like this by it self-but is great as a base for lipstick or gloss. Simply luscious! I think the outer packaging is darling and forward thinking. It has the profile of a woman’s face on the box.. took me a moment to figure out what it was but then it was there right in my face! I love the pink translucent container. I like that look as much as I loved the lipstick case from shu uemura. Thanks for the great lip care, I give this five stars. *****

  4. oooooh, I like the Eye Colour Quartet in Green. It would be perfect for work! I love the mix of colors. I bet they blend nicely!

  5. Personally, I’m not opposed to subtle green shadow, especially for day, so the Eye Colour Quartet is something I will check out!

    And a new lip line to ponder… that makes me VERY happy indeed!
    Thanks for all the info, @vampyvarnish!

  6. I got to try the Crushed Jewel Gel Liner in Diamond. It’s really fun to up my plain black liner. I wear it at night to doll up my eyes, or during the day with very light eye shadow.

    It’s really easy to apply. One coat was enough for me but, you could easily do more to get more glitter.

    It came with a tutorial on how to apply it different ways, which I found helpful. Like how to do a cat eye. I never get it just right but, the helpful hints she provided were really great.

    I give this 5 stars!

  7. Taupe alert! AND a LE dupe alert! (these things excite me as you can see…)

    But first, you should have seen me and Tyna opening this package. I think we each had every item in it in our hands, convinced that it was the one we “had to have”. Till, we check out the next one! Sleek packaging, bright colors, glitter, chunky eye pencils (a favorite of us both). It was tough to pick!

    But my must-have ended up being the Iridescent Eye Silk pencil in Tigers Eye. And here’s where this review gets good. It’s taupe! You may or may not know, I’m kinda nuts for taupe. I’m relatively new to the obsession, but it’s hit me hard. AND, it’s a very close dupe to MAC’s dirty greasepaint stick (a long gone, super quick sell out item). Tigers Eye is a bit more plummy brown to Dirty’s grey, but if you missed Dirty (and cried about it) you’ll want to check this out for sure.

    But this is fab even if it wasn’t a dupe. It’s very creamy and blends really well; you can smoke it out or just use is it as a liner. And the color is divine, as I said above a deep plummy taupe with tons of shimmer. I do wish it wore a bit longer, without a bit of powder to set it, I started creasing within a few hours. Luckily I have about 20 taupes shadows that I can set it with JUST fine!

    I’m excited to try more from Jemma Kidd. Has anyone tried anything from her Target line?

    Oh, and if you want to see pics of a Tigers Eye/Dirty comparison, just let me know!

    4 solid stars.

  8. I tested out the Define Stay Put Eyeliner in Sedona, a really lovely rust brown color. I was apprehensive upon seeing the glitter in the eyeliner, as my experience with glittery liners hasn’t been the greatest, but my fears were quickly put to rest. The application is smooth and even, no clumps of glitter in any one spot. It really spreads out well! It’s hard to get a really precise thin line, the liner is a little soft (this may also be due to the 90F weather we’ve been having around here), but the color is so pretty why not go a little further with it?
    On the end of the pencil is a really great little smudge tool. It’s not flimsy like some attached smudgers, it’s stayed attached and doesn’t poke or drag at the delicate skin of the eyes. On hot days I’ve found myself just applying the liner and smudging it out to wear as an eye shadow as well. The rusty brown really makes my blue eyes pop!
    The only bad thing about this liner is that it creases like woah. If I don’t apply a really good eyeshadow primer I always end up with a major crease. If it weren’t for this I would give a solid 4 stars, but I’m going to have to go with 3 stars for the creasing. Sad!

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