CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion Swatches And Review

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Ready to try the CLE Moonlighter Cushion highlighter? Check out our review and swatches below!

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Introducing the Korean Skincare Line with a Bright Horizon

The Asian aesthetic of clean, simple design is evident in many things that the Western World admires: fashion, décor, organization and, of course, beauty.

CLE Cosmetics is a Korean Cosmetic line (that’s actually based in California!) that is minimally designed “for the modern woman”.

CLE celebrates the effortless beauty of the natural state, and the self-care that is needed to achieve that beauty. We Wonder Women don’t need much, it seems.

Not much more than taking care of ourselves and highlighting our beautiful, imperfect selves.

CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion Highlighter Review

Let’s start with the highlighting part. CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion ($30) is the highlighter for which we big-pore girls have been searching.

I received both the Apricot Tinge (cool white peach shimmer) and Copper Rose (warm pinkish gold shimmer) cushions. Also available is Glinting Buff (yellow gold shimmer).

Each cushion comes in a smartly designed white compact (symbolizing purity), with a sponge applicator housed separate from the product in its own layer, a door-fold away from the product itself.

So far, so smart.

CLE Essence Moonlighter Cushion Highlighter Swatches

I have a neutral skin tone so I used these two shimmers interchangeably, depending upon my overall makeup choices:

Cool, smoky eyes and nude lips?

Apricot Tinge.

No makeup? Natural browns and rosy lips?

Copper Rose is my choice.

Moonlighter Highlighter – Apricot Tinge & Copper Rose

First off, these shimmers stay put. I patted the product with the enclosed applicator sponge, and then used my fingers to blend. This shimmer isn’t greasy or slippery, and it doesn’t get stuck in pores.

If there were nothing else good to say, that would be good enough for me.

But I do have more to say about these.

Most importantly for me, these highlighters have a moisturizing and calming formula. For someone with a well-documented battle with rosacea, this is big.

CLE Moonlighter Cushion Ingredients

Coconut oil is one of the ingredients in the CLE Moonlighter highlighter, and it is also one of the ingredients I use at home to cleanse, calm and moisturize my skin.

Add to that bamboo extract to strengthen skin and help it to retain moisture, and hyaluronic acid to help smooth skin and keep it plump and youthful in appearance, and I am a happy woman.

(CLE at Cosmoprof (Where Stef first discovered the line))

There are some ingredients in these products that have been problematic for my skin in the past, titanium dioxide and dimethicone—silicone—to be exact, but these products have not produced a reaction.

I’m sure this all has something to do with the technology of using and balancing the chemical with the natural. Isn’t balance what life’s all about? CLE knows.

Wonder women, time to ignite that inner beauty and make you glow from within. Tell us, what’s your favorite highlighter?


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