Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume review

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CLEAN: the happiest word on earth!

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I’m far from a neat freak, but nothing makes me happier then the word ‘clean’. Adding this word to almost anything makes it better. There’s nothing greater then a well made bed with crisp clean sheets…or pulling on a clean tee fresh from the dryer…or hugging your little ones still glowing from a shower.

One of my favorite beauty brands, CLEAN, knows just how I feel. Founder Randi Shinder loved that “just from the shower” scent and searched in vain for a fragrance that captured that feeling. In 2003 she launched her own scent with notes reminiscent of pure soap and dubbed it CLEAN.

Almost ten years later, CLEAN has made a name for itself with its simple, clean packaging and unique, shower fresh scents. They have expanded the perfume line and created a few carefully edited bath and body products.

Yet even with this success, all CLEAN products are lovingly created in small quantities to ensure all ingredients are “fresh, pure, and of the highest quality”. Today, we’ve got a look at a few CLEAN favorites.

As my love of all things ‘clean’ indicates, I’m a long time fan of CLEAN fragrances, so I was thrilled to test the Fresh Laundry Eau de Parfum Spray ($38 or $69). This lovely EDP comes in a gorgeously simple square bottle of slightly frosted glass. It looks great on any vanity or dresser.

Even better, inside the bottle springs the fresh scent of laundry, warm and fresh from the dryer! Clean-aholics couldn’t ask for a happier, brighter scent. A few squirts in the morning brightens my mood and softly lingers all day. I mean, who doesn’t want to smell fresh and good?

Plus, I get bonus uses from this pretty bottle by using it as a room deodorizer and linen refresher! The soft pure scent is so gentle, it cleans the air and rumpled sheets without causing eye, skin or breathing irritation.

This scent is pretty and playful and always appreciated by men and women alike. Whenever I wear it, I’m bound to receive at least one “you smell so good” during my day.

The wht team had a chance to put a summer staple CLEAN’s Dry Shampoo ($18) to the test. This oil-absorbing powder adds life to limp hair in between washes. The fine-tipped bottle helps with precision application and gets the fine powder into the roots. Clever.

Using Cotton Vantage, a new technology, this blend combines cotton seeds, cotton extracts and cotton proteins to help absorb excess oil. Plus this powder is lightly scented with CLEAN’s patented, just washed scent.

Finally, if you are looking to stay calm and cool all day long, take a look at CLEAN’s Body Veil ($28). This moisture absorbing powder uses the same Cotton Vantage technology to keep skin cool and dry all day long. And of course, the CLEAN fragrance is front and center with a time-released scent that keeps you smelling fresh all day long.

Normally, applying body powders are the dregs of my morning beauty routine, but the super plush puff included with the Body Veil adds a touch of glam to the process. And the finely milled, sweetly scented powder feels cool and lush on stressed summer skin.

All in all, if you are a fellow clean scent lover or just in the market for a bright and happy everyday fragrance, make sure to check the fresh offerings from CLEAN.

we heartsters – are you obsessed with the fresh from the shower scent of CLEAN? Share your fave CLEAN products in the comments!

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  1. I have to admit that I always thought that dry shampoo was kind of dumb. That is until I received Clean’s Dry Shampoo. Wow!! This stuff is insanely awesome!!

    First, of all it of course has the signature fresh Clean scent. This of course helps when you have been subjected to something like a lot of cigarette smoke and don’t have the time or desire to wash that hair.

    Also, it just seems to add some additional oommphh to dull limp hair. It is an absolute boost. It refreshes and revitalizes dirty hair.

    Additionally, I am very impressed with how well this stuff blends in with even the darkest hair.

    Finally, as @tyna mentioned the design is super sweet! The fine tip at the top really allows for you to get at the “root of the problem”!!

    I highly recommend this dry shampoo. It is more that just baby powder or a gooey spray like some of the other brands I have tried. Clean gets 5 big stars from me!! Give it a try .

    1. This is the product from @tyna ‘s awesome review that grabbed my attention, and now I’m really sold! My hair is very dark, so dry shampoo can be tricky. It sounds like this is the one for me! And I love the fine tip!

  2. Oooh I need to try the dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo a lot and I’m always looking for a good one. The applicator and scent of this one sound great!

  3. @tyna -Great post. You know I love “double duty” products. As a Mom of a Great Dane and cat I am always looking for a good room deodorizer and linen refresher.

  4. I really want to try the dry shampoo! I’ve tried a sample vial of Clean’s Warm Cotton eau de parfum, and it truly smells just like soap/laundry detergent/dryer sheets! I’m not usually a fan of “clean”/soapy type fragrances, but Warm Cotton really drew me in. And I’d love to see what the original scented dry shampoo is like.

  5. I looooooove the scent of Clean straight from the bottle, but something about it mixes strangely with my body chemistry and the smell goes off. So I LOVE the idea of using the perfume as a room deodorizer! I have a bottle kicking around somewhere, I’m totally going to spray it on my pillowcases now. Thanks @Tyna !

  6. Wow this entire line looks amazing. I love fresh clean scents. And the dry shampoo is really affordable!

  7. I love clean scents. It feels less like I’m trying to cover something up and more like I’m always just-showered fresh.
    I’m always on the lookout for a good dry shampoo, too, and $18 is a great price point.

  8. I hear so much about the Clean scents but I have never actually owned any. I’m always in the market for a new, awesome dry shampoo. What intrigues me is the Body Veil. Time released scent? Very very cool.

  9. Thanks for the love ladies! And I’m still loving my Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume! It’s such a great summer scent – when you’re feeling icky and fruity and floral scents can feel heavy and cloying. But it’s always a good time to smell like laundry fresh from the dryer!

    Oh, and I need to try that geniously packaged dry shampoo next.

  10. The Clean Body Veil and I have become fast friends this summer. Living in the desert, powder is pretty much a necessity, as you’re already hot the minute you get out of shower. Anything that can help you feel cool and repel moisture (such a pretty word for sweat, eh?) is a god sent.

    The Cotton Vantage technology seems to do the trick. It feels different than a traditional powder, lighter, more like corn starch. So it doesn’t leave you feeling “powdery”. And the scent is fabulous. You smell cleaner then clean! I can’t say I’ve really say I notice the time-released scent aspect though.

    And I love the packaging. The puff is large and fluffy and the sifter holes the perfect size for not releasing too much product. It makes me feel very old Hollywood applying it!

    It’s a 5 star product for me! I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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