Clear days ahead: Origins Brighter By Nature

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The wht review, plus a look at VitaZing Moisturizer and Mega-Mushroom Serum

With winter in full season, I was very excited to see a new moisturizer up for review. Not to mention a moisturizer from one of the biggest names in Green Monday approved beauty, Origins. Long a standard bearer in eco-chic beauty, this trusted brand is a leader in earth friendly, cruelty free (and often heavenly scented) products.

Using potent plant extracts and certified natural and organic ingredients, Origins delves into the latest scientific research to produce top notch, effective products. Beauty lovers can indulge in any treats from Origins with the knowledge all products are free of all synthetics, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin and animal ingredients.

Constantly striving to go greener, Origins continues to break ground in environmentally friendly business practices (like the Plant A Tree program) while producing some exciting new products to their collection.

One of these new items is Brighter by Nature, a skin tone correcting moisturizer that was developed to brighten skin, lighten age spots, freckles and the like, and balance skin tone. It also has a whopping SPF 35 which is great, even if my skin isn’t seeing a lot of sunlight during these dark winter days.

This is really thick and creamy, a little goes a long way. The first morning that I used it I noticed that I started with way too much. However, it absorbs quickly and now that I know how much to use, the 1.7 ounce jar I have should easily last me a couple of months (even though my parched winter skin is drinking the stuff up). The second thing I noticed was the scent, or rather lack of scent. Just a hint of an SPF smell, which quickly faded to nothing when applied.

Formulated with healthy Japanese Basil leaf, cucumber, peony and vitamin C, it soothes irritation but also illuminates skin. It does have a bit of shimmer before is completely absorbs, similar to other illuminating moisturizers I’ve used.

This new Origins moisturizer also contains palamaria (which I had to look up), a red algae and a fairly new ingredient in the beauty world. So far I’m really liking the way my skin is responding to this jar of cream! Over the last few weeks my skin has gradually evened out in tone and cleared up, while staying well moisturized. And I even feel better about my skin on those days when I leave the house without wearing make up.

I’ve also noticed, when I “put on my face”, I’m using less foundation, so it’s helping me save money in my beauty budget too! For $42.50 I see this as an affordable investment for great skin. The changing seasons can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, but Brighter by Nature has made the tradition from 70 degrees to 25 degrees a breeze this year. I definitely give this product 5 out of 5 stars.

My fellow testers got to try two other new items from the minds at Origins, including the new VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer ($35). This mess-free, handy tube of all-day wear moisturizer is perfect for busy mornings. Just a squirt of this slightly blue-ish looking, lush cream covers the entire face with a protective dewy glow. Formulated with a “refreshing zing of antioxidant-rich Mangosteen” this lotion adds a pop of energy to your morning routine.

Another lucky tester checked out the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum ($50) from the inventive Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins line. Like the other skin care items in this collection, the serum was designed to “calm, soothe (and) defend skin against (the) visible signs of aging.”

The world renowned doctor, a pioneer of integrative medicine, working with Origins, has packed the patent-pending serum with his celebrated mega-mushroom blend to help calm all sorts of irritations and prevent the signs of aging. The unique formula includes Chaga and Pleurotus Mushrooms as well as Sea Buckthorn, and looks to me like just about the most amazing thing ever.

So make sure to check out the comments for the review team’s thoughts on these products. we heartsters, do you have a new favorite (or long time love) from Origins?

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  1. @pinkshaya -Great post. I have to say the Origins is one brand that I have not really tried. I must be living under a rock but,you can only find this brand at Macy’s where I live. I rarely make it that department store.

  2. I was BEYOND thrilled to receive and test out Dr. Andrew Weil’s, Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief- Advanced Face Serum. The truth is that I have seen this line for some time and have wanted ALL of it. I couldn’t wait to test it.. That night after my makeup was removed and my face was washed I put it on, and again in the morning right after my shower. Talk about instant relief, my skin felt great all day.. Everyone knows I have sensitive skin and this line with the mega-mushroom blend touts it controls, calms and soothes it. The fact is that it does do just that and I only wish it came in gallon containers. I’m so in love with this line. I do that dance in my mind of is it’s worth it though? Yes, it is! There are plenty of expense ingredients in it which warrant a high price tag. Bottom line..My face has calmed down and even has become more resilient in appearance. It’s no surprise that as we “age” taking care of our skin becomes more important- Want my two cents? Start caring for your skin, NOW! Good place to start.. Origins has been “spot on” in bring us some of the best skincare available today. It’s astonishing to think of many products I’ve loved from Origins. See my vanity and closets for the proof! I give this product a resounding five stars ***** :)

  3. I’ve used one of the Origins eyeshadows in the past and it’s very nice. But I haven’t used anything else from them… one of my guy friends LOVES the Andrew Weil line though, and buys all sorts of products. It’s the only skincare line he’ll use.

  4. Oh, I’m a big fan of Origins – I think I’ve always had a free standing Origins near me, so I’ve always been stalking thier shelves – heh. Great make up (love the chubby eye and lip sticks) and really impressive skin care (my first eye cream was from Origins).

    So I was happy to test out the VitaZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer. I absolutely love that it is in a squeezable tube – I can get every last drop of lotion out and it’s so much better than digging into a jar.

    The blue-ish tint is kind of crazy but doesn’t show on the skin at all – just a soft glow. Those that have oily skin – this may not be for you. I am a combo skinned girl – and I loved the lingering moisture of this lotion right now. My skin is soo dry from the winter cold and indoor heat that this long lasting, dewy lotion is just what I need. But I worry in the summer months this moisturizer may be a tad too heavy.

    Finally, like the SPF 15 (it could be a bit higher) and love the light and bright scent. This lotion does have a nice perkiness to it and is a fun (but totally practical) morning lotion.

  5. I’m also a huge fan of Origins. I especially love their moisturizers. I haven’t tried this one, but it sounds like one I need to add to my list!

  6. I purchased the VitaZing moisturizer and when sampling it at the store, they put this HUGE glob on my hand…and that actually helped me see the transformation go from white to tinted! Really cool seeing it happen. Looks like I’ll be needing Mega Mushroom and Brighter By Nature. Thanks for the review, @pinkshaya :)

  7. The longer I use this product the more is has worked it’s way into my permanent collection. I actually stopped by the Origins counter at a local Macy’s when writing this review to find out more about the product, and ended up purchasing the mega mushroom face wash. My skin is really loving their products and my wallet is enjoying supporting a great company. This moisturizer is definitely a 5 star product. I also received an email from their mailing list today announcing the Brighter By Nature makeup line, and I am VERY excited about trying that sometime soon.

  8. I’ve always liked Origin’s products. My husband and I particularly loved the Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Wash. Glad to hear the Brighter By Nature Moisturizer works well…I’ve been wanting to try a skin brightening moisturizer, because I really need to start evening out the pigmentation on my face, so I will have to give this one a try!

  9. Mark me as another Origin’s fan! It’s weird, I know, but I have a compulsion to buy one of their gumballs every time I walk past a free standing store, LOL! The VitaZing moisturizer sounds amazing. I love their blue-ish tinted eye brightening pencil, it always makes me look so awake, so I think the blue-ish tint of VitaZing could do great things for my dull winter skin!

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